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The Gullible Left, From Fox To Obamacare And Syria




” Sean Hannity wins. 

Liberals, having spent months predicting his television and radio demise, lose. 

Humiliated. Again.

But this is about more — much more — than Sean Hannity.

The entire episode swirling around Hannity’s future on Fox and talk radio is a reminder not simply of Hannity’s success and the abysmal failure of Hannity-hating enemies. It is in fact yet one more example of what the late William F. Buckley, Jr. referred to as the “hurtling irrationality” of the “liberal mania.” The real question is as easy as it is serious: 

Why are liberals so gullible? “









Aereo Could Bring Down Broadcast TV

” Could it really turn out that a company with a seemingly loopy business model — capturing over-the-air TV signals and streaming them to subscribers over the Internet — will be the thing that finally brings down the American broadcasting industry? Quite possibly.

Chase Carey, News Corp.’s (NWSA) chief operating officer, said Monday that if the company in question, Aereo, is allowed to continue, his company’s Fox Broadcasting, and all its affiliate stations, will stop broadcasting over the air and go all-cable. “If CBS, NBC, and ABC follow,” says Bloomberg News, it would “mark an end to television as it’s been known since The Honeymooners aired in the 1950s.” So far, those networks haven’t weighed in, but the Spanish-language TV giant Univision has: It made a similar threat after Carey made his remarks during to the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas.

Those other networks, though, along with PBS and Fox, are fighting hard to put Aereo out of business. But so far, they’re losing their legal argument. A federal appeals court last week ruled that Aereo can keep operating while their lawsuit against the company proceeds. In so doing, the judges noted that the networks are unlikely to win at trial. Barring a further appeal to the Supreme Court or passage of new laws, that would mean that broadcast signals are there for the taking by Internet streaming companies like Aereo, which is backed by Barry Diller’s IAC/Interactive (IACI).

Aereo says it’s basically doing the same thing, but with broadcast signals, which, after all, are free for the taking by any viewer who wants them. Aereo makes a TV signal available to viewers, via the Internet, for a subscription fee. The legal basis for the business depends on Aereo creating a separate video file for each subscriber — something that’s not technically necessary but is done only to comply with copyright laws.

Aereo draws more viewers to the programming, and hence to the ads. But it devalues the cable subscriptions that people buy largely in order to access local and live programming without having to fuss with an antenna.”

All about the new Aereo phenomenon here :

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Dick Morris Fired by Fox? CNN to Get Scoop Tonight

” On Tuesday, Fox confirmed rumors Morris would not have an official role at the network. Morris’ contract with Fox expired on Sunday.

“His contract is up and we will not be renewing it, ” a Fox spokesperson said.The Morris announcement comes in the wake of Fox’s decision not torenew Sarah Palin’s contract.

The network did announce that former Bush White House adviser Karl Rove had been renewed as a contributor. The network also signed on former Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich as a contributor.”

Out with the firebrands , in with the establishment toadies


   Looks like Rupert has decided to suck up to the powers that be and turn Fox into a popular version of MSNBC . Given statements he has made recently I guess that shouldn’t come as such a surprise . 

Editors Note : While we’ve never considered Clinton stooge Dick Morris a conservative , we will give him credit for aging into something of an anti-establishment free spirit and though still not to be thoroughly trusted , he exhibits a much greater understanding of the way the Tea Party/average, freedom loving American feels than does a “true conservative” GOP flunky like Karl Rove . 





Fox’s Gutfeld Scores Direct Hits on Costas Hypocrisy, Whitlock’s Bigotry, Media’s Predictability

 ” If, if it was a deadly flood, it would be the same saying we need to ban water. There is no law — Here is the problem — there is no law that actually could have stopped him owning a gun. So what is Costas saying? He is talking about a total gun ban, which makes him a hypocritical buffoon, because he spends most of his life wandering in and out of New York buildings where he is flanked by people who are armed. He doesn’t have to have a gun because he’s protected by people with guns.

 He is a sanctimonious ghoul, because he, whenever something like this comes up, he has to come up. It’s “pay attention to me.” It really wasn’t about the tragedy. It’s about scoring points with other people in media. “