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Red Eye Guests Discuss “Hosurance” Ad Campaign


    For those of you a little behind the curve , a Colorado (where else ) progressive group placed ads for Obamacare throughout the state using a theme designed to convince the twenty-something crowd to sign up and get free birth control . The ads are tacky to say the least and there is something very unseemly about advocating promiscuity in order to sell a government program . 

   Watch the video and decide for yourself , Greg , Stacey and the rest of the Red Eye cast have fun with ridiculing the ridiculous . Sandra Fluke must be beaming with joy . No word on whether she was the brains behind the ads but they certainly have a Flukish “scent” about them .










Ok, Liberal Women. I’ve Tried To Explain This In Really Simple Terms So Even YOU Will Understand It.

” If you’re on our facebook page ever, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been absolutely bombarded with liberals lately.  They’re in epic panic mode now that the election is just a day away, and their hysteria is at an all time high.

Case in point.  Leslie Vaughn wrote this in response to the post/picture I put up last night about liberal feminists.

She had so many talking points in it I thought it might be a good idea to address each one in the same post, so that perhaps these misguided, misinformed, mistaken women might learn something. (I know, not likely, but I wanted to at least give it the old college try.)

  1. “Support contraception!” Leslie says.  Newsflash, Leslie.  Many many many conservatives DO support contraception.  We have nothing against it.  In fact, I consider contraception to be sort of a hallmark of one of the basic guiding principles of conservatism – which is TAKING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.  You want to have sex and not get pregnant?  Protect yourself.  It’s really simple.  What we do NOT support, is forcing others to pay for your desire to have sex.  Which leads me to Leslie’s next talking point. “

Liberals Find out Women Aren’t Amused


” I’ll admit that as a man I don’t always understand women. They are girly and often smell powdery. That and the insides of their purses intimidate me. But I know that they have a healthy respect for money. This I understand.

If you gave them a choice between a job that pays money and free birth control, the ones I know would pick a job.

They aren’t buying into the R-WoW credo that the GOP is somehow hostile to women. And it’s not just the girls I know. According to the latest AP survey the vaunted gender gap that Obama counted on to get re-elected has disappeared. The seven-point advantage that Obama had with women in 2008 has vaporized in 2012.

“Less than two weeks out from Election Day,” reports CBSNews “Republican Mitt Romney has erased President Obama’s 16-point advantage among women, a new Associated Press-GfK poll shows.” “

” Vote Your Lady Parts ”

The Liberty and Freedom Foundation



  “BARACK OBAMA IS TRYING TO DIVIDE AMERICA WITH A FAKE WAR ON WOMEN, PROBLEM IS, 750,000 WOMEN HAVE LOST THEIR JOBS DUE TO HIM – So Barack H. Obama knows he can’t win on his record, knows Americans understand his policies have failed, so what is he doing…creating a false war on Women. The problem is, the real war on Women is being carried out by OBAMA!! There are 750,000 more women unemployed toda

y than when he took office. THAT, FOLKS, is the real war on women.”

  “Horror show: Wednesday night at the DNC”

“Wednesday was a wonderful political day for Republicans. Let’s recap. The day started off with the flap over platform language. That in
turn led to the spectacle of Democratic delegates booing the vote to put back Jerusalem and God back into the platform. It was even in the eyes of the most Obama-
sympathetic media a horrid disruption, signaling both incompetence and hostility to things that many if not most Americans hold dear. The news got worse as Politico reported that the
president had signed off on the platform sans God and Jerusalem. The Romney camp could hardly believe the avalanche of atrocious
press . (Democratic National Committee chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s
insistence that there had been no controversy brought CNN’s Anderson Cooper to declare
she was operating in an “alternate universe.”)

   It was a remarkable, actual newsmaking episode, something we rarely get at conventions. Moreover, it was the worst blunder
in a scripted TV event in recent memory. “

DANIELS: I won’t just shut up
and sing

  “Where I come from, a redneck is
just a hardworking man who gets up before the sun does and spends the day working outside, getting the
back of his neck rosy in the process.
I happen to think those folks are the
salt of the earth… – C. Daniels”