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New Hampshire Court Upholds COPSLIE Vanity Plate








” New Hampshire’s highest court ruled Wednesday that the state violated the free speech rights of a man who wanted “COPSLIE” on his license plate.

  In a unanimous decision, the state Supreme Court agreed with the arguments of David Montenegro, who wanted the plate to protest what he calls government corruption.

  State law prohibits vanity plates that “a reasonable person would find offensive to good taste.” But the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union argued that the law is unconstitutionally vague and gives too much discretion to a person behind a Department of Motor Vehicles counter.

  New Hampshire had argued that state workers were right to deny the plate, because the phrase disparages an entire class of people — police officers.”


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Maryland Cop Pushes And Shoves Videographer, Telling Him He Has “Lost” His Freedom of Speech





” In a chaotic video out of Maryland, a horde of cops were struggling to arrest two suspects in the middle of a road for unknown reasons when an officer storms up to the videographer standing on the side of the road and tells him, “get out of my face.”

  The sergeant walks away and the videographer asks if he had committed a crime, prompting the sergeant to walk back to him, grab him arm and twist it behind his back.

“Don’t open your mouth,” the cop barks.

“I thought I had freedom of speech,” the videographer responds.

You don’t, you just lost it,” the cop says.”


   “You don’t , you just lost it .” ?



   WTF ?



   The sheer arrogance of today’s police is incomprehensible . Do they really believe that our rights are something that we enjoy at their discretion ? More and more the police , and the authorities in general , display a glaring lack of knowledge regarding the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights . Shame . Read more on this shameful display at PINAC .