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Federal Appeals Court Reaffirms Right To Videorecord, Including At Traffic Stops







” From the First Circuit’s decision Friday in Gericke v. Begin (1st Cir. May 24, 2014):

  This case raises an important question about an individual’s First Amendment right to film a traffic stop by a police officer. Carla Gericke attempted to film Sergeant Joseph Kelley as he was conducting a late-night traffic stop. Shortly thereafter, she was arrested and charged with several crimes, including a violation of New Hampshire’s wiretapping statute. Gericke was not brought to trial. She subsequently sued the Town of Weare, its police department, and the officers who arrested and charged her, alleging in pertinent part that the wiretapping charge constituted retaliatory prosecution in violation of her First Amendment rights….

  Based on Gericke’s version of the facts, we conclude that she was exercising a clearly established First Amendment right when she attempted to film the traffic stop in the absence of a police order to stop filming or leave the area…. “


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” “In addition to being one of the wealthiest states in the nation, New Hampshire also had the lowest poverty rate last year. Just 10% of people in the state had an income that placed them below the poverty line, versus nearly 16% nationwide. Similarly, just 2.7% of households earned less than $10,000 in 2012 — again the lowest rate in the nation and nearly half the national rate of 5%. Also demonstrating how well residents in the state are doing, just 8.3% of households received food stamps in 2012, the lowest percentage in the nation, while the state had an unemployment rate of only 5.5%.” – America’s Richest (and Poorest) States – 24/7 Wall St. 

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” Among the many advantages of moving to New Hampshire, these 101 reasons are at the top. If you know of a good reason that should be added, let us know.


Sales Tax

New Hampshire has no general sales tax.

Income Tax

New Hampshire has no general personal income tax. Dividends and interest are taxed at only 5%.

Source: Bankrate
Eminent Domain

New Hampshire state law prohibits the use of eminent domain for private use or private development.

Source: USA Today
Gun Laws

New Hampshire offers some of the least restrictive gun laws in the nation: no license is required to open carry and a concealed carry license is available on a shall-issue basis.

Seat Belt Laws

New Hampshire is the only state that does not have a mandatory seat belt law for adults.

Right to Revolution

New Hampshire’s constitution is one of only four state constitutions that expressly protect citizens’ right to revolution (Section 1, Article 10).

Image: Some rights reserved by James Walsh

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John Stossel – Long Live The Porcupine


Published on May 23, 2013

” John Stossel explains the appeal of the Free State Project.”