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Philippines Braces For Wrath Of Supertyphoon Haiyan





” Schools have been closed and mass evacuations are on the way in areas prone to landslide and flooding along the central-eastern coast of the Philippines, ahead of Supertyphoon Haiyan’s expected landfall on Friday.

Haiyan, known under the name Yolanda in the Philippines, is likely the most powerful storm to form on earth this year, with possible sustained winds of up to 290 km/h. On Thursday morning, the typhoon was still intensifying, although Philippine officials predict it will reach landfall with wind speeds of around 200 km/h.”









Meteorite Crashes Through Roof Of Connecticut Home




” An expert confirmed today that an object that sailed through the roof of a Connecticut home was a meteorite. The crash occurred on Friday night.

On Friday night Larry Beck, of Wolcott, Conn., heard a crash in his attic. The next morning as he was checking things out, he found a significant amount of damage, according to NBC Connecticut.
“There is no doubt that this is a legitimate meteorite,” said Stefan Nicolescu, the collections manager for the mineralogy division at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, reports the Hartford Courant. “It doesn’t look like any terrestrial rock.” “

Estimates Raised For Nuclear-Sized Asteroid Blast That Hit Russia





” Scientists have raised their estimates of the size and power of what turns out to be the most widely witnessed asteroid strike in modern history. The size estimate puts the object that caused Friday’s meteor blast over Russia in a troublesome category of asteroids: big enough to cause damage, but small enough to evade detection.

The new estimates, based on additional readings from a sensor network built to detect nuclear blasts, suggest the meteor released the energy equivalent of nearly 500 kilotons of TNT. That’s about 30 times the power of the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

“These new estimates were generated using new data that had been collected by five additional infrasound stations located around the world — the first recording of the event being in Alaska, over 6,500 kilometers away from Chelyabinsk,” NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory said in a statement.”

 Shawnee Woman Thwarts Home Invasion


Armed Citizen


” SHAWNEE, Oklahoma –

Armed with a gun and ready to shoot, a Shawnee woman defended her home as man broke down her door. It happened in broad daylight and she didn’t back down.

Pam Loman and her husband, James, say they’ve lived on Homer Lane in Shawnee for over 10 years and have never had any problems. But early Friday afternoon, while Pam was home alone, she quickly figured out, three men outside her home were up to no good.

“I still feel queasy sick at my stomach, a little shaky, a little nervous,” Pam said. “


RIP John Wilkinson


Elvis guitarist dies after cancer battle: John Wilkinson dead at 67 (Photos)


Elvis Presley and John Wilkinson phtos



” Sadly, an Elvis guitarist died Friday at 67. John Wilkinson, who played 1,200 shows with Elvis Presley, passed away in Springfield, Mo. Family members say his cause of death was related to a battle with cancer. His wife said he spent is last hours listening to music by The King.

According to a report on Jan. 11 from News-Leader, Wilkinson’s wife, Terry, was by his side when Elvis’ upstart guitarist died yesterday.

View slideshow: John Wilkinson dies at 67

Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley reached out to Wilkinson’s family with their deepest condolences. A statement read: “John and the beautiful music he made with Elvis will live forever in our hearts.” “


Alabama Teen Arrested For Plotting Homemade Bomb Attack At School




” Seale – Alabama officials have arrested a Russell County High School teen who planned to use homemade explosive devises to attack fellow students.

Derek Shrout, a 17-year-old student at Russell County High School, was arrested on Friday after a teacher found a journal which contained plans to attack at least six specifically named students and one teacher. The journal was written by Shrout. Upon reading the journal, the teacher turned it over to a school administrator who then contacted Officer Tommy Morrison, the school’s resource officer.


Russell County Sheriff, Heath Taylor, told the Ledger-Enquirer:


“The teacher could have just discarded the journal but didn’t. The system worked and thank God, it did. We avoided a very bad situation.” “

Al;abama Teen

3 Killed by a Knife-Wielding Attacker on a ‘Gun-Free’ Campus





“An attack on Friday at a college in Wyoming left three people dead, including the alleged attacker. The assailant used a bow and arrow and a knife and, despite the “gun-free campus” policy, was still, nonetheless, able to kill.

How many more people have to die before society can just accept that this world is filled with dangerous people and that guns, when placed in the proper hands of responsible citizens, can greatly aid in the decline of senseless mayhem?

The characters and a few details always change, but the story remains the same. A student goes crazy and kills people. People wonder why, though there is never an answer more explanative than, “Some people are just crazy.” ”


If You’ve Ever Wondered Why …



” Move Thanksgiving to Friday? That’s what F.B. Haviland asked President Hoover in 1929.

Snippet of a letter F.B. Haviland sent to President Hoover in 1929 asking him to move Thanksgiving to Friday.

Snippet of a letter F.B. Haviland sent to President Hoover in 1929 asking him to move Thanksgiving to Friday.

National Archives

Didn’t happen. But while we’re on the subject, ever wonder why we carve our gobblers on the fourth Thursday of November? Hint: It’s not because Thanksgiving Thursday is more alliterative than Thanksgiving Friday. “