What The Front Sight Four Day Defensive Handgun Course Is Really Like (13 Pictures)




” Do you know how to shoot? How sure are you about that? I was pretty sure that I knew how to use a gun. After all, I’d received about 30 minutes of training from a police officer, had been to the range a few times, and I could pretty consistently put a bullet inside the silhouette on a target from 3 yards out.

Certainly, that’s better than nothing…but, is it really good enough to bet your life on?

I didn’t think so, which is why I was very interested in the Front Sight Firearms Training InstituteFront Sight is in the desert about 30 minutes outside of Pahrump, Nevada and it’s famous enough that my trainer in Myrtle Beach, SC had heard of it and was envious that I was getting to attend.

Front Sight basically works like a gym with a lifetime membership; you buy in and then you can come back as often as you want. You just have to pay for your ammo and any gear you rent.  I was told that initially its clientele had been mostly professional shooters like S.W.A.T. Team members, but over time its customer base has become a mix of highly trained professionals and novices. Roughly 1000 people a week go through Front Sight’s classes, which is something it considers to be one of its biggest advantages because the trainers get so much experience. The different courses cover everything from handguns to rifles to shotguns to hand-to-hand self-defense.”