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What Would Be Your Top Rank In A Militia?



What Rank Militia



” Find Out How Far Your Mental & Physical Capabilities Would Take You In A Militia.”





What Warrior Are You?


What Warrior Are You



” What warrior from history are you?”



    Take these two fun quizzes from PlayBuzz to see where you stand with your inner warrior … We received a “General” ranking in the militia and a ‘spec ops” MOS in the warrior version . LOL … It’s all in good fun









Guy Does Cool Tricks With His Beard



Beard Tricks













10 More Tips To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

Published on Jun 22, 2013

“10 More Tips To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

Be prepared for the flesh-eating zombie hordes and watch these 10 tips on how to get by in coming apocalypse.

Don’t forget to check out ZombieGoBoom –http://www.youtube.com/ZombieGoBoomTV

Music = Rampage by Terry Devine-King and Adam Drake

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10 Fish-Fighting Videos That’ll Get Your Heart Pumping





” If this doesn’t get you juiced about fishing, nothing will. If you’ve never caught a mako shark, you might want to give it a try. They jump like no other fish in the sea. These guys found out when they hooked up at the 2:00 mark in this video. Their hollers are genuine and ring true to the spirit of angling, watching in awe as the shark launches into the air time after time.”

See all ten videos here


I Want Thaaaat (55 Photos)






Another Teaser










The 25 Best Photobombs Of 2013 (So Far)

Image via SportsPickle


” This photobomb broke the rules of this list by just two weeks—it was posted in late December. But it was just too good to exclude and we all know rules are meant to be broken. 

This friendly couple of Vikings fans were taking in a game against the rival Packers when they took this happy selfie of themselves in the Green Bay stands. 

Well, either the Vikes were winning or that Packer supporter flipping the finger fan has some serious rage issues. Or perhaps it was a healthy combination of the two. ” 





Image via Panthers Gameday



” Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has got a smile that the camera just loves, so is it any wonder he wants to show it off whenever possible? 

Even if he’s not exactly the focus of the shot. Newton had a bit of a sophomore slump in 2012, but at least he ended the season on a high note. 

Newton got a little unexpected face time on Panthers Gameday when he popped up in the middle of an interview in early January 2013.”







From Guns.com







How many Peeps can a 50 cal go through? Cadbury Easter Eggs too!

2nd Amendment Sunday – An Illinois Pastor Calls For Kids To Create ‘Assault Pop-Tarts’






” “Assault pop-tarts” and “combat cupcakes” was the call to action by Grace-Gospel Fellowship Church in Bensenville, Illinois.  This past Sunday Pastor Kirkwood held a contest for the children of his church where they were encouraged to come up with the best 2nd amendment themed pastries they could imagine.  Winners were given gift cards and toy assault rifles.  Pastor Kirkwood explained the event in a Facebook post:

2nd Amendment Sunday is here at Grace Gospel Fellowship, Bensenville. Join us as we lay out the Biblical doctrines of self-defense and Liberty. Our Jr. Church will respond to the latest absurdities in the news of “toy gun” buy back programs by eunuch preachers and suspending elementary children for assault fingers, pop-tarts and cupcakes.”



Video at the link.












Being Liberal Means Being A Hypocrite


What 200 Calories Looks Like in 25 Different Foods



Different Foods 200 Calories Carrots

Mini-carrots [570 grams = 200 calories]

Different Foods 200 Calories Peanut Butter

Peanut butter [34 grams = 200 calories]

11 Most Amazing Glass Houses




One more specimen 



Presently on Twitter Folks Are Generating Guffaws With ….




Some Current Examples To Inspire You …


Drone Songs



Lots More … Go Have A Laugh And Add Your Contribution …

How Much Is That Drone In The Window?

Still Got The Drones For You

Drone Ladies

My Drone Wants To Kill Your Mama

Every Drone Is Sacred



Obama Skeet Shooting Oh So Funny Pics




Add your own contribution or just enjoy the others …


100 Percent FED Up





Cannon vs Car in Slow Motion: The Breakdown — Assassin’s Creed III RatedRR

A Little Late But Fun Never-the-less 


Christmas Rocketree Part 2: The XMS Missiletoe

Part One From 2010 Can Be Found Here

Car Hunting (VIDEO)


Do Awesome Damage With an RPG-7 PET Bottle Launcher


” The PET Bottle Launcher, a $370 bazooka-
like toy from Marudai in Japan, lets you do
a shoulder-mounted take on a classic
middle school physics demo. Just put some
water in a 1-liter bottle, screw it onto the
end of the tube, use a bike pump to
pressurize the contents, aim, and fire. ”


This Is Just Too Funny . That Man Deserves A Raise And A Promotion .

Halloween brought pistol pumpkin carving from Hickok45 and now appropriately enough , he takes us Christmas tree cutting with a shotgun .

Let’s Get Around To A Choose Your Weapon (48 Photos)

choose weapon 12 14 12 500 7 Lets get around to a Choose your Weapon (48 Photos)




… Offer Up Your Own Deficit Reduction Plan And Save The Republic



Do It Yourself Budget Reduction