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You Can Now Make GIFs Directly From YouTube





” If you love making GIFs (and really, who doesn’t?) today is a happy day for you. YouTube has finally heeded the call of millions of users and quietly added a GIF-creator tool to some of its videos (for example, anything uploaded by the PBS Idea Channel). The share button (which previously only had share, embed, and email as options) now includes an extra feature: GIF. 

  It’s a pretty bare-bones affair: tap share, set your start and end points, add any captions if you’d like, and click “create” — YouTube will host the GIF itself. The clip can only be a maximum of 5 seconds long, which makes it somewhat of a crude tool for GIF-makers, but it will help keep file size small. The ease with which one churn out GIFs and add meme-like bottom and top text will certainly be enough for the casual user and perhaps spur on a Mememageddon the likes of which we haven’t seen since 2011. The future is now. “





Thanks to Popular Mechanics 










A Novel Tree Swing From Unilad




Start your weekend with a smile … 

9 Simple Questions Will Help You Figure Out What Kind Of Career You Should Have






    Take the test here , but be forewarned the results may not be to your liking … LOL … I was told that I should be a fashion designer .  A f***ing fashion designer ? You’ve got to be kidding …






  The following questions will tell you a little bit about yourself, especially in terms of what kind of career you are well-suited to. Answer honestly and you just may figure out what to do with the rest of your life!


  This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever. It is intended for fun only so do not treat the result too seriously 🙂


  You cannot change your answers – keep this in mind, but do not think about them too long.

Enjoy and share

  At the end of the quiz we will give you the result. You can share it with your friends 🙂 “














 Take This Quick Ten Question Test To Find Out


Are you a George Washington …





… Or a Barack Obama ?



“Do you know which president you are? Answer these 10 simple questions to find out!”





We were pleasantly surprised to get one of our heroes …



” You got:

George Washington

You are an amazing influencer and you have a mind that can revolutionize the world. Not only do you set the examples for everyone, but you can guide and show the way like no other! The Constitution is very important to you. Your thoughts and ideas about the world, though some may not like them, are the best and can change the world for the better! “



   As a test , after answering truthfully we ran through it again with different answers and got a very different result . Check yourself .








For Those That Don’t Like Seafood



Redneck Calamari












12 Simple April Fools’ Day Pranks



” April Fools’ Day is upon us, which means a prank could be lurking ’round every corner, chair or potentially Saran-wrapped door.

If you didn’t plan the greatest, most YouTube-worthy prank of all time, no worries. You can still fool your friends and family with pranks that require little effort and yield big laughs. (From you, at least.)

This year, forget blasting your mom’s car with Post-it notes and settle for a simpler prank. Check out these easy gags you can pull together before the day’s end.

But don’t blame the Internet if your friends shun you for a few days — it’s tough to forgive someone for a donut full of mayonnaise.”



nail polish soap


1. Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish to prevent it from lathering.

See the other helpful April Fool hints here and see also: “50 amazingly epic pranks




      Feeling annoyed ? Use this GIF Generator to create an image that will make you feel better . Just go here , upload an image of something that annoys you , crop it and drop it and deploy the Titan GIF to your legions of followers . It’s that simple … just Drop A Titan On It . 







Somewhere In The Northeastern US


Summertime Biking …

Ah , To Be A Kid …

The 24-Hour Sniper Challenge–You Ready?



” The 24-Hour Sniper Challenge is a non-stop long-range, long-distance 3-gun match under the summer New Mexico sun. It’s not easy. It can take up to 40 hours to complete it (24-40-Hour Sniper Challenge doesn’t have the same ring to it) and you’ll need help — it’s a two-man team competition. And you better come equipped. 

  • Match duration: roughly 24-40 hours
  • Baseline land navigation of roughly 30 miles
  • Bonus land-navigation points additional roughly 10 miles
  • Rough high desert terrain
  • GPS prohibited for land nav – Required to bring as emergency equipment
  • No support crew will be permitted.
  • Field shooting challenges include long-range shooting, precision shooting, assault stages, target identification and shoot/no-shoot decisions, and related problems
  • Approximate maximum target distances: rifle 1500 yards; carbine 500; pistol 100
  • Unknown, various, and non-standard target sizes
  • Max long-range rifle caliber .338 LM, minimum 6mm
  • Max carbine caliber, .300WSM; max barrel length 20 inches (not including suppressor), minimum caliber .223
  • Night vision optics not required and not permitted
  • Almost all targetry will be reactive armor steel plate
  • Round count (minimums): Long-range rifle: approx 50; carbine: approx 100; pistol: approx 100.
  • Cost: $695 per team.
  • All teams will be required to bring a SPOT tracker that is registered with the match so we can track all teams in real time


If you think you’ve got what it takes you can sign up here











The Saucy Album Covers That Really Will Make You Cringe… Vintage ‘Mum And Dad’ Collection Showcases Hilarious Designs From The 1950s


Music to make marriage merrier: The album covers certainly play to the 1950s housewife stereotype


” Featuring scantily-clad women and titles such as How To Strip For Your Husband, this collection of saucy album covers offers a glimpse into a bygone era.

The cheeky covers date back to the 1950s and 1960s, and include Music For Hangovers: High-Infidelity Records, a collection of tunes For Adults Only, and another aimed at Broad-Minded Men and Male-Minded Broads.

During the golden age of LPs ‘cheesecake’ album art – featuring beautiful women wearing little or nothing – was hugely popular.”



Last night of freedom: A collection of the 'wildest' stag party humour




Behold the 900-MPH Supersonic Ping-Pong Bazooka




” The Internet can teach you how to build a gun that launches ping-pong balls at a few hundred miles per hour. Big deal—where’s the fun in shooting projectiles at subsonic speed? To kick it up a notch, a team of mechanical engineers at Purdue University has reconfigured the ping-pong-ball gun into a supersonic bazooka.

Click hereto watch as it turns four aluminum cans into shrapnel. For years, Mark French has been using the regular subsonic version of the gun to teach kids about physics.”I’ve brought it to 4-H clubs and to schools. I’ve gotten ridiculous mileage out of this thing. With all that use, you can’t help but wonder whether you can improve it.”

Once the engineers got the bazooka up and running, they tested it on all sorts of materials, including VHS tapes, 3/4-inch plywood, stereo speakers, and even a sheet of steel. “The ball didn’t go through the steel, but it put a whopper of a dent in it,” French says. “Normally what happens is the ball comes out in pieces—it’s shattered but not deformed. For this one, it melted and buckled. I didn’t expect that.” ”


More Pics , Video and info at the link


The Hunting Grounds


Twits Wars rage on as the right conducts yet another #hashtag hijacking at …



Some fine examples of conservative good will …


He never ate a cat.




He gave us a gift that keeps on
giving: Joe Biden



I can now trade my foodstamps
for crack over my Obamaphone.

Read them all and add your contribution . Who says the right is mean ?

Boating Is Fun

I want a boat! (26 Photos)


beautiful boats yachts 18 I want a boat! (26 Photos)

Just Because …

… I Love Hatteras Boats


Big Hairy News

  “Barely 24 hours after the White House’s last failed effort to reach out to the Islamic world, Muslims are in an uproar over a video released by the State Department showing Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton suffering a “Janet Jackson” style wardrobe malfunction while apologizing to Muslims.”


” The Brilliance of Clint’s Empty Chair”

” But the most transformative moment — in its way, the most redolent of the Tea Party
revolution — was Clint Eastwood’s
conversation with an empty chair in whichPresident Obama was not sitting.”

  “What Eastwood did, with his extemporaneous air and unfilled chair, was to call bull**** on the increasingly untenable narrative that the Left has been weaving through all of the public institutions that it has spent decades infiltrating. He elevated to TV Land the shocking breach of
story line and etiquette that hit YouTube years ago when angry citizens shouted down their
Senators at town hall meetings.”

Bug Hunting Fun





It’s a bit early for smarmy , at least in my neighborhood , but since the web knows no night or day , here is the latest Twitter fun from Twitchy .


Have some laughs before work and ready yourself for the water cooler debates .

 Bowing 101 with Barack Obama

Roll call of all 57 states 

#DNCConventionEventsHow Bundling Can Finance Your Green Start-up

Those Obama apparatchiks created yet another fail on Twitter . This time a former staffer dreamed up the hashtag game ,

#RomneyYachtNames , which was immediately hijacked with this type of result :

# romneyyachtnames Isabel…
oh wait, that’s a #kerryyachtname

And this :

Landslide # RomneyYachtNames

And this :

Nobama # RomneyYachtNames

Then things got turned upside down when someone created ,
Which generated this sort of response :

David Burge
# ObamaYachtNames Loser-tania

Titanic # obamayachtnames

Too Big to Sail#ObamaYachtNames

All join in now and have a chuckle at their expense .

Once again Mr. Fleming delivers a laugh to keep the tears from flowing .

” Let’s face it: We’re never going to deal with the serious problems in our county. The economy is
still faltering, our debt seems insurmountable,gas prices are out of control and terrorists are
still trying to blow us up with their underwear.
But what issue is dominating the presidential race right now? Gay marriage. ”

There certainly is an attention deficit in this country . But also a courage deficit ….

” We can’t even leave it to the politicians to solve our problems, because they’re not any better.
When President Obama took office, he saw the joblessness and faltering economy and decided
he didn’t feel like dealing with that — instead, he started playing with his fun new health-care plan. ”

As Frank says , we won’t deal with the issues until they bite us on the ..s .

” Maybe we’ll just have to put Ritalin in the water to help us all focus. Because otherwise the only time our economy and the national debt will be interesting enough to hold our attention is when the country has collapsed. That will really grab everyone’s interest — you’ve seen how popular all those zombie-apocalypse shows and movies are. ”

Stock up on ammo and machetes its Zombietime .

Looking for a little comic relief to start your weekend ? Try the

game over on Twitter . There are some good ones and it’s fun to contribute . Enjoy the added bonus of helping to light yet another exploding cigar in the faces of the Obama campaign .

I posted this in Entertainment and then thought that it would be a nice break from the usual political tripe . Then I realized that my next post was going to be my 500th and the die was cast . I hope you enjoy it as much as I did .

What’s not to like about shooting in general and long range shooting in particular .

                                Shooting with Today's Top Snipers


What’s better than a day at the range ? Politics is fun , but shooting is GREAT .