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In Just 54 Seconds, Jimmy Kimmel Totally Humiliates Barack Obama





” President Barack Obama cancelled his scheduled appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live (probably to attend more Los Angeles-area fundraisers) and Kimmel was not too happy. Watch (above) as he mocks President Obama about what his trip is all about.

  Kimmel even mentions Obama’s motorcade and the issues it caused! This is yet another sign that Obama has lost his Hollywood base.”



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L.A. Gets Snarky About Obama Traffic Delays: #ThanksObama








” President Obama may rake in the money from fawning donors during his two-day fundraising sweep through Los Angeles this week, but he’s not winning any fans among commuters who, as they do, take to social media to vent.

“ Obama is visiting Los Angeles today which means I won’t be home till around 7:30pm due to traffic delays. #SMH” tweeted Twitter user West Coastin’.

  Obama’s L.A. visit, scheduled to start Wednesday afternoon, means traffic headaches for commuters in West Hollywood, downtown, Mid-Wilshire, Exposition Park, Pacific Palisades and Brentwood, among other areas.

“ If you’re on the Westside today … don’t get trapped in traffic. Obama’s a’comin!” said Twitter user Byrd. “




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Fundraising Barack Style

Is it real or not ? Let Legal Insurrection tell you .  



ABC News

  “SAN FRANCISCO — At an exclusive re-election fundraiser tonight, President Obama hobnobbed with 60 of his wealthiest supporters, including two figures at the center of the Solyndra loan controversy.”

Considering that he has mortgaged our children’s future to them and then raises funds there perhaps he should campaign for president of China instead of the US .

   Lord knows his policies are more in keeping with totalitarianism than republicanism .


” The Obama campaign may be attacking Republican rival Mitt Romney for investing abroad, but it is not shy about raising campaign cash overseas. Last week, the
campaign held a fundraiser for American expatriates in Shanghai, raking in large sums from those benefiting from the sort of
personal and professional investment overseas that President Barack Obama has cast as unpatriotic in a recent attack ad
against Romney. “

  From Twitchy

“WBAY reporter Matt Smith: I’d like
to ask you about Wisconsin’s recall
election. There are a lot of Democrats that are upset you didn’t campaign for Tom Barrett.

  President Obama: The truth of the
matter is that as President of the
United States, I’ve got a lot of
responsibilities. ”

ROFLMFAO…. “Responsibilities” ? … Je..s H Ch..t … What responsibilities would they be ? Beverly Hills ? Manhattan ?

  That would be anywhere there was money to be grubbed …. Not Madison that’s for sure ….

And this leads us to the newest Twarody or #hashtag game #ObamasTooBusy

collegepolitico RT @dschachenmeyer: He was going to verify that private sector is #DoingFine but #ObamasTooBusy

andycc2000 #ObamasTooBusy working on his golf game