Studies Of The Human Body Made By The Intrepid Scientists Of The 1500s Through The 1700s


” Medicine in the Middle Ages wasn’t the greatest: the leeches, the dirt, that whole four-humors thing. And yet physicians from all over the world made heroic efforts to develop and share their knowledge. Here, we’ve gathered some of our favorite historical anatomical drawings, which medieval and early modern doctors made from dissections of both animals and human cadavers. The drawings show amusing inaccuracies, impressive detail, and the apparently universal drive to give anatomical drawings weird facial expressions.”




” By Bartholomeo Eustachi, first published in 1564. Hosted online by the National Library of Medicine.

Eustachi lived in 16th-century Italy, where he served as physician to a duke, and then a cardinal in Rome. He supported the theories of anatomy developed by the ancient Greek physician Galen, which were based on dissections of animals, not human cadavers. Some Galenic weirdnesses included the belief that human blood was cleaned by a structure in the neck that actually appears in sheep, for cooling their blood, but not in people.”



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