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Play Flappy Bird Here!



” The mobile game Flappy Bird became an overnight sensation and one of the world’d most downloaded apps. But just as soon as it exploded onto the world stage, it was gone. Developer Dong Nguyen, who was making a rumored $50,000 per day from ads, removed the app for personal reasons. This lead to screams of protest from fans who were thoroughly addicted to tapping on their phones to make their bird fly between pipes.

  One enterprising iPhone owner attempted to hawk their own iPhone, complete with a copy of the game, for $90,000.

  But this is the Internet, and nothing stays dead and buried for long. A web version of the game has sprung up and Flappy-obsessed gamers can now go back to navigating their bird through green pipes to their hearts content.”


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Viral photo: Naked Woman Chases Naked Man With Sex Doll In China



“As far as photos going viral these ones could be said to show just the bare facts. Somehow photos of a naked man running in Beijing while carrying a naked female mannequin and being chased by a real naked woman – whew! – has hit the internet in China.

Some Chinese viewers think the photos are a hoax, others, Li said, feel they might be connected to an American game popular in China called ‘Temple Run’, which she describes as “a popular game where a player takes on the role of an explorer attempting to steal an idol from a temple and outrun monsters chasing from behind.” Monsters?”