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Female Clerk Shot During Robbery, Returns Fire Killing The Suspect





” An attempted robbery at a Stop and Go gas station resulted in an exchange of gunfire, leaving the female clerk in the hospital and the would-be robber dead Saturday night in Toledo, Ohio.

Christopher Shockley, 28, entered the store armed with a gun just after 9 o’clock with the intention of robbing the place. Although exact details of how the events transpired haven’t been made public, police did confirm with Northwest Ohio News that Shockley fired first, striking the store clerk, 29-year-old December Long, in the abdomen. However, Long then pulled out a gun of her own from behind the counter and returned fire.

“He came in to do the armed robbery. It turned into a gun fight,” Toledo Police spokesman Joe Heffernan said.”


Ms Long deserves a hearty thank you and congratulations from her community for making it just a bit safer .






Woman Shoots & Kills Man In Gas Station, Takes Pictures Of Body On Phone – CAUGHT ON TAPE


SE Houston Shooting


” A woman shot and killed a man at a Houston gas station.

Not only was the incident recorded on the gas station’s security camera — the woman also captured it on her own cellphone.

The unidentified female got a .22-cal rifle out of the back of her truck and threateningly pointed it at the victim, 58-year-old Louis Daniel, before shooting. The man only had a pocketknife and umbrella.”



White Family Stops At The “Wrong” Gas Station 

Gets Beaten For Their Mistake






” No one saw the sign that said, “No White People Allowed After Dark.” Maybe because it was dark. Or maybe it did not exist.

So when a white family pulled into a Baton Rouge gas station in a black neighborhood 10 p.m. Sunday night after a Mother’s Day celebration, they had no idea they were in danger. But they were.

Donald Dickerson, a black man, told them so, right before the assault began that would leave the father with a broken face, the mother unconscious, and the daughter badly bruised.

All because they were the wrong color in the wrong place.”