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Women Who Love Fishing, Tackle And Boats









” Jennifer landed this 120-pound yellowfin tuna off Panama in May 2014. She caught the tuna on a Black Hole Cape Cod special 250g jigging rod and Avet MXL Raptor reel with 65-pound Fins braid. Panama yellowfins can amass so thick around bait schools that it’s possible to motor right into the school and watch tunas fly through the air next to the boat.”




Little Tunny:




” Cynthia landed this nice little tunny on a recent trip. The little tunny is often confused with similar species, mostly because it has different nicknames in different regions and looks like other tunalike fish. Find out the difference between a tuna and a bonito.”



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Sport Fishing Girls, Presented By Photographer Pat Ford



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” We know you’re out there, and we want to put you in our informative girls-only galleries. We hope you’ll discover something that you may not have known about a fish, a boat or a fishing destination. Send us your fishing photos to sfgirls@sportfishingmag.com. Enjoy our latest edition presented by Pat Ford.

  Amanda reeled in a permit off Bimini. Permit are widely considered the most elusive and wary trophy among flats anglers, permit range throughout tropical waters of the western Atlantic. Other species occur elsewhere, notably in tropical Australia.”



We can’t resist offering one more sample and positing the age old question; How do we get a job like this ?







” Jessica fishes out of Key West, Florida. Key West is known a wide variety of fish, inshore species include permit, bonefish and tarpon. Offshore species can include anything from dolphin to billfish.”




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The 25 Hottest Girls Of The Sochi Winter Olympics



Lolo Jones – USA – Bobsledder



” Although the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi have technically already begun, the Opening Ceremony will air tonight, February 7th, on NBC. For the next couple weeks you’ll be watching a lot of talented athletes compete in skiing, skating, snowboarding, bobsledding, hockey and many other events. Along the way, you may notice several pretty faces and wonder, “Who the heck is that attractive Olympian?” We’re here to help you figure it out. Here are the 25 hottest girls of the Sochi Winter Olympics.”



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Watch What Happens When A Pair Of Girls Open-Carry In A Walmart



Published on Sep 13, 2013

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” Four young ladies went for a quick bite to eat in Marshfield Missouri at a local Walmart. Two of them were open carrying not knowing they would be confronted by a Nazi-styled “show-me-your-papers” local police officer.

  Of course, they bring out the big guns for these gun-toting “girl-thugs.”

  To contact the Marshfield MO Walmart and express your concern (outrage) that they don’t allow their customers to be armed, but rather defenseless, the Manager is Timothy Slavens and the number is (417) 468-6116. For those in the area, the address is: 14740 State Hwy #38 Marshfield, MO 65706

  All Military and Law-enforcement, PLEASE check out http://www.oathkeepers.org

  This video is NOT intended to discredit law enforcement in ANY WAY. It is posted as a reminder that there are those it WITHIN that field who, by disregarding the “unalienable rights” of the people, bring the discredit. It is hoped that, by viewing videos like this, we can begin to educate those within and without government what the true message of liberty actually is.”











N.J. Girls Murder Video: Two 12-Year-Old Girls In Trouble For ‘Hit List’ Video





” Two 12-year-old girls in New Jersey are in a lot of trouble and could possibly face criminal charges for a video that appeared online and appears to be a “hit list” of sorts. CBS Newsreported on April 25, 2013, that N.J. girls murder video showed the two youngsters threatening to murder fellow classmates.

One of the girls is seen directly on camera, but both can be heard discussing their plot. They are also heard making a list of the classmates, teachers, and administrators that they would like to kill.

“Wouldn’t you guys think I’d be the best assassin ever,” one of the girls is heard saying.

“Stab him continuously in this area,” she can be heard saying in another part of the clip.”







Girls With 6-Pack Abs …

… Hot Or Not ?


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Very Cool Car Pics

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