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Daily Video 11.7.14

Adam Smith, The Greatest Self-Help Author You Have Never Read





Published on Nov 6, 2014

” Russ Roberts, the author of How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life, joins Glenn Reynolds to discuss the beauty of liberal economics. Would you believe that Adam Smith is the greatest self-help writer ever? Hear why. “










Daily Video 9.27.14

Tech Oligarchs Wage War On Middle Class




Published on Sep 25, 2014

” Joel Kotkin of New Geography discusses class warfare with Glenn Reynolds. Kotkin argues that the tech industry is aggressively waging war on the middle class. Is he right? Find out.”




Daily Video 2.24.14

John Stossel – Expelling Govt From School



Published on Feb 20, 2014

” Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit.com) joins John to discuss an alternative to public education. http://www.LibertyPen.com “









Daily Video 1.21.14

The New School: Glenn Reynolds Reveals The Future Of U.S. Education



Published on Jan 16, 2014

” InstaVision host Glenn Reynolds discusses education policy with Michelle Fields. Reynolds has a new book entitled “The New School”. Reynolds see alternatives as the the future of U.S. education. Will online learning crowd out traditional schools and colleges? Find out.”









How License-Plate Scanners Are Eroding Our Privacy





” Here’s a thought experiment: imagine that activists, concerned with official misconduct, install license-plate readers on private property to track the location of every car belonging to the police department or a politician and upload the locations to a public database. The result: a map of where the police go, and where they don’t—along, perhaps, with politicians’ visits to motels or strip clubs. 

  Given that police often respond with hostility to simply being videotaped, I expect that a venture like this would prompt an outcry, and probably some efforts to shut it down. But this is precisely what officialdom is doing to citizens. 

  We now know that federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies are using automated license-plate scanners, mounted on everything from telephone poles to police cars, to build a huge database of where people are driving. This might seem like a small intrusion compared with the electronic spying carried out by the NSA. But not all threats to privacy involve the tracking of emails and other communications. 

  Right now, the law suggests that license-plate scanners don’t invade your privacy because they record only events that occur in public. After all, anyone could see you driving down the road or parked in front of a motel. But if officials add up enough bits of information like that, they gradually can construct what the ACLU has termed a “single, high-resolution image of our lives.” ”


Read this related article from the ACLU . As it notes plainly , it’s not the reading of the plate that is inherently troubling , it’s the storage of the data that is cause for concern . 



” It is important to note that the most effective uses of ALPR technology (and the ones most frequently touted by law enforcement proponents of the technology) – finding missing children, recovering stolen vehicles, locating fleeing assailants – require virtually no retention of the data. License plates are scanned, instantly run through an array of law enforcement databases, and the officer or monitor is notified of any matches. 

  The privacy issues arise with the retention of the information. A police officer will not forever remember the exact location and time of an innocent motorist’s travels. With ALPR technology, those details can be stored indefinitely, creating an ever-growing historical record of the daily comings and goings of every Marylander. As ALPRs become more ubiquitous and that record becomes longer and more detailed, it will become possible for the government to determine a person’s exact movements during any given time period. “



    We have the fight of our lives on our hands as the State is intent on taking over our lives in every way , shape and form . The time has come to get involved . Get off your couch , write , call , start a blog , photograph , videotape … do something or we shall soon see the truth in Edmund Burke’s famous admonition  “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”






Can We Keep Guns Out of the Hands of the Mentally Ill?





” Glenn Reynolds points us to this thoughtful post by The Atlantic‘s Jeffrey Goldberg that takes up the sensitive issue of the mentally ill and their access to guns:

We must find a way to make it more difficult for the non-adjudicated mentally ill to come into possession of weapons. This is crucially important, but very difficult, because it would require the cooperation of the medical community — of psychiatrists, therapists, school counselors and the like — and the privacy issues (among other issues) are enormous. But: It has to be made more difficult for sociopaths, psychopaths and the otherwise violently mentally-ill (who, in total, make up a small portion of the mentally ill population) to buy weapons.

One can immediately see the problems. There are privacy issues to consider, as well as trying to define “mentally ill.” John Grohol explains:

I don’t believe Obama was talking about anyone who’s ever had a mental disorder diagnosis — that would include over 25 percent of the population.

I think he meant to say those who fall under the Gun Control Act of 1968 — specifically people who have been involuntarily committed, found by a court to be incompetent or dangerous, or those who’ve already committed a crime but were found not guilty by reason of insanity.

According to Gostin & Record (2011), recent Supreme Court rulings generally push states to “regulate dangerous persons rather than dangerous firearms” but that existing gun restrictions pertaining to individuals with mental illnesses are ineffective.”

Video of the Day

   In consideration of his 10 year Blogiversary Frank J at IMAO has compiled a post linking to some of his personal favorites of his first decade .

    Laughs galore as you would imagine and below we are pleased to provide a direct link to one of our personal favorites here at YouViewed .

     That’s right , LOL , those filthy lies about Glenn Reynolds

Enjoy them all . We sure have .

   ” So there is the filthy lie: Glenn Reynolds puts puppies in blenders. Start spreading it to everyone. Tell your parents, tell your siblings, tell your uncle in Clevland, and send an e-mail to your congressman. And, when they exclaim, “Glenn Reynolds puts puppies in blenders! I’ll never go to his site again!” You tell them, “Then go to IMAO.us. Frank J. is at the forefront in the fight against putting puppies in blenders.” “

Ed Morrissey

” Consider this our latest entry in the Great Hunt for Silver Linings series, post-Mandate-mas. I’ll
gather three wise men to muse upon the impact of the Supreme Court ruling, two of whom
believe silver linings are easily found — and one of which believes the cloud to be even darker
than we realize. Let’s start with Glenn Reynolds, who moves from his Instapundit home today to
argue at the Washington Examiner that the entire ObamaCare arc didn’t delegitimize the Supreme Court, as critics warned — but it did
do real damage to the legitimacy other two branches of government: “

…but this whole post with updates was just too good for me to resist Bidening from him . Professor please believe me that ,in this instance , imitation is the sincerest form of flattery .


” YOU KNOW, I THINK I LIKE THE CUT OF THIS ROMNEY FELLOW’S JIB: Heh: Romney Holds Campaign Event Outside Solyndra HQ. “Solyndra is the failed California-based solar technology company that received more than $500 million in federal stimulus money before it went bankrupt last year. It has since become a mantle of Romney’s argument that Obama doesn’t know how to run the economy.”

Romney’s people kept the event secret for fear of Obama-administration interference.

But wait, it gets better: David Axelrod met by loud pro-Romney crowd. “The event was supposed to have been a secret. The campaign did not announce Mr. Axelrod’s appearance in Mr. Romney’s hometown until early Thursday morning, although word of it leaked out on Twitter late Wednesday.”

Bear in mind , the podium is there for David Axelrod to speak from … Ha Ha Ha . Also note the faces of the crowd . Youthful isn’t it ? 


But wait, it gets better still: “Then the Obama goons tried to bully the Romney supporters. Epic fail. The crowd even chanted ‘Cory Booker’ at Axelrod. Hilarious.”

UPDATE: Video: Famous Chicago political organizer … outorganized? Heh. This isn’t the McCain 2008 campaign.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Byron York: Combative Romney Team Hits Obama Coast to Coast.

“The Obama campaign thought they were going to come into our own turf and launch a dishonest sneak attack on Gov. Romney’s record,” says the Romney aide. “We’re not going to allow that to happen. We are going to hold them accountable every single time.”

Punch back twice as hard. ”


Cause for Optimism ?

Are we witnessing the beginning of a ” preference cascade ‘ ?

  “It wasn’t just a bad week for Obama.  Romney has played his cards well, effectively presenting his economic message adding a significant narrative about educational reform.  As Napoleon is said to have advised, “Never interfere with an enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself.”  Following that advice can require real skill and discipline, especially when the mainstream media is nearly frantic to change the subject.  We all enjoyed the “blockbuster scoop” about Romney’s alleged misadventures in high school from half a century ago, didn’t we?

What I believe we are seeing here is the beginning of a “preference cascade,” a term made popular by Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit fame.  It’s a fascinating concept, applied originally to the process by which oppressive governments fall.”