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Everytown Shoots Itself In The Foot







” I am reliably informed that the folks over at Michael Bloomberg’s gun-control outfit, Everytown, believe earnestly that the above commercial makes the case for stricter gun control. The intended message, presumably, is: “We need to keep guns out of the hands of violent men with restraining orders.” A laudable aim, in and of itself.

  Does this come across? Not really, no. What the video ends up doing instead is demonstrating a) that people who are willing to abduct children and shoot women in the face are not likely to follow the laws (the victim already has a restraining order out against her assailant, which frankly doesn’t seem to be doing much); b) that the victim would have been better off with a gun in her hand than with a phone connected to the police department; and c) that, firearms being a great equalizer between men and women, any rules that make it difficult for potential victims to get hold of guns (and make no mistake: Everytown supports them all) put vulnerable people in danger.”


Thanks to Charles C W Cooke at NRO




    While everyone can agree that we would like to eliminate domestic violence , as Katie Pavlich points out , the woman in this video has a much better chance of survival than does the woman waiting for the police to respond to her 911 call .









    Which do you suppose is better able to defend the life of a woman alone , a restraining order or a pistol ? You are free to choose … keep it that way .











Daily Video 2.4.14

Adorable Glock Girl Presents Their Smallest Pistol Yet



Published on Feb 1, 2014

” SHOT Show 2014 – Glock unveils their newest and smallest pistol ever. It’s a single stack .380 concealed carry pistol.”









From Glock And Gunny







Glock 30S Compact 45 ACP Semi-Automatic Pistol





” The latest variation of the Glock design is featured here: the 30S. To create the 30S, what Glock did was take their Model 30SF (Short Frame) and put a Model 36 slide on top. This is an oversimplification, but that is pretty much the result. The slide measures only one inch in thickness, which is about one-eighth of an inch thinner (.12 inch to be exact) than the slide on the Models 21 and 30. This does not seem like a lot, but on a carry gun, it makes a big difference. The 30S is also quite a bit lighter in weight than the Model 30, by over three ounces. Making the 30S resulted in a compact 45 ACP double-stack (like the Model 30) with a slide that is no wider than a Model 19, 23, or 36, and is much better for a concealed-carry gun than are the Models 30, 30SF, and 30 Gen4 pistols.

In addition, I am glad that Glock used the SF style of frame, as it fits my hand much better, even though I wear an extra-large size glove. I really like the feel of this Model 30S pistol. It holds ten rounds in the magazine, for a total loaded capacity of eleven, in a package that is very close to the size of a Model 19 9mm. I like it. The magazines supplied with this 30S are the extended style, which gives purchase to the little finger, instead of leaving it hanging off the bottom. The 30S can also use Model 30 and Model 21 magazines. The 30S uses a captured multi-spring system, similar to the spring setup on the Gen4 pistols. The barrel is slightly slimmer than the Model 30 barrel, and the two will not interchange.”



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NY School District Suspends Police-in-Schools Program after Officer Discharges Gun (VIDEO)




” On Tuesday, a student resource officer at a high school in Lloyd, New York, accidentally discharged his sidearm while patrolling school grounds. As a result district officials have suspended the ‘police-in-schools’ program indefinitely.

Officer Sean McCutcheon, who is employed by the Highland Central School District, accidentally discharged his Glock .45 at 1:38 p.m. Tuesday at Highland High School.

While details of how McCutcheon mistakenly fired off a round are still being investigated, what is clear is that no one was injured when the gun went off.

“No students or staff were in the area when the weapon discharged, and no one was injured as a result of this accidental discharge,” Highland Central School District Superintendent Deborah Haab told reporters during a Tuesday meeting with parents and the press.

“He’s suspended pending the investigation,” Lloyd police Lt. James Janso told reporters, adding that the suspension is standard protocol given the circumstances. “





Glock Releases Pro Gun TV Spots with the “Gunny!”


“These are worth watching! Glock did a great job with these TV commercials and R. Lee Ermey is always fun to watch.”

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Sightmark Rolling Out New Mini Shot Pro Spec MRDS And Rear Sight Pistol Mounts


Mini Shot Pro Spec mounted on a M&P pistol with other mounts shown



” Sightmark is proud to announce a new version of their Mini Shot red dot sight, the Pro Spec and a slew of rear sight mounts for a spread of popular service pistols. The new mini red dot sight (MRDS) is improved in a handful of ways that make it a good optic for both-eyes-open shooting whether you’re running a rifle or shotgun.

The new Mini Shot Pro Spec features a new glass reticle, an integrated hood and improved digital controls. From the press release:

“The fused double pane glass makes the Mini Shot series of products an extremely accurate reflex sight,” said Jonathan Horton, Sightmark product developer. “The reticle is 100% accurate not only in the center, but also along the lens edges. With the addition of the protective hood and digital switch, the Mini Shot Pro Spec is better protected and easier to use, making it perfect as a primary or secondary weapon sight.” “