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Going Galt-Labor Force Participation Rates Decline Across Age Groups




” A phenomena of the Obama economy is that labor force participation rates have been declining. In October 2013, a staggering 1 million people dropped out of the labor force. according to the St. Louis Federal Reserve data (above). It wasn’t due to the government shutdown, because they were still counted as employed in the data. The St. Louis Federal Reserve seems totally stumped at the what is happening in the U.S. economy.

Has it occurred to the brilliant “economists” at the  St. Louis Federal Reserve that key provisions of Obama Care went into effect October 1?  Have they considered the impact of Obama Care and zero percent interest rates on working and saving behavior?

Several theories abound, anything from a rise in stay at home mothers (reverse feminism), more students staying in school, and other hypothesis. However, what no one at the Federal Reserve wants to admit is this:  John Galtism is alive and well in the U.S. economy. They are measuring the John Galt effect.

John Galt was a figure in the Ayn Rand’s book Atlas Shrugged who represented the social protest against socialism. It is a failure to participate in a regime that requires one to work for the betterment of others over the betterment of self. The only way to protest Obama Care is to minimize one’s participation in the economy that is so ordered. In the absence of sane policy responses, such as repealing the monstrosity known as Obama Care, the only recourse is to withdraw from the economy.

It isn’t a strike as such. It is simply a failure to comply, or a failure to launch. Even the website for Obama Care doesn’t want to participate. Why are we, as a nation, engaged in this madness? “









As Health Care Gets More Bureaucratic, Will Doctors Go Galt?



” I am a general surgeon with more than three decades in private clinical practice. And I am fed up. Since the late 1970s, I have witnessed remarkable technological revolutions in medicine, from CT scans to robot-assisted surgery. But I have also watched as medicine slowly evolved into the domain of technicians, bookkeepers, and clerks. 

Government interventions over the past four decades have yielded a cascade of perverse incentives, bureaucratic diktats, and economic pressures that together are forcing doctors to sacrifice their independent professional medical judgment, and their integrity. The consequence is clear: Many doctors from my generation are exiting the field. Others are seeing their private practices threatened with bankruptcy, or are giving up their autonomy for the life of a shift-working hospital employee. Governments and hospital administrators hold all the power, while doctors—and worse still, patients—hold none.”









Going Galt

  ” Oddly here, and this speaks to how silly the economic discussion has become, founder Mark
Zuckerberg is being lionized for the presumed $ 1 billion in capital gains taxes he’ll pay the feds.
Saverin’s avoidance plan means more capital for business growth while Zuckerberg’s non-
avoidance ensures more feeding of the beast, yet Saverin’s the bad guy? Yes, very odd. ”

Good for Eduardo , good for us all .

TAX AVOIDANCE : It’s everyone’s responsibility .

“The vast majority of tickets we see are for breaking one of these million rules they have: You’re a foot too close to the fire hydrant, a foot too close to the crosswalk,
the table is too long,” said Mr. Basinski, who has been lobbying to change the fine structure for several years. “You can very quickly be at that $1,000 level for every

As someone who spent thirty years trying to negotiate the byzantine maze of  laws and regulation in the state of NY and show a profit ,  I can attest to the fact that the state seems bent on driving us all to ” go Galt ” . I know that’s what I did .