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The Cashless Utopia Mirage



” David Wolman’s article The Anonymity Fantasy gets off on the wrong foot by claiming to know what we all “deserve” or “what we all want.” As a reader, this is aggravating on multiple levels, but the pretentious fun doesn’t stop there as we later learn that anonymous cash does not equal freedom and that “clinging to cash” is misguided.

I could be cynical here, but I really don’t think it’s about perfidiously advancing a thesis to promote his new book. I think David actually believes all of this despite what history teaches us.

Let’s not kid ourselves, because the end of money, as we know it, really means the beginning of the transactional surveillance State, which makes this a serious debate about the boundaries of State power and the dignity of an individual.

Anonymity and civil society do mix — it is omnipotent violent government and civil society that do not mix.

Wolman is thinking like a technologist when he promotes the cashless utopia and, as a technologist, he’s probably correct because paper cash is inefficient, problematic, and dirty. But it’s mostly inefficient and problematic for the overzealous regulators and tax collecting apparatus.

Efficiency happens to be a very short-sighted and unintellectual argument. Selective breeding for certain ‘preferred’ traits is a vastly more efficient method and so is the training-from-birth selection criteria employed by totalitarian states that place athletes in the modern Olympics. I doubt Wolman would want to live in those efficient societies — cashless or not.”




Cuomo Calls For ‘Toughest Assault Weapon Ban In The Nation



  Who does he think he’s fooling ? The crime rates nationally have been steadily declining for the past TWENTY years even as the population has grown by over 20% . There is no problem that the State needs to step in and address . There is no crisis awaiting the curative hand of State intrusion . This is a power grab plain and simple . 


FBI Crime Stats 1992-2011

 New York already has some of the toughest gun laws and it certainly is one of the most intrusive of bureaucracies , witness the mass exodus of corporation departing the state due to sky high taxes , onerous regulation and this unending attitude coming from Albany that the only solution is the State solution .



“We need a gun policy in this state that is reasonable, that is balanced, that is measured,” Cuomo said. “We respect hunters and sportsman. This is not taking away people’s guns. I own a gun … that’s not what this is about.”

“It is about ending the unnecessary risk of high-capacity assault rifles. That’s what this is about,” he added. “


If this governor is really interested in helping the people of his state he should devote his attentions to the real problems that exist in New York , namely the economy and jobs . Help to create an environment that is conducive to business growth and that will lead to more jobs , more revenue and less crime .



Rep. Myrick: ‘Government Can’t Afford To Take Care Of Everybody’ [VIDEO]



” North Carolina Republican Rep. Sue Myrick said that “government can’t afford  to take care of everybody.”

Speaking with The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas, the outgoing congresswoman talked about a society that rewards dependency on government over work.

“A good friend of mind runs a good-sized business , and he had a man who was working for him and at the end of the first time he got his paycheck, he came to his boss and said, ‘You know, I only made $40 more this week than if I had stayed home and been on’ some type of government support that he was getting. ‘So why should I work?’” Myrick said “

Obama Pushes Partisan Anti-Violence Plan At Sandy Hook Victims’ Memorial



” President Barack Obama used the Sunday evening memorial service for the murdered kindergartners and adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School to launch a partisan campaign that could expand government intrusion into parenting and gun control.

“[The] job of keeping our children safe, and teaching them well, is something we can only do together, with the help of friends and neighbors … and the help of a nation,” Obama said at the vigil, which was held only a short distance from the Connecticut school where 20 children and six adults were murdered on Friday.

“We will have to change. … If there is even one step we can take to save another child, or another parent, or another town, from the grief … then surely we have an obligation to try.” “

Where Were These People On Election Day ?





Obamacare’s Stumbles Pose Political Risks For Dems


” When Democrats suffered their historic 63-seat loss in 2010, a plurality of voters (48 percent) told exit pollsters that they wanted Obamacare repealed. Only 16 percent said they wanted to see the law left as is, and 31 percent said they wanted to see it expanded.

Fast-forward to this November, when Obama won re-election despite winning fewer votes than he did in 2008. Even though the 2012 electorate was far more liberal than the one that delivered Democrats historic losses in 2010, Obamacare actually fared worse in the exit polls than it did in 2010. Just 26 percent of those who voted in 2012 said they wanted to see Obamacare expanded, only 18 percent said they wanted to leave it as is, and the percentage of Americans saying they wanted to see Obamacare repealed was up to 49 percent.

Yesterday, Gallup released a poll showing that, for the first time since it started taking the poll in 2000, a majority of Americans say it is not the federal government’s responsibility to make sure all Americans have health care coverage. Those numbers are likely to rise as Obamacare’s implementation begins.”



Illustration By Lisa Benson

The ‘War on Women’ …

… Backfires On Democrats



  ” The Democratic message in favor of the PFA is not effective at increasing the vote for Obama over Romney. What’s more, the debate over the PFA reduces support for President Obama among women who already voted for him in 2008 by 12 points, from 87 percent down to 75 percent. And Romney’s support jumps +12-points from 13 percent to 25 percent.  

Voters are focused on the real problems our nation is facing – both national and generational in scope. The progressive playbook for defending Obama and attempting to regain the White House is to distract and divide. 

What the “War on Women” narrative reveals is how the left chooses to demonize anyone who questions government overreach. Not only is this how they continue to push their progressive agenda – in health care, workplace regulations, education policy, and entitlement policy – but also how they perpetuate the myth of women as victims in need of government protection. “

Cartoon By Rick McKee

Obama calls for measures against gun violence

   As usual Frank J Fleming hits the mark :

“Imagine you are at a fast food restaurant. You have selected your sandwich and your side order
of fries, and you realize that this meal will make you thirsty. You will need — nay, you will require — a beverage to wash it down.
So you.say to the woman at the register, “I would like a soda.”
And she looks at you with her dead eyes, her soul withered away by years of menial work in
the service industry, and she utters the immortal question, “Small,medium, or large?” “

” A Spy in the Sky …

…. over Nebraska and Iowa has gotten under the hides of some livestock producers and their representatives in Washington.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s aerial photo surveillance of livestock feeding operations in both states flew under the radar for nearly two years.

But now the flyover program, conducted to help enforce the Clean Water Act, has prompted a demand for answers from all five members of Nebraska’s congressional delegation.

The delegation delivered a joint letter Tuesday to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, listing 25 questions about the legality of the surveillance and the privacy rights of business owners. Although the letter stopped short of calling for an end to the flyovers, the two senators and three representatives want to know more about their purpose.

“Nebraskans are rightfully skeptical of an agency which continues to unilaterally insert itself into the affairs of rural America,” Rep. Adrian Smith, R-Neb., said in a statement.”

   The government is intent on running every aspect of our lives and the fact that the EPA has been operating SPY DRONES for two years should alarm EVERYONE . What other agencies are similarly equipped ?

HT/ Instapundit

  “While the Internet has been bristling with anger over the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, the Internet industry has been either silent or quietly supportive of the controversial bill. With one exception.

Late Tuesday, Mozilla’s Privacy and Public Policy lead sent me the following statement:

While we wholeheartedly support a more secure Internet, CISPA has a broad and alarming reach that goes far beyond Internet security. The bill infringes on our privacy, includes vague definitions of cybersecurity, and grants immunities to companies and government that are too broad around information misuse. We hope the Senate takes the time to fully and openly consider these issues with stakeholder input before moving forward with this legislation.

CISPA was introduced to the House in November with the intention of allowing more sharing of cybersecurity threat information between the private sector and the government, but has since been criticized for a provision that would also allow firms to share users’ private data with agencies like the National Security Agency or the Department of Homeland security without regard for any previous privacy laws.”