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MPAA & ICE Confirm They Interrogated A Guy For Wearing Google Glass During A Movie





” We wrote earlier about the guy who told the story of being pulled out of a theater in the middle of a movie for wearing Google Glass (turned off), which he wears all the time, because he got prescription lenses installed on the device and uses it as his regular pair of glasses. As we noted, there were some oddities in the original story, including references to the FBI and “The Movie Association,” neither of which made sense. Since then, as we noted in our updated post, AMC confirmed that a customer had been detained, and since then the MPAA as well as Homeland Security have weighed in, confirming the basic story. This is insane on multiple levels, which we’ll get to in a moment. But first, the quotes. “

  Finally, Homeland Security’s ICE division:

  On Jan. 18, special agents with ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations and local authorities briefly interviewed a man suspected of using an electronic recording device to record a film at an AMC theater in Columbus. The man, who voluntarily answered questions, confirmed to authorities that the suspected recording device was also a pair of prescription eye glasses in which the recording function had been inactive. No further action was taken.

  Okay, now onto the point. As we said in the initial post, this certainly fit with the MPAA’s insane “guidelines” to theaters and their “zero tolerance” policies towards anyone possibly recording anything. However, the involvement of ICE is particularly insane. We’ve been particularly critical of ICE and the group’s over-aggressive campaign to seize websites based entirely on Hollywood’s say so. “




   What exactly does wearing Google Glass have to do with homeland security ? Just more cronyism … A perfect example of the well connected (Hollywood) using the power of the State to intimidate it’s “foes” . This is a fruit of an all-powerful government .









Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children

Obviously We Need To Ban Something , Malpractice ? Drunk Driving ?  Feet ? Knives ? , Nah Let’s Ban Guns



  Why does every Federal agency have their own armed division?

” Social Security Administration Blog: Why We Need 174,000 Hollow-Point Bullets”

“The Social Security administration has been taking heat – also see here – after issuing notice of it’s intention to purchase 174,000 hollow point bullets for its officers. Now, it’s opted to respond in a blog post here.

   I guess 174,000 hollow point bullets is one way to reduce future Social Security payments. I wonder if they’ll store the hollow points in Al Gore’s “lock box,” not that it proved to be fairly secure. Next thing you know, they’ll be teaming up with Eric Holder’s DOJ and running them across the border into Mexico.

   For an administration that would gladly take citizen’s firearms away if it had its way, they sure do seem pretty well armed themselves.”

They do indeed … Hmmm