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Watch Dramatic Rescue: Coast Guard Acts Quickly To Save Labrador From Icy Waters





” As he inched his way toward a Labrador struggling to stay afloat in icy waters, U.S. Coast Guard member Tim Putnam knew there wasn’t much time.

” You could tell she was ready to get out,” said Putnam, a boatswain mate third class. “She was pretty shook up.”

  The dog rescue happened Tuesday, Feb. 3 right outside the Frankfort Coast Guard station, in the channel between Lake Michigan and Betsie Lake.”














Great Lakes Ice Cover Developing; Earliest In Over 40 Years


” Ice is already starting to develop on Michigan’s Great Lakes. This is the earliest ice on some of the Great Lakes in at least 40 years.

  According to the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, on November 20, 2014, three of Michigan’s Great Lakes had ice starting to form. Lake Superior and Lake Michigan were one-half percent ice covered, while Lake Huron had one percent ice. Lake Erie was not reporting any ice as of Nov. 20, 2014.

  Decent early season ice coverage records date back to 1973. Last Friday was the earliest date that all three Great Lakes already had ice since the better reporting of early season ice began.

  Lake Superior actually had ice forming on November 15th of this year. That is the earliest ice on Lake Superior in the good data set.

  Lakes Superior, Michigan and Huron had ice 10 days earlier this year than last year.

  Lake Superior only had five and a half months without any ice on the lake. “

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The Great Lakes Icebreakers Are Working Round The Clock







” The cold weather that has been gripping the Upper Midwest for the past month has seen the Great Lakes suffer its biggest freeze in 20 years.

  The Great Lakes are almost completely frozen with ice cover extended across 88 per cent, according to the federal government’s Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory in Ann Arbor.”



Hard work: A convoy of Great Lakes cargo ships line up to follow an icebreaker on the St. Marys River, which links Lakes Superior and Huron, as 88 per cent of the Great Lakes' surface is now reported frozen

“Hard work: A convoy of Great Lakes cargo ships line up to follow an icebreaker on the St. Marys River, which links Lakes Superior and Huron, as 88 per cent of the Great Lakes’ surface is now reported frozen”

” Although parts of the lakes, which hold nearly 20 per cent of the earth’s surface fresh water, freeze almost every winter, this one has been tough on Coast Guard cutter Mackinaw and the icebreaker’s 58-member crew.

  The Coast Guard’s fleet of nine icebreakers has been unusually busy clearing paths for vessels hauling essential cargo such as heating oil, salt and coal as the deep freeze keeps hold of the Great Lakes.”

   As the above aerial survey video of the Great Lakes confirms the ice coverage is amazingly wide-spread while the satellite photo below from January 30 , 2014 is awe-inspiring .


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Great Lakes Shipwreck Hunter Finds Keystone State, Lost In Lake Huron For 152 Years



Keystone State

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” The Keystone State was in trouble.

  Big waves slammed into the wooden steamer’s sides as it rocked in the water near Port Austin under the weight of a powerful November storm.

  And then it was gone, swallowed up by Lake Huron that day in 1861, claiming the lives of all 33 on board.

  The ship’s final resting place was a mystery for 150 years.

  But today, veteran shipwreck hunter David Trotter, 72, of Canton plans to announce he and his crew found the side-wheel steamer in July at the bottom of Lake Huron — the latest in the nearly 100 vessels Trotter has discovered in more than 35 years of Great Lakes shipwreck hunting.

  Trotter — who will announce the discovery on his website,www.shipwreck1.com — said he didn’t think he’d ever find the Keystone State. “