U.S. Army Pulls XM25 ‘Punisher’ Grenade Launcher from Duty Following Incident




” In a training exercise in Afghanistan last month, a U.S. soldier was injured by a malfunctioning XM25 grenade launcher, so the Army has announced that they decided to pull the experimental grenade launcher so they can address the issue.

“The gunner training on the weapon system received superficial injuries,” Army spokesman Matthew Bourke told the Military Times. “The gunner was medically evaluated and returned to duty.”

While the grenade’s internal safeties prevented the grenade’s payload from detonation, the launcher suffered from a double-feed after firing out of battery.

The primer and propellant of the grenade detonated rendering the grenade launcher inoperable. This is the second critical malfunction the experimental weapon has had since being deployed to Afghanistan. The first design flaw, one that also allowed the XM25 to fire out of battery, has since been addressed.

The XM25 was scheduled to go into low-rate production later this year, with fixes and updates based its performance over nearly three years of service in Afghanistan, with ATK to deliver 36 more Punishers to the Army for service as part of a $65.8 million program to speed the XM25s development.”

It was expected to leave its experimental phase and enter full production in 2014.”