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Australian Lawyer Breaks World Record For Christmas Light Display






” They say everything’s bigger in America. Bigger, maybe, but not biggest — at least when it comes to Christmas lights. That superlative belongs to Australian lawyer David Richards, who recently assembled a holiday light display featuring more than 1.2 million bulbs at a shopping mall in Canberra.

  Richards didn’t hang the entire installation himself; he had plenty of volunteers. The massive Christmas light display was assembled as a way to raise money for SIDS and Kids ACT (Australian Capital Territory), a local charity offering sudden infant death syndrome counseling and support services.

  Though visitors to the display will be welcomed free of charge through the New Year, donations will be encouraged. The lights will be powered using electricity donated from a local energy company.

  Richards is no stranger to outdoing the competition when it comes to holiday decorations. Last year, he set the Guinness World Record for largest residential Christmas light display, outfitting his house and yard with more than half a million bulbs.

  This year, Richards took his talents to a commercial space. “I couldn’t do it again to my neighbours or my family,” he told The Guardian. “


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Watch A Semi-Truck’s World-Record Jump Over A Lotus F1 Car







” Wanna see a world-record stunt? Something crazy and mind-blowing and death-defying? How does a tractor-trailer breaking the Guinness World Record for jump length tickle you? Oh, and for good measure, a Lotus Formula 1 car. Yeah, that’ll do.

  So here’s the setup: Mike Ryan, the guy who can race a big rig up Pikes Peak or drift it around a racetrack as if he was driving a normal-size car, designed the stunt and is the wheelman in the truck. Martin Ivanov pilots the F1 car. Both guys have extensive experience as stunt drivers in various Bond, Bourne, and Fast and Furious movies. In other words: these are very experienced professionals, so definitely don’t try this at home. “


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39-Foot Sandcastle In Brazil May Be World Record







” A California sand artist’s 39-foot-tall sandcastle on a Brazilian beach is being considered for a world record by Guinness officials.

  Guinness World Records adjudicators traveled to the Niteroi, Brazil, beach to examine the detailed castle built by Rusty Croft, a sand artist and co-owner of California-based Sand Guys, which has created sculptures for companies including Google and Facebook.

  The castle was built using 20 truckloads of sand and was sponsored by Caterpillar Inc. Archie Lionce of Caterpillar said a decision from Guinness is expected within days.

  The current Guinness World Record holder for largest sandcastle is Ed Jarrett, who constructed a 37-foot, 10-inch castle in Farmington, Conn., in 2011. “


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Daily Comedy 10.24.14

Bob Marley Guinness World Record – Moose Crossing





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” Comedian Bob Marley set a new Guinness World Record for longest comedy show by an individual of 40 hours. This is Bob at hour 38: Moose Crossing. http://bmarley.com “

Sydney Skinny: Hundreds Of People Bare All In A Bid To Break World Record For The Largest Nude Ocean Swim


Sydney Skinny.jpg


” Winter’s clinging on here in the UK, but it’s still summer Down Under – making the weather perfect for a spot of skinny dipping. 

  Hundreds of people stripped off on Sunday to take part in the second annual Sydney Skinny in an attempt to break the world record for the largest nude ocean swim.

Over 700 people took part in last year’s inaugural swim, which aims to promote a positive body image.

  Held at Cobblers Beach, Middle Head, in Sydney Harbour National Park, the event sees participants swimming 900m amid the waters of Middle Head.”


    According to the Independent the crowd numbered around seven hundred while the News.com alleges 1000 participants none of the photos accompanying either article conveys anywhere near the lesser number let alone  thousand . This video is all we could find documenting Sunday’s Sidney Skinny and it is really only a slide show of the pictures from the above referenced news articles .



   Compare and contrast that visual evidence with the video documentation of last year’s Kiwi attempt :




   The difference is important as you may remember from earlier that we reported on the fact that the New Zealanders set a new world record that was very well documented whereas this attempt by the people of Sidney seems quite laid back in comparison . We’ve heard no definitive headcount so we cannot say whether the Aussies succeeded or not .














Nude Swimmers ‘Smash Record’ For World’s Largest Skinny Dip On New Zealand Beach

745 bathers in New Zealand took to the sea in an attempt to break the record for the world's largest skinny dip



” Bathers on a New Zealand beach stripped naked and took to the Pacific Ocean in an attempt to shatter the record for the world’s largest skinny dip.

  Basking in the glow of a warm summer’s day down-under, the 745 nude swimmers swarmed into the water on the coast of Gisborne in northeastern New Zealand.”



” The intrepid participants from across the country gathered as nature intended in the waves for what organisers hope will be a new Guinness World Record.”

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Dubai Fireworks 2014: The Record-Breaking Display By The Numbers







” The glitzy emirate of Dubai is no stranger to the Guinness World Records committee. Over the past decade, it has snapped up honors for the world’s tallest building (Burj Khalifa), tallest hotel (JW Marriott Marquis) and largest manmade island (Palm Jumeirah), among other superlatives. Now, it can boast another title as home to the world’s biggest pyrotechnics display, thanks to an extravagant citywide showcase early Wednesday morning that shattered the previous record by more than 400,000 fireworks.

  Alistair Richards, global president of Guinness World Records, said the magnitude of the New Year’s project was “truly impressive and will ensure all eyes are on Dubai” — and on Dubai they were. More than a half-million people tuned in to watch the show online, while millions more saw it on the television news.”







” The sheer scale of Dubai’s fireworks display is staggering and perhaps best appreciated when broken down by the numbers:

500,000: The number of fireworks that exploded over Dubai in the first few minutes of 2014.

77,282: The previous record for number of fireworks in a single display, set by Kuwait in 2012.

60: How many seconds it took Dubai to shatter Kuwait’s fireworks record.

6: The number of minutes fireworks lit up the sky over Dubai.

2,717: The height in feet of the Burj Khalifa, which played an integral role in the fireworks display.

3,280: The height in feet of the highest fireworks launched in Dubai in 2014.

400: The number of locations on the Dubai shoreline that staged firework displays.

62: The length in miles of waterfront lit up for the record-breaking spectacular.”







” 100: The number of computers used to synchronize the pyrotechnics and choreograph them with the musical soundtrack.

200: The number of expert technicians from U.S.-based Fireworks by Grucci who worked on the Dubai display.

5,000: How many man-hours it took the technicians to ensure the fireworks’ timing was accurate down to the millisecond.

10: How many months it took to plan the New Year’s extravaganza.

6,000,000: How much it cost in U.S. dollars to set a new world record for pyrotechnics.”






Enjoy the show .






Indian Stuntman Who Used His Hair To Descend Zip Wire Killed In Freak Accident



Sailendra Nath Roy, a 49-year-old police officer, was attempting to cross the turbulent River Teesta on Sunday in the state of West Bengal on a 600-foot wire above the water.

After attaching his shoulder-length hair to a pulley on the wire, Roy had completed about half of the distance but he then became entangled and found himself unable to move.

After about 20 minutes, he became motionless and was eventually rescued by local people. No ambulance or a doctor was present during the performance, which was watched by his family.”





69 Cars and the World’s Biggest Burnout



Biggest Burnout




” Yesterday, 69 like-minded Australians gathered at the 26th annual Summernats car festival in Canberra to break the Guinness World Record for the largest simultaneous burnout. For ten seconds, a mix of classic and late-model muscle cars unleashed a fury of supercharged and naturally aspirated noise, and a multicolored cloud of tire smoke. By Guinness’ reckoning, the Aussies out-American-ed America by a count of 19 cars. ”