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Listen To The World’s Longest Echo




” You probably can’t hear most of it, but this over one-minute-long recording is proof of the world’s longest echo. Set by a group of scientists inside an abandoned wartime fuel bunker, The Independent reports that it was created by firing off a pistol loaded with blanks. “I started off just playing around, whooping and hollering. The sound just goes on and on and on,” Trevor Cox, the record setter, tells The Independent while describing the tunnels. “Then when we fired the pistol my initial reaction was disbelief; the reverberation times were just too long. I knew immediately we had a new world record.” “

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Surfer Takes On ‘Biggest Wave Ever Ridden’ After Storm



” A surfer may have set the world record for the largest wave ever surfed after riding an estimated 100ft wave off the coast of Portugal

Brazilian Carlos Burle took on the monster wave – created by the St Jude storm – at Praia do Norte, near the fishing village of Nazare. Estimated at nearly 100ft, it is believed to be the biggest wave ever ridden.”








Smiles, Pumpkins Abound As Keene Breaks Jack-O’-Lantern Record



” A familiar buzz filled the city Saturday as metal shopping carts stacked to the brim with bright orange pumpkins made their way to Main Street. Children dressed as princesses, superheroes and monsters proudly carried their pumpkins to the 2013 Pumpkin Festival’s welcome centers, after having navigated Keene’s busy streets with their families to make it to the annual event.”




” And to the pleasure of the festival’s organizers and attendees, a bright blue sky and comfortable autumn day ushered in a full line up of activities, and contributed to the massive turnout from mid-day through evening. Some festival-goers even dared to wear t-shirts and shorts, leaving the winter coats and mittens needed in past years’ brisk temperatures at home.

There was mixed reaction in the crowd at the start of the night about whether Keene would break a world record Boston set in 2006 with 30,128 jack-o’-lanterns. But shortly after 8 p.m., news that Keene had surpassed that record with 30,581 lit pumpkins caused festival-goers to erupt in cheers and applause. “








Woman Born Without Arms Is Both A Black Belt And A Licensed Pilot



” Earning a black belt in the marital arts or being issued a pilot’s license are both substantial accomplishments that take years to achieve. But 30-year-old Jessica Cox has achieved both despite being born without arms.

Cox first rose to fame in 2008 when the Guinness World Records recognized her for becoming the first person without arms to fly an airplane.”







 ‘Inside Guinness World Records’



” This 45-minute documentary, broadcast on iTV, takes us behind the scenes of one of the most popular and iconic books ever published.

The Guinness Book Of Records was first published in 1955. You can check out the official Guinness website where the latest and weirdest records can be found, and where you can submit your own. Good luck.”