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How To Shoot A Handgun Accurately




” “I want you to do an article on how to shoot a handgun accurately,” Dave Duffy told me. “Make it 2,500 or 3,000 words.”

  Long ago, I would have answered, “Sure, and while I’m at it, how about a history of the world in, oh, 10,000 words or so?”

  Today, with more than 45 years of handgunning behind me (yeah, I’m old, but I started early, too) I realize that you actually can cover this topic in a fairly short article. The reason is found in the classic statement of Ray Chapman, the first world champion of the combat pistol. “Shooting well is simple,” Ray said, “it just isn’t easy.”

  I’ll buy that. It’s true that the handgun is the most difficult of firearms to shoot well. There’s less to hang on to. There’s a shorter radius between the front and rear sight than with a rifle, meaning a greater unnoticed human error factor in aiming. You don’t have that third locking point on the shoulder that you have with a long gun’s butt stock.

  And few handguns have the inherent mechanical accuracy of a good rifle.

  That said, though, you can get the most of your handgun’s intrinsic accuracy by simply performing marksmanship basics correctly. If the gun is aimed at the target, and the trigger is pressed and the shot released without moving the gun, then the bullet will strike the mark. That simple. We need a few building blocks to construct this perfect shot, however. Let’s build the structure brick by brick. “












Animated Infographic Shows How A Handgun Works





” Check out this animated infographic that shows all the inner working of a 1911 .45 handgun. Thanks to Jacob O’Neal at Animagraffs.com for creating this educational and well-designed animation. “




    Be sure to see the rest here . Every step is animated in detail , chambering a round , pulling the trigger , cartridge ejection , safeties , ammunition and magazine feeding . All animated and all very well detailed . Cool stuff .







5 Handguns We Can’t Afford To Shoot



” We know, we know.  With ammo shortages abounding, these days it may feel like you can’t really afford to shoot any handguns.  But by the virtue of the thousands of pistols and revolvers out there in thousands unique and familiar calibers, it’s inevitable that some weapons are always going to cost more to shoot than others. There are however those select few pistols that, for whatever reason, cost and have always cost a small fortune to take to the range. Guns.com looks longingly at the shortlist of these diamond shooters.


4.  Gyro what?


Gyrojet pistol



” Speaking of 1960s and how good concepts turned into bad realties, let’s talk about the Gyro Jet series of pistols. These pistols left the rails of established ballistics and were actually tiny repeating rocket launchers. Yes, kids, instead of shooting cartridges with a bullet pushed out of a case by a propellant powder, the Gyro Jet triggered a tiny rocket that accelerated out of the barrel as a whole unit to impact a target downrange. Bad thing was that the rocket wasn’t very accurate, and because it had to “build up forward momentum” it wasn’t even powerful enough at distances close to the muzzle to cause any damage. Try wrapping your brain around that one.”


GyroJet cartridges



” You can come across these launchers but the ever-shrinking supply of rocket/bullets gets smaller every day, which has made collecting the ammunition a pursuit in itself.  Current prices tend to start at $50 and climb from there. A fully loaded a Gyro Jet will often double its value though it is worth noting that these rockets do not get better with age.”




Here is another video on the Gyro Jet pistol with rocket ammo …



There are a number of other videos available on Youtube for those of you who are interested . 




See the other guns too pricey to shoot here at guns.com





Another 5 Handguns You Have To Shoot Before You Die (VIDEOS)



” Ever since the first single shot pistol was crafted centuries ago, people have just dug handguns. In the intervening half millennium, thousands of designs have come forth and a few have risen above all others. Last year Guns.com brought you eight to shoot before you die.  Here are five more that just have to pass through your hands before you head to that great gun show in the sky.”




Remington 1858 still in the box



1.  Remington New Army

Remington 1858.

” The world that was the antebellum period in United States was one of rapid industrial expansion and in the 1850s firearms makers were stumbling all over themselves to produce the next great gun to roll off the line. One such gunmaker was Fordyce Beals.  After studying the factory process for S&W and Colt revolvers, he came up with a design that was significantly improved in function and production. His design, patented and licensed to Remington in 1858, used a solid frame design that included a top strap that went over the cylinder. This was stronger, more durable, allowed the user to swap cylinders out easily and added a layer of safety to the user if the cap and ball revolver chain fired.”



See the rest here







Cancun Bar Shooting Kills Seven, Wounds Four



” Authorities in the Mexican resort of Cancun say two gunmen burst into a bar in a working class neighborhood and fatally shot seven people. Four others are wounded.

Aiza says the assailants arrived to “The Mermaid” bar in a poor area far from Cancun’s hotel zone in two cars Thursday afternoon. He says two gunmen using automatic rifles went inside and began shooting.”




From Reuters:


Six Killed In Bar Shooting In Mexican Resort Of Cancun


” Two men armed with a machine gun and a handgun opened fire in a bar on the outskirts of the Mexican tourist resort of Cancun on Thursday, killing six people and wounding five, the office of the state’s attorney general said.”



Update : Death toll now stands at seven: 



Seven Killed In Bar Shooting In Cancun As Popular Resort Welcomes Thousands Of Spring Breakers


” Resort locations, such as Cancun or Acapulco in Mexico, have not been immune to violence in the past. In February, six women were raped by gunmen who broke into their rented beach house, according to Reuters.  Acapulco, once a rival tourist destination to Cancun, has lost some appeal as it has been plagued with drug-related violence while Cancun has thus far avoided such violent high profile incidents.”









Great Grandmother Shoots Would Be Robber On Bus With 9mm Handgun



Gun-Totin' Great Grama


” When a young man tried to rob a woman, a great-grandmother, on a bus in Detroit, the woman fought back.

There were other people on the bus when the man tried to assault the woman and steal her backpack and purse, but no one made a move to help the woman.”



Way Cool



Armed Citizen in TX Stops Shooting Spree and Saves

Cop by Making 150+ Yard Shot With a Pistol





” This is a pretty amazing story. An armed private citizen assisted a police officer who was pinned down by the gunfire of a madman who had just killed 3 people and could have killed many more. Amazingly the concerned citizen, Vic Stacy, did so by taking a shot of 150+ yards using only a pistol. “

Armed Clerk Ends New Jersey Crime Spree



 ” A trio allegedly responsible for 11 armed robberies over the past two weeks in Paterson, New Jersey, had their luck cut short when one victim, a store clerk armed with a handgun, decided to fight back Tuesday evening.

According to the Paterson Times, the string of robberies came to a close when two of the suspects, 23-year-old Jermaine Eason and 23-year-old Rayvon Wilson, both armed and wearing masks, entered Paterson’s El Jaya Deli & Grocery around 8 p.m. The owner of the store, who was behind the cash register, said one of the suspects kept an eye on two employees in the back of the store while the other was up front pointing a handgun at him.

He told the newspaper that he was frozen with fear as the suspect up front shouted, “Don’t look at me. Don’t look at my face. I will kill you. You’re going to be dead.”

The robbers then ransacked the store making off with $6,500 and several cartons of cigarettes, but as they made their way out the door an employee, the owner’s cousin, grabbed a gun, which he kept hidden behind the register, under a shelf of socks, and proceeded to chase the suspects. “

The Springfield XDS .45 ACP handgun is a very small sub-compact defensive pistol based on the popular XD line of pistols. The XDS is a single stack handgun that is very thin and comfortable to carry IWB

HT/Military Arms Channel

More Armed Citizens

NC Store Clerk Unloads at Thieves Who Kept Her Husband Hostage


 “You frequently come across stories wherein a late-night store clerk has to open fire to defend his life from an armed thug. It’s rare that one of these clerks also has to protect the lives of a loved ones. 

But in this shooting case, Theresa Smith of White Plains North Carolina was forced to defend herself, her business, and her beloved husband against a pair of thieves. 

It all happened Sunday night around 9:30, just 10 minutes before Smith typically closes up for the night. Her husband, Barry, had just finished closing up at another business and he had come to Mrs. Smith’s Cupboard No. 2 to help her finish up for the night. When he arrived two men – one of them with what appeared to be a black, 9mm semiautomatic handgun – grabbed Mr. Smith, pressed the gun into his back, and forced their way into the store.”