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Gun Rights Groups Converge On The Connecticut State Capitol


Gun Rights Advocates Voice Concerns in Hartford




” Prominent gun rights groups and their supporters are convening at the Connecticut State Capitol Monday to protest new proposed gun-control measures and to remind lawmakers of the long history and economic importance of the state’s storied firearm industry.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) is joining with the National Rifle Association, the Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen, and the  Connecticut Citizens Defense League to hold a “Lobby Day” Monday at the second floor atrium of the Connecticut state capitol’s Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

The 10 a.m. event, replete with a complimentary shuttle service and transportation volunteers in orange hats, aims to protect the Connecticut gun industry from legislative efforts that could cause thousands of layoffs in the state.

Last week, Democrats on a gun control task force in the state legislature proposed banning modern sporting rifles by July 1 and confiscating magazines over 10 rounds by October 1. Further legislative committee hearings are scheduled this week to discuss the proposals.

An assault-weapons ban would cause approximately 1,700 job losses in Connecticut alone, according to the NSSF.

Approximately 2,900 Connecticut residents work for gun makers, while another 4,400 work for companies that would also be affected by the ban, according to the NSSF.”



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Gun Rights Advocates Voice Concerns in Hartford


” Hundreds of gun rights advocates, including the state’s gun manufacturers filled the halls of the Legislative Office Building on Monday.

They are trying to put the pressure on state lawmakers to vote against tougher gun control laws.

Advocates say responsible gun owners will be punished if new laws are passed.”









” Henson Ong, the Connecticut resident and legal immigrant whose passionate defense of the Second Amendment drew applause at a legislative hearing this week, said his pro-gun ownership views were cemented after he and his family were the victims of violent crime in their native land.

Ong, of Waterbury, Conn., said he and his family immigrated to the U.S. from the Philippines 13 years ago. He declined to provide many personal details, including his age, but told TheBlaze in a telephone interview it was that crime that prompted their move to the U.S.

“As a personal victim of violent crime, I can say that appeasement to criminals and disarming the innocent is not the solution,” Ong told TheBlaze.”

Woman Turns In Historic Nazi Assault Rifle At Conn. Gun Buy-Back


Most gun collectors would love to have one of these in their safe , we know we would .






 ” When police officers announced this year’s gun buy-back program would allow residents to exchange their guns for Wal-Mart gift certificates, they never expected a woman possessing a World War II-era Nazi Assault Rifle to take the bait.

But that’s exactly what happened in Hartford, Conn. over the weekend.

“It’s like finding the Babe Ruth of baseball cards. The rarity, it was made for such a very short period,” Officer John Cavanna, one of the two officers who discovered the gun, told ABC News. “