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Obamacare Website’s ‘Mystery Girl’ Is Not A US Citizen




” Since the October 1st launch of the Affordable Care Act website there has been no Frequently Asked Question more frequently asked than “who is that girl?”

Thanks to the intrepid shoe-leather work of the folks at ABC News, we finally have our answer: A married mother of one from Colombia who is not technically an American citizen.

Adriana (last name withheld by ABC), a permanent resident who has lived in the US for the past six years with her husband and (now) 21-month-old son, told the news outlet she never set out to be the face of American healthcare reform — she just wanted some free family photos.”

   It’s amazing that with over 300 million Americans to choose from not one was right to be the face of Obamacare . We guess fraudulent policy is best served up by fraudulent Americans , and yes , before you carp we realize that “Adriana” has legal status , but still …

   And to complain about cyber-bullying ? Cry us a river . She was out for some freebies and found out there is always a price to be paid … kind of like the awakening all the other Kool-aid drinkers are getting as they come to grasp the fact that they are the ones who are paying for other people’s “free” healthcare .


Zogby’s Report Card: Stumbling Obama Needs To Go To Summer School



“Which brings us to the thumbs down side: Could the U.S. really have been blindsided by events in Egypt? The U.S. has the most sophisticated intelligence-gathering capacity of any nation in the world but it could not see a revolutionary moment ready to break in a big nation that is of huge strategic importance? Another problem for Obama this week: His retreat from instituting a key feature of his health care reform — the employer mandate — because the government is not sufficiently ready for it.”







TRIFECTA: ObamaCare Will Disrupt Your Health Care and Your Life

Published on May 21, 2013

” While many think that ObamaCare will improve the quality of their health care, a recent report proves the opposite to be true. President Obama’s health care law is so complex, that simple life events like marriage, child birth or a new job could throw families into an accounting nightmare. Hear why on this Trifecta.”






ObamaCare Side-Effect: Fewer Hours, More Gov’t Aid





” ObamaCare was sold as a way to achieve several goals: affordable care, guaranteed coverage, protections against bankruptcy.

But before such promises have a chance of being realized, the health reform appears to be delivering something else: Germany-style work-sharing.

Economists hailed Germany’s work-sharing for reducing unemployment during the recession. ObamaCare may be having a similar effect. But there are differences that make the health reform’s labor side-effects much more questionable.

Over the past year, retailers have cut average weekly hours for nonsupervisory workers by 2%, the sharpest such decline in more than three decades. Meanwhile, rank-and-file employment is up 132,000, or 1%, over the same period.

Some 2.3 million workers might have their hours cut due to ObamaCare’s employer mandates, even if there’s no negative impact on total hours worked, a recent study from the University of California at Berkeley Labor Center estimated.

The other part of the equation involves more government benefits for those facing shorter hours. This will come starting in 2014 from ObamaCare health subsidies. Households working less may also get additional benefits, such as food stamps.”










No News To IBD Readers



  ” ObamaCare: News that 83% of U.S. physicians have thought about quitting over the president’s health care takeover isn’t as newsy as it seems. IBD revealed doctors’ widespread discontent years ago.

Remember the sea of white coats in the Rose Garden back in October 2009, as “doctors from across the country” (as the White House described them) supposedly rushed to President Obama’s side to support his health care reform plan? “