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Independent Review Board To Testify On Benghazi Attack This Week Rep Trey Gowdy (R-SC)

Published on Sep 15, 2013

” Search For Answers On Benghazi Continues One Year After Attack
Independent Review Board To Testify On Benghazi Attack This Week Rep Trey Gowdy (R-SC)”










A Must See Video With Facts And Figures From An American Immigrant

The Rio Norte Line

You must watch this. This man is more of an American than most of the people who were born here. he is dead-on right. But the tyrants — yes, tyrants holding this hearing don’t care. For them, this is all just a show. They have already decided they are going to take our weapons away…if we let them:

Legal Immigrant’s Must-Watch Testimony Against Gun Control: ‘Few Saw the Third Reich Coming Until It Was Too Late’

Now, tell me this man doesn’t understand what the 2nd Amendment is all about!

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Hilary : ” I’m Busy ”


” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has turned down an invitation to testify before the House Foreign Affairs Committee next Thursday on the Benghazi attack. “

” Resign “

   During the Senate Judiciary committee hearing today regarding Fast & Furious Sen. John Cornyn got right to the point and told the lying , stonewalling Eric Holder what he should do . See it here

   “Senator Cornyn (R-TX) had enough of the stonewalling, lying and ineptitude of Attorney General Holder. During today’s hearing, he called on Eric Holder to resign.”


Yes , you read that right . There is in fact a webpage from the House Oversight committee specifically about Fast&Furious/Gunwalker . It offers readers a detailed synopsis of the entire public investigation to date along with videos , timelines , testimony and graphics like this one below ..

The Victims

   For any who are concerned with justice for Brian Terry , Jaime Zapata and all the innocent Mexican citizens killed by this most heinous of Presidential scandals it is well worth your time . Bookmark it , recommend it and keep up with it .

End The Fed

 I’m not optimistic but it is a start . The time has come to end private control of the monetary system .

“A House subcommittee is scheduled to hold a hearing on proposals to reform or end the Federal Reserve System, Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul announced last Friday.”

Not us that seems to be certain .

“In four separate hearings, lawmakers in both parties and both chambers will have the chance
to sound off on a string of scandals that have plagued the relatively obscure agency, particularly its 2010 conference in Las Vegas,
which cost taxpayers upwards of $822,000.00.”