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” A “panic button” smartphone app that can alert friends and family if you are in trouble or feel threatened has been released, its British developers say.

PanicMe, created by developer DataMe in consultation with local police forces, allows a user to set up a personalized response network of friends and family to be contacted when a panic alert is activated, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

A traffic light system offers three panic options — green, amber or red — depending on the seriousness of the event, and as many as 30 numbers in the phone’s contact list can be selected for each panic option.”









Help ?

Good morning readers. We have a request . Does anyone know of a browser for an iPad 4 that works for blogging ?

Apparently my old WordPress app doesn’t work anymore and the updated version is unsupported by our older iPad.

I’ve tried to post from Opera , Chrome, Dolphin and Terra without success. I cannot copy and paste  nor can I scroll through my categories .

It’s going to be another couple days before my backup laptop arrives from the mainland and posting by phone is getting old.

Is my iPad just too old ? Can it’s OS be updated ?

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  Please Excuse This Service Interruption As We Are Presently Experiencing Technical Difficulties .

  Through necessity we’ve been forced to become Mac users overnight and are not familiar with them at all . We have somehow changed our text color to black and the background to white on our posts and are mystified as to how to change it back . If there are any Mac users that could offer some assistance it would be greatly appreciated .We are very unhappy with black text in a white highlighted box on a black background .

                                                                                                                                                                                  Thanks , The Editors

Update : Upon posting this request for aid it has become apparent that the text/background color issue only involves items that are cut and pasted from other sources . Our own original issue text remains as it should . 

Update #2 : A second plea , Can anyone explain to us why some headlines/text comes out in the heading/font size that we specify and others remain in paragraph form even though they’ve been designated as heading 1 or heading 2 ? 

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” Just how subservient to Barack Obama is the Fed? We’ll soon find out . The Fed is considering pumping more money into the
economy and inflating the currency by the end of September, just in time to artificially stimulate growth and help Obama’s reelection prospects. Just two weeks ago,
Senator Chuck Schumer told the Fed it should act before the 2012 election. “

Good day to you all . I write this first about us type post with the intention of self-aggrandizement …. Whoa now , just a second you say … But its not what you think . I speak for the promotion of our new website and not of myself . I’ll leave the self promotion to the denizens of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
   As our blog readership grows it is hoped that the growth will manifest itself in visibility for our project. The blog was started as a way for us to supply the site’s editorial page with content on a minute to minute basis without the hassle of constantly updating the site .
   It is working well in all respects but one ; a great deal of our readership is viewing us at the WordPress blog address and it would be much more productive for us if you viewed our posts from the website , thus building our exposure to the wider world of the web .

    We need video submissions to get the site rolling and to capture and hold  people’s interest . Please if you or your friends have first person vids of importance tell them about us .
   We are very excited about the ” sunshine project ” as we call it , but we can’t succeed without viewer input . Spread the word and help us spread the light . Thanks , JG

Posted by John Galt