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Iran And Hezbollah Are Planning ‘Imminent’ Joint Invasion Of Israel’s Northern Galilee





” Senior Iranian and Hezbollah figures killed in an airstrike in Syria this weekend were likely planning an ‘imminent’ attack on Israel, security sources have claimed.

  Six Iranian army chiefs died alongside five Hezbollah militants after an Israeli helicopter fired rockets at a convoy in the Golan Heights region on Sunday.

  Among those killed was Iranian General Mohammed Allahdadi, as well as commander Abu Ali Tabatabai, who is known to have worked with both Hezbollah and Iran.

  Today Major General Eyal Ben Reuven, a former deputy head in the Israeli Defense Forces, accused the senior military figures of meeting to plot an attack on Israel.

  He added that the commanders’ decision to meet in Syria could mean that a ‘high-level’ and ‘sophisticated’ attack on Israel’s northern border is ‘imminent’.

  Research group The Israel Project came to a similar conclusion, saying that the presence of Tabatabai ‘probably indicates operations aimed at overrunning Israeli border towns.’

  The warnings come just a week after Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, warned that the group ‘is ready and prepared for a confrontation in the Galilee and beyond the Galilee.’ “

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Is Obama Planning The Destruction Of Israel?



” Two Kuwaiti newspapers are reporting that the White House has been holding negotiations with the Hezbollah terrorists, through Great Britain.  The US is forbidden from having direct contact with terrorists.  The talks have been going on for a year now, about the same length of time as talks with Iran.  So what would Obama want from Hezbollah and Iran as well as Hamas?  They do share one goal, the destruction of Israel.  Sure, Obama is friendly to the Jews when he is looking for campaign contributions from AIPAC but as a long time friend of the AAAN and it’s leaders, Obama has no love for Israel.

  That picture (above) came from the website owned by Ali Abunimah, Obama friend and AAAN member, who felt betrayed by Obama when he decided to run for office and went to AIPAC, the Jewish PAC, to raise money.  The third member of the AAAN, Obama is close friends with Rashid Khalidi.  All three have close ties to terrorists.

  Here are the 10 worst anti Israeli statements from America’s first Muslim presidency:

  And unlike every president before him. Obama has never once demanded that any Muslim country accept Israel’s right to exist.  Not once.  With an enemy like Obama, who needs Hamas?”


    Read this collection of insults and diplomatic slights from the Obama administration towards Israel . No American president has ever treated our staunchest mideast ally in this fashion . Of course none of our president’s have ever been Muslim before .










Israel To US: Syria Raid Leak ‘Endangers Our National Security’



Satellite footage of alleged missile base in Latakia, Syria (photo credit: Wikimapia)



” Israel conveyed a series of bitter protests to the White House and to others in the US administration over the weekend over the Obama administration’s confirmation that it was the Israeli Air Force that struck a military base near the Syrian port city of Latakia last Wednesday.

Israel has not acknowledged carrying out the strike, one of half a dozen such attacks widely ascribed to Israel in recent months, but an Obama administration official told CNN on Thursday that Israeli warplanes had indeed attacked the Syrian base, and that the target was “missiles and related equipment” set for delivery to Hezbollah in Lebanon.”



With friends like U.S. who needs enemies ?



” Israel’s Channel 10 TV on Friday night quoted Israeli officials branding the American leak as “scandalous.” For Israel’s ally to act in such a way was “unthinkable,” the officials were quoted as saying.

A second TV report, on Israel’s Channel 2, said the leak “came directly from the White House,” and noted that “this is not the first time” that the administration has compromised Israel by leaking information on such Israeli Air Force raids on Syrian targets.”



   One must ask : What possible benefit could the Obama administration reap from revealing such information? It almost seems as if the gang of thugs occupying 1600 Pennsylvania avenue are trying to provoke a war in the mideast . Why ? 

 Apparently the only secrets the Obama gang can keep are their donor roles , White House visitor logs and the amount of Obamacare enrollees .










Israel Vows To Deny Hezbollah Weapons As Details Of Syria Raid Emerge






” Israel said it would not allow advanced weapons to fall into the hands of Hezbollah, after a raid on Syria that opposition sources said had hit an air force garrison believed to be holding Russian-made missiles destined for the militant group.

Israel has a clear policy on Syria and will continue to enforce it, officials said on Friday, after U.S. and European sources said Israel had launched a new attack on its warring neighbor.

Israel declined to comment on leaks to U.S. media that its planes had hit a Syrian base near the port of Latakia, targeting missiles that it thought were destined for its Lebanese enemy, Hezbollah.

“We have said many times that we will not allow the transfer of advanced weapons to Hezbollah,” said Home Front Defense Minister Gilad Erdan, a member of the inner security cabinet which met hours before the alleged Israeli attack.”



   Once again the Obama administration reveals secrets that the Israelis would prefer to remain unknown . What a friend you have in Barack .








Six-In-Ten Say Opposition May Be No Better Than Current Government




” Broad majorities continue to oppose the U.S. and its allies sending arms and military supplies to anti-government groups in Syria. Last Thursday’s announcement that the U.S. would aid the rebels has not increased public support for action, and majorities of all partisan groups are opposed.

Overall, 70% oppose the U.S. and its allies sending arms and military supplies to anti-government groups in Syria; just 20% favor this. Opinion is little changed from December of last year (24% favor) and support is down slightly from March, 2012 (29% favor).”





Rocket Fire On Hezbollah-Stronghold Brings Syria’s Civil War

Into TheHeart Of Lebanon







” Sunday’s rocket fire on Beirut signals to Hezbollah that if it openly fights on the side of the Assad regime and aids and abets the massacre of the regime’s opponents, someone will see to it that a response will hit the militant group’s home court.

Months of bloody fighting in northern and eastern Lebanon did not generate anywhere near the major chaos created by the two Grad Katyushas that fell on Sunday morning in the southern Beirut Shi’ite neighborhood of Dahiya, injuring four people. If proof was still needed, Lebanon is gradually sliding into the murderous civil war in Syria.

Exactly who launched the rockets is still not known, but there seems to be little difficulty in understanding the motives behind the act: As with previous attacks by the Syrian rebels and sympathetic Sunni Lebanese groups against Hezbollah targets in Lebanon, the rockets take the war in Syria right into the heart of Lebanon.”



    We say good on them . While we have no desire to support either the murderous Assad regime or the equally barbarous FSA , the more that they fight among themselves the less time the Muslims have to attack the West .

    Let’s face it , there is no side of good in the mess that is the Syrian civil war , nor in Libya ,or Egypt . Each side when finally done with killing the fellow Muslims will quickly return to terrorizing the West . Let them kill each other without our support . That is what we are continually told that they want … an end to western intervention . Give them their wish . 

  Crank up energy production here at home , rid ourselves of mideast oil dependence , destroy Iran’s nuclear capacity and leave the middle east once and for all . Let them have their sand , their barbarism and their Sharia . Muslims be damned .









” An alleged former Hezbollah commander who was attempting to infiltrate the US Defense Department has been arrested in San Antonio, Texas, according to the FBI. The alleged Hezbollah commander’s name is Wissam Allouche.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, FBI Spokesman for the San Antonio division, Special Agent Erik Vasys, confirmed that the individual was trying to obtain a sensitive government position.

An online search of the name “Wissam Allouche” reveals the suspect was possibly already working as a linguist for the US ARMY. The ARMY CID’s involvement reinforces this likelihood.”









Syrian State TV: Israel Strikes For Second Time In As Many Days




” Large explosions rocked Damascus early Sunday morning, just barely 48 hours after an Israeli strike hit the country, Syrian State TV reported. The Assad regime’s news service is holding Israel responsible for the rocket strike, which targeted a military research center on Mount Qassioun.

A senior U.S. official has told NBC News that Israeli jets bombed a military research facility north of Damascus. There is no confirmation from Israeli sources.” 










” An Israeli airstrike against Syria was targeting a shipment of advanced missiles believed to be bound for the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, Israeli officials confirmed Saturday.

It was the second Israeli strike this year against Syria and the latest salvo in its long-running effort to disrupt Hezbollah’s quest to build an arsenal capable of defending against Israel’s air force and spreading destruction inside the Jewish state.”








Israel Warns That Assad Has Contingency Plan To Use Chemicals


“Assad is making advance preparations to use chemical weapons. He did not give the order yet, but he is preparing for it,” claimed Kohavi. He stressed that Assad is still in control of his stockpiles of chemicals. (Defense Update, March 14 2013)”







IAF Strike In Syria Hit Iranian Guards





” Iraqi daily Azzaman quoted a Western diplomatic source as saying Thursday that the alleged Israeli attack on Syria reported on Wednesday caused heavy casualties among special Iranian Guards stationed at the Syrian facility. The source also said that the attack took place more than 48 hours before it was reported, eventually being leaked by Israel.

The source for the story, who was interviewed by the paper in London, said that the report about a strike on a convoy to Lebanon was probably meant to divert attention away from the main objective of the operation, which used F-16 aircraft to fire at least eight guided missiles at the facility.

The source also said that the base was heavily fortified and contained experts from Russia and at least three thousand Iranian Revolutionary Guards, who have been guarding the site for years. Many of these Iranian Guards suffered casualties.”

… carrying stolen money, classified documents

  ” Hezbollah’s CFO has fled to Israel
taking with him large sum of stolen
money, classified documents and
maps, local news media reported on Friday.


  The news website, Now Lebanon,
cited Hezbollah officials saying that
the 29-year old telecommunication
engineer, Hussein Fahs, has crossed
to Israel carrying with him $5 million in embezzled money from the group Fahs is also head of Hezbollah’s operational communications network. In September, Fahs, who is native of
southern Lebanon, was arrested
along with other four Hezbollah
members over the suspicion of
embezzling the group’s funds and
collaborating with Israel, Yoni Alpert’s Terror Watch reported. ”

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16 Years Ago Today

Khobar Towers , June 25, 1996

  ” The Khobar Towers bombing was a terrorist attack on part of a housing complex in the city of KhobarSaudi Arabia, located near the national oil company (Saudi Aramco) headquarters of Dhahran. In 1996, Khobar Towers was being used to house foreign military personnel.

A rigged truck adjacent to Building #131 in the housing complex was said to have exploded, and the eight-story building housed United States Air Force personnel from the 4404th Wing (Provisional), primarily from a deployed rescue squadron and deployed fighter squadron. In all, 19 U.S. servicemen and one Saudi[1] were killed and 372 of many nationalities were wounded. Although Al-Qaeda has been incorrectly described by some sources as the likely culprit, the official June 25, 1996 statement by the United States identified members of Hezbollah Al-Hejaz (Party of God in the Hijaz)[1][2] as the responsible party ” 

  ” Shortly after 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 25, 1996, Staff Sergeant Alfredo Guerrero climbed up to the rooftop of Building 131 in the Khobar Towers residential complex in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, to check on the two sentries positioned there.� It was a clear, cool night.� Building 131 was on the northern perimeter of the sprawling complex of high-rise apartment buildings.� Similar buildings where the locals lived stood beyond the barbed-wire fence that surrounded Khobar Towers.�From the rooftop, Sergeant Guerrero surveyed the landscape below, looking for anything unusual.� After a terrorist bombing in Riyadh seven months earlier in which five Americans were killed, U.S. forces in Saudi Arabia were in a heightened state of alert…. “

Staff Sergeant Guerrero

   ” At the same time, on the roof of Building 131, Sergeant Guerrero saw something he didn’t like. At about 9:45 p.m., a Datsun drove into the parking lot.� The compact car circled the lot, then stopped and flashed its headlights before leaving.� Two other vehicles then entered the lot a white Chevrolet Caprice and a large sewage tanker truck.� The truck drove down the second-to-last row of the lot, then turned left as if it were heading back in the direction that it had come.�But the truck pulled to a stop, and Sergeant Guerrero heard the grinding of gears as it went into reverse.� The driver started backing up toward the fence directly across from Building 131.

Guerrero and his men wasted no time.� As the truck was still in motion, they contacted the wing operations center to issue an evacuation alert.� Running back into the building, they initiated a “waterfall evacuation,” yelling to residents on the top floor to vacate the building.� These airmen were trained to notify the residents on the floor below as they departed, each floor notifying the next until the entire building was empty.� During a false alarm the previous month, Building 129 had been evacuated in five minutes.� But that night only the residents of the top three floors ever received the warning…. “

  Reliable” A tanker truck filled with 5,000 pounds of plastic explosives was driven into the parking lot of the Khobar Towers residential complex in Dhahran, and parked about 80 feet from a building housing 100 U.S. Air Force personnel.

Sentries noted the suspicious truck and attempted an evacuation, but they had little time before the bomb was detonated.

Nineteen Americans were killed, most of them from Eglin and Patrick AFBs in Florida.

In June 2001, the Justice Department charged 13 Saudis and one Lebanese with the bombing. The Lebanese was identified only as “John Doe.”1

  Possible It really isn’t clear who is responsible for the bombing. The Saudis and Americans blamed a little-known group called “Saudi Hezbollah,” which has ties to Iran and the better-known Lebanese Hezbollah.

Iran denied any role in the bombing.

The 9-11 Commission said evidence of Iranian involvement is strong but there are also signs al-Qaeda played a role.2