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Border Patrol Agent Identified After Suicide, Kidnapping, Sexual Assault Of Immigrants





” A U.S. Border Patrol agent came across two girls and a woman near the Rio Grande before dusk Wednesday, when he took them into his custody, investigators said.

  But rather than arrest the Honduran nationals suspected of an immigration violation, he broke the law himself.

  Border Patrol agent Esteban Manzanares, 32, raped the woman and slashed her wrists. He then turned to her 14-year-old daughter and sexually assaulted her, as well, and tried to break her neck. The girl passed out as a result.”


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4 On Your Side Reveals Another Traffic Stop Nightmare


   A reader sent us a comment pointing us to this new story that , unfortunately , mirrors the nightmare of David Eckert at the hands of New Mexico police . It appears that a Mr Timothy Young was subjected to the same obscene invasions of privacy at the same Gila Regional Medical Center for failure to signal . 4 On Your Side continues :




” Police reports state deputies stopped Timothy Young because he turned without putting his blinker on.

Again, Leo the K-9 alerts on Young’s seat.

Young is taken to the Gila Regional Medical Center in Silver City, and just like Eckert, he’s subjected to medical procedures including x-rays of his stomach and an anal exam.

Again, police found nothing, and again the procedures were done without consent, and in a county not covered by the search warrant.

We’ve learned more about that drug dog, Leo, that seems to get it wrong pretty often. He might be getting it wrong because he’s not even certified in New Mexico.

Again, police found nothing, and again the procedures were done without consent, and in a county not covered by the search warrant.”


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    Not much is appearing in the press about these horror stories beyond the reporting we have linked to , blogs and the RT site linked below . Leave it to the Russian press to be needed to inform Americans about their Police state .

More terrorized drivers report forceful rectal inspections by New Mexico police








Sheriff: Homeowner Shot & Killed Gunmen Pretending To Buy Roosters



” Hidalgo County investigators are questioning a homeowner who claimed he shot and killed two men in self-defense. It all happened off Sioux Road and Mariposa Street just north of Donna around 7:04 p.m. Sunday. Investigators said two men arrived at a ranch in Alamo where they claimed they wanted to buy roosters.

The two men drew guns but the homeowner told deputies that he reacted by getting his weapons and shooting at the armed men. Both men died from their gunshot wounds at the scene. One victim was shot twice in the head. The other victim was shot twice in the upper torso.

The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office reported that there is reasons to justify that it could be categorized under Home Castle Law self-defense case:
– The men were not invited into the home
– The home owner felt his or his friends life were in danger of deadly force
– The home owner was not engaging in criminal activity “


   This case has some suspicious aspects to it and as such the police are not yet ready to declare the shootings justified .

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