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Woman Goes On Meth Fueled Joy Ride In Stolen Police Cruiser


Meth Head Woman Stolen Cop Car





” Tara Elizabeth Axmaker, high on meth, stabbed a man in the back in the wee hours of March 15, 2013, at a Mulino-area home.

  When Clackamas County deputies arrived, they found the bloody victim but no Axmaker.

  As deputies scoured the crime scene, Axmaker climbed behind the wheel of a responding deputy’s patrol car and led the cops on a “Dukes of Hazzard” pursuit down back roads and around blind curves.

  The chase, and Axmaker’s expletive-filled running commentary, was captured on the patrol car’s video cameras and on police radio.

  She drove without headlights at speeds that hit 121 mph, finally driving off Oregon 213 as she careened toward Molalla.

  Miraculously, no one was injured as Axmaker meandered into the oncoming traffic lane, ignored stop signs and evaded her pursuers.

  The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office released the video this week in response to a public records request submitted in October by The Oregonian.

  Axmaker pleaded guilty Oct. 15 in Clackamas County Circuit Court to first-degree assault for the attack and to aggravated theft and attempting to elude police. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

  Throughout the 11-minute ride, Axmaker can be heard on singing, swearing and carrying on an incoherent monologue. The audio is sometimes muffled, because Axmaker was sitting on the microphone.

“We’re on a high-speed chase (expletive),” she said as she began her misadventure.”









Drunk Driver Gunned Down , Live On TV


    This copy of the video plainly shows the suspect gunned down at the 21:16 mark . The cops certainly cannot claim that they were trying to protect the public as the car was stopped and the driver was out on the street .




Here is a scene with better lighting where the fatal shot seems to have been edited out .



Published on Dec 14, 2013

” Driver Killed in Downtown LA After Hour Long Police Pursuit 
Pursuit of Silver Corvette Comes to Violent End in Downtown L.A.

  Authorities continued to investigate Saturday after a man who led police on a high-speed pursuit through Los Angeles for more than an hour Friday night died after he crashed into another car and was shot by police.

  The chase began before 9:30 p.m. as sheriff’s deputies pursued the silver Corvette for reckless driving, officials said.

” There was great concern that he was going to hurt someone severely,” LAPD Lt. Andy Neiman said.

  Deputies abandoned the chase and left a helicopter over the car as it sped through surface streets near Huntington Park in Cudahy. Minutes later, CHP officers began pursuing the driver as it drove with it lights off through neighborhoods.

  The LAPD then picked up the pursuit, adding to the multitude of squad cars chasing the Corvette, which eventually turned its headlights back on as it sped through South Los Angeles.

  By 10:30 p.m., the pursuit moved into downtown Los Angeles when the Corvette slammed into another car as it drove westbound through the intersection of South Los Angeles Street and East Olympic Boulevard.

” It did look like a very violent collision, very traumatic,” Neiman said.

  The second car sheared a fire hydrant after it was slammed into by the Corvette. The drivers of that car ran out of the car and were later taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

  The Corvette slid and stopped, and the driver stumbled out of the car.

” The suspect got out of the vehicle and at that point, something occurred that prompted the officer-involved shooting,” Neiman said.

  Medics could be seen appearing to try to revive the suspect by performing CPR. His body was then taken from the scene. Police have confirmed to NBC4 that the suspect has died.

  Neiman said that the officers involved in the shooting still need to be interviewed, and at this time, it is still early in the investigation.”










Cleveland Police Suspend 63 Officers Who Fired 137 Shots Killing Unarmed Man And Woman In High-Speed Chase After Pair Panicked

And Sped Off While Being Pulled Over




” More than 60 Cleveland police officers involved in an unauthorized car chase in which 137 shots were fired, killing two unarmed people, have been suspended. 

A panicked driver and passenger fleeing police were shot dead in November following a 23-minute pursuit in which more than 60 cruisers sped through residential neighborhoods.

While only two police cars are allowed to give chase, dozens of cruisers joined the pursuit because they believed the two victims were armed.

Police Chief Mark McGrath announced today that 63 of the 104 officers involved will be suspended for up to 10 days, while 13 directly involved in the shooting could face criminal charges. The police union said it would appeal the decision. “





” Jumping into his patrol car and radioing for help, the officer pursued driver Timothy Russell, 43, and passenger, Malissa Williams, 30, who allegedly refused to stop.

That’s when gunfire erupted, with 13 officers firing 137 rounds at the car.

Russell was shot 23 times and Williams 24 times in what civil rights groups described as an ‘execution-style killing’. The pair was unarmed.”











Civilian Shoots Would-Be Robber During Attempted Bank Hold-Up



”  Police chased a car at high speeds down 169 Highway, after police suspected the person inside attempted to rob the First Security Bank of Trimble, 202 Highway 169, in Trimble, Mo.

The FBI said a man walked into the bank, showed a weapon and demanded cash. He was shot in the face by a civilian in the bank during the attempted robbery and then left, the FBI said.”





Garland Police Fire Officer Who Shot At Suspect 41 Times, Killing Him At End Of Chase



” A Garland police officer was fired this morning after an investigation into an Aug. 31 shooting in which he shot 41 times at a fleeing suspect.

Authorities say Officer Patrick Tuter shot and killed Michael Vincent Allen of Wylie after a 30-minute high-speed chase that began in Garland and ended in a Mesquite cul-de-sac. The 25-year-old suspect was unarmed at the time.

The seven-year veteran of the force, who said that he felt threatened when he opened fire on Allen’s pickup, had been under investigation by Garland police internal affairs ever since last fall’s shooting.”