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What’s A Rifle Without A Suppressor ?



Barrett .50 Cal Suppressed At Rifles Only



Uploaded on Nov 14, 2011

” This video was taken at Rifles Only in Kingsville Texas. This was a Vendor day during the 2011 Shooters bash. Barrett sponsored this shoot, and a Helicopter ride, where I shot .22 tracers at night out of a moving heli!

Thanks to Rifles Only, Barrett, and all of the awesome sponsors that put this match together. I had the time of my life.”













Vince’s 7mm WSM Record-Breaker



” We are always pleased to showcase a talented shooter on the “other side of the Pond.” This week we present the record-setting green machine of Vince Bottomley, creator of the Precision Rifle WebZine. Vince shot his way into the record books with this rifle, breaking a 5-year-old UK 1000-yard, 5-shot group record. Then, a month later, he lowered his new record to 2.670″. He set that mark with Norma brass, Berger 180gr VLDs, and Reloader 25. Vince’s BAT-actioned rifle started life as a 6.5-284. But after one season, he rechambered it to a 7mm WSM (a 7mm/300 WSM to be precise). The 7mm experiment was a huge success, and Vince now proudly owns the most accurate 1000-yard Light Gun in the United Kingdom.”



     Here is a video of Mr Bottomley in America getting to shoot some weapons that are banned in his home country of the UK .



” Vince Bottomley, Editor of Target Shooter magazine in the UK comments on his experiences in the USA at SHOT Show. Here Vince, a top-level benchrest competitor, gets a chance to shoot pistols, revolvers, AR-15s and other guns that are now banned in the United Kingdom. The video starts with an interview with S&W ace Jerry Miculek. “









Grendel-Based 6mmAR for AR15s





 ” The classic AR-15 “Black Rifle” remains extremely popular among High Power competitors. But its standard .223 chambering leaves much to be desired as a long-range round. Robert Whitley has come up with a great new chambering for the AR-15 that offers dramatically better long-range performance in the wind. Robert’s cartridge, dubbed the “6mmAR”, is basically a necked-down 6.5 Grendel. But Robert has done more than just tweak the Grendel. He’s put together a complete package that includes complete uppers, custom dies, and reliable magazines. Put that all together with a .556 BC bullet running 2750 fps, and you have a winning combination.”