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The slow death of Obama’s high speed rail continues

“This July we confidently predicted that
California Gov. Jerry Brown’s decision not to
exempt President Obama’s high-speed rail
plan from the California Environmental
Quality Act marked the beginning of the slow death .

Precient yes … but better still  revel in the irony …

” Fast forward to this June when the city of
Chowchilla filed suit to stop construction of
the project alleging that the High Speed Rail
Authority failed to conduct a proper
Environmental Impact Statement pursuant
to the California Environmental Quality Act
(CEQA) and the National Environmental
Protection Act (NEPA).
Studies show that the average time to
complete the NEPA process is 6.1 years.
And NEPA is designed to be a preventative
statute. Federal courts routinely issue
injunctions to stop projects before they ever
begin. “

less than 2 percent of all federal spending

That’s some investment Barack .

” which includes not just spending on highways, but subsidies for Amtrak and Obama’s high-speed rail plans as well. ”

   It’s even less significant when you consider that it includes underwriting that perennial money loser Amtrak AND Obama’s pipedream highspeed to nowhere rail plans .

   Yes our Dear Leader has a fine grasp of economics and job creation .