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See Why Sailfish Are Considered One Of The Ocean’s Top Predators







” A new study shows how sailfish use their deadly sword-like bills to hunt and capture schooling prey fish. Any angler who pursues sailfish knows that they are one of the fastest and deadliest apex predators in the seas.

  Sailfish, along with marlins and swordfish, are equipped with a long sword-like bill that they use to hunt prey. A study published earlier this week in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B provides a unique look at how sailfish use their deadly bills to hunt and capture schooling prey.”


WideOpenSpaces has the story








GBR 2013


” Watch wiremen Justin Petrilli & Erik Lorentzen take on the Black Marlin of the Great Barrier Reef, including three over 1,000 pounds, on Tradition with Capt. Tim Richardson.”

     As winter rages all through the northeast , those of us who aren’t known as fans of the winter sports … skiing , snowmobiling and such , find ourselves longing for the moment we can splash our boats and head out for a day of or I should say , many days of , fishing . Until that time comes we’ll just have to live vicariously through the catches of others and this crew has some catches . Enjoy .









Acrobatic Blue Marlin On The Pipe Dream





” We’ve got a jumper! Ransom Pipes captured this video of an acrobatic blue marlin while fishing on the Pipe Dream in Grand Isle, Louisiana.”










300lb 8ft Flying Shark Leaps Into New Jersey Fishing Boat




” Two New Jersey fishermen were out on the open seas when a big one very nearly caught them!

Clint Simek and Tom Rostron Jr. were on the Atlantic Ocean 40 miles south of New York City when an 8-foot shark grabbed one of their baits and pounced aboard their small craft.

The duo were paralysed by fear and ended up cowering in the aft of their 30ft boat whilst the ferocious shark began violently thrashing around on deck.

With the fish’s two inch teeth clear for them to see, the sailors decided to wait until the fish began to tire before tying it up.

In the meantime, the frenetic shark began eating everything in sight including cushions, speakers and even the boats decking through which water began to seep.”


VIDEO: Yellowfin Tuna Blitz In Costa Rica



2013 Cabo~Hatteras Billfish Shootout Tournament Review

” Friday afternoon at the Cabo~Hatteras marquee, the early log-on was well attended
and many were there to witness the Lord Mayor of Newcastle, Jeff McCloy and the
Mayor of Port Stephens, Bruce McKenzie wish Newcastle & Port Stephens Game Fish Club “all the best” for a successful tournament…. and what a success it was!!We were blessed with a 3 day window of fabulous weather that enabled a capacity fleet of 110 boats and 528 anglers to put to sea.110 boats and 528 anglers lifts this, the 2013 Cabo~Hatteras Billfish Shootout to an alltime record for the event.”



Graham and Carmen McCloy from Game & Leisure Boats presenting “Paceemo” with their Cheque for
$12,500 for Heaviest Marlin over 150kg

How Five Skippers Pulled Off Major Tourney Wins





” What does it take to win a fishing tournament? Perhaps a better question is, what doesn’t it take? The dirty little secret about tournament fishing is that winning requires a lot of everything. While intense preparation usually figures as a major component of any successful team, that doesn’t preclude plain dumb luck as accounting for a winner’s check. Similarly, playing it safe on the water is often the key to success — but then again, the risk-taker is sometimes the one who prevails in the end. And that’s the beauty of tournament fishing: You never know what lies in wait.

Here are a few thoughts from some recent winners of big events and their accounts of just how they did it.”






Amazing Billfish Bite In Guatemala



Capt. Brad Philipps (rear) led Angela (left) and Dave (right) Workman to an amazing 91 sailfish releases Dec. 28, 2012, aboard Decisive.



” Capt. Brad Philipps, generally regarded as one of the best billfish captains on the planet, added to his legacy in late December, tallying incredible numbers of billfish releases aboard his 40-foot Gamefisherman,Decisive.

Over a 10-day stretch, Philipps, who operates Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures, released well over 400 sailfish. The action got hot right after Christmas, on Dec. 27, when Philipps found a huge body of fish only 7 to 14 miles offshore and tallied 40 releases from 49 bites.

“But the following day saw one of those unbelievable bites most only dream about,” said Philipps, who has released more than 23,000 billfish over the past 11 years in Guatemala and has won The Billfish Foundation’s Release Captain of the Year Award for 10 years straight.”



Australia 2012 – Marlin & Bait


Australian Marlin

Beat This One

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