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Police Confrontation With Man Carrying Hockey Stick Leads To Deadly Shooting



Hockeystick killing

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” TPD says they got a call from the apartment complex landlord after two previous tenants returned to their apartment after being evicted.

  The landlord told police a man and woman were inside the apartment and wanted officers to remove them.

  Officers responded to the scene, but received no answer when they knocked on the door. When they entered through the unlocked door, they saw a closed bedroom door.

  Police say 28-year-old Michael Duncklee came out of that room with a hockey stick. A confrontation ensued between officers and Duncklee and that’s when both officers shot him. Police say Duncklee died later at the hospital.

  The two TPD officers involved were Robert Soeder, a 14 year veteran of TPD, and Allan Meyer, a two year veteran of TPD.

  The officers then realized there was a woman in the room who also had been shot during the confrontation. She was treated and released from the hospital.”













Climategate Leaker: Civilization Is Being Destroyed By Lying ‘Science’ Elitists




” “What if climate change appears to be just mainly a multi-decadal natural fluctuation? They’ll kill us probably.”

This private musing between two climate scientist colleagues first surfaced along with a whole raft of embarrassing material in 2011, when the anonymous Climategate leaker who calls himself “Mr. FOIA” leaked his second set of emails from Britain’s disgraced Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia. Now, Mr. FOIA has emerged for a third time, sharing with the world not only his entire batch of 220,000 encrypted emails and documents but also, for the first time, his thoughts.

Mr. FOIA had previously released two batches of 5,000 files each in 2009 and 2011. This enormous third batch went to a network of friends for decoding, sorting and publication.”



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