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Daily Comedy 6.17.15

Hogan’s Heroes – Carter Imitating Hitler





Uploaded on Apr 24, 2007

” This is the scene in “Will the real Adolf please stand up”, where Sgt Carter imitates Hitler to fool Klink, Schultz, and even Burkhalter.”










Daily Comedy 10.28.14

Hogan’s Heroes – Schultz Plays Poker



Published on Oct 21, 2014

” Schultz is a terrible poker player but a wonderful traitor. Watch Hogan’s Heroes weeknights at 6:30/5:30c on TV Land! “










Daily Comedy 5.19.13

Hogan’s Heroes Tunnel Gag


Daily Comedy 3.29.13

Hogan’s Heroes–War Takes a Holiday

” Hogan and the gang convince Klink and Hochstetter that the war is over in order to free some underground fighters. Episode originally aired 27 January 1968.”