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American Aid Worker Describes Her 93 Days Of Hell At The Hands Of Somali Bandits Who Kidnapped Her And The Dramatic Navy SEAL Rescue Mission That Freed Her





” An American aid worker who was kidnapped by Somali bandits and held hostage in the desert for 93 days has spoken for the first time about her terrifying ordeal and the dramatic Navy SEAL rescue mission that brought her home.

Jessica Buchanan was 32-years-old when she was in Somalia teaching children how to avoid landmines with fellow care worker Poul Thisted.

Their car was hijacked by Somali bandits with AK 47’s. One of them was a ten-year-old boy who was draped in ammunition. She was sure she was going to be raped and killed.

On the night she was rescued, when she heard the gunfire, she thought it was a rival Islamic faction come to kidnap her and probably kill her.

At one point, while they were waiting for the helicopters to come, the SEALS think they hear something and ask her to lie down. 

Then they gently lie on top of her to shield her from any attack – ready to take a bullet for her, something Jessica says she cannot comprehend. 

When the helicopters come and she gets inside, Jessica said she only starts to breathe once they get off the ground. And then one of the SEALS hands her a folded over American flag.

She describes the moment: ‘I just started to cry. At that point in time I have never in my life been so proud and so very happy to be an American.’ “









“(KABUL, Afghanistan) — It was a risky but successful operation: British and other NATO forces stormed a cave tucked in the mountains before dawn Saturday and rescued two foreign female aid workers and their two Afghan colleagues being held hostage by Taliban-linked militants ”