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Teamsters Local Disputes ‘Recess’ Appointments To NLRB





” An Oklahoma local of the Teamsters Union is disputing recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), charging that recess appointments were made while the U.S. Senate was not in recess, according to legal documents obtained by The Daily Caller.

“The union disputes that the board is properly and sufficiently constituted, as ‘recess’ appointments (to NLRB) were made when there was no recess,” according to a Dec. 12, 2012 affidavit signed by Teamsters Local 523 President Gary Ketchum. “



  Note That This Involves Recess Appointments Made By The Previous Occupant Of The Oval Office This All Predates Obama And His Recess Appointments But It Is Instructive All The Same As It Highlights A Little Known Fact Of Union Life …. Seniority  



“The guy worked at a company that did not have a collective bargaining agreement. This company was bought by a union company, and he didn’t want to belong to the union,” Ketchum told TheDC.

As part of the merger, Rammage was placed at the bottom of the seniority list for the merged unit, while other Dolly Madison employees previously represented by Teamsters Local 523 were placed higher than Rammage on the seniority list.

Interstate Bakeries told Rammage that he lost his seniority because he was not represented by a union.

“All of a sudden he wants to be dovetailed in?” Ketchum told TheDC. “That’s what they’re trying to force now. They’re trying to say that his seniority should be pushed up based on his time with the company ( well DUH ) , ahead of those who were union workers. That’s wrong. His seniority should start back at the bottom.”

Due to his low seniority, Rammage was transferred from his Ponca City facility to a different facility approximately 70 miles from his home, forcing him to move. ”





Definition Of Seniority , Courtesy Of  Webster’s New World College Dictionary



(sēn yôrə tē, -yär-)


noun pl. seniorities

  1. the state or quality of being senior; precedence in birth, rank, etc.

  2. status, priority, or precedence achieved by length of service, as in a given job



This puts the Obama administration in an awkward spot . Who’s recess appointments are valid and who’s are not ? Why or why not ? Side with Bush or side with the unions ? Or , and this really isn’t an option in the Obama playbook , admit that both could be wrong ?


 Tributes Appear On Blogs, YouTube




 ” Following the news that Hostess Brand was closing it’s doors, people fearing the end of such American icons as Twinkies and Ho-Ho’s expressed their sadness through song and poetry.

According to a New York Times report, public reaction to the Hostess announcement has been overwhelming. Those that grew up with Twinkies and other Hostess snack cakes in the lunch pails became nostalgic, saddened by the possibility that the iconic snacks would no longer be seen on store shelves. As reported by Digital Journal, shoppers rushed to their nearest store, grabbing their favorite snack off the shelves, while Ebay has been flooded with various Hostess Brand auctions according to another Digital Journal report. “


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Have We Heard This Before?





  ” Hostess Brands Inc., maker of Twinkies and Wonderbread, said today it would shut down three of its factories, firing 627 workers, as a wave of strikes hit its plants across the country.

About two-thirds of its plants are being picketed by almost 6,000 union workers upset at a new contract; Hostess CEO Gregory Rayburn says worse it to come if the strike doesn’t end. From the WSJ’s Rachael Feintzeig:

Mr. Rayburn said Monday afternoon that Hostess is permanently shutting down plants in Seattle, St. Louis and Cincinnati as a result of the work stoppage, and 627 jobs will be lost. “We don’t have the manpower to maintain them during the strike,” he said.

He also said that the company didn’t have much more wiggle room in terms of shutting down additional plants and that the next step would probably be a complete shutdown.

That sounds pretty serious — except we’ve heard something similar before. Here’s Mr Rayburn back in late September, setting the scene for votes by the company’s two biggest unions on new labor deals:

The chief executive of Hostess Brands Inc. said the troubled maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread will immediately liquidate if union members don’t sign on to the final labor deal it has offered them.”




Update : Hostess Sets Deadline To Strikers: Thursday, 5 p.m, Or It’s Over