Pelosi Seeks To Keep Democrats In Line Amid Heathcare Turmoil




” Nancy Pelosi, the top Democrat in the Republican-controlled House, dismissed growing concerns that the political damage from the botched implementation of the healthcare act could harm her party’s hopes of taking over the majority in next year’s midterm congressional elections. Those chances had grown in the wake of last month’s government shutdown, which most Americans blamed on congressional Republicans.

But the political winds shifted sharply against Democrats in recent weeks as the Obama administration grappled with massive problems in signing up people on the new healthcare exchanges designed to expand medical coverage to millions of Americans. The troubles were further compounded when insurers began cancelling existing plans that were substandard under the healthcare act, contradicting claims by Mr Obama and many Democrats that people could keep their plans if they liked them.”

We would like to know if Ms Pelosi has read the bill yet .

    Some of her colleagues obviously have . Below are some links that will give the reader some idea of the daunting task M Pelosi faces in trying to get her Democratic compatriots to “Stand Tall” on their “signature legislation” . Good luck Nancy .

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As we said good luck . You’re going to need it .