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Planet Of The Llamas







” On Thursday, I kept my weekly date on The Hugh Hewitt Show, just in time for the big news of the day:

  HUGH HEWITT: Now we’ve got a lot to cover. We’ve got to cover llamas, the Oscars and the Islamic State, not to mention Chris Christie, so I’ve got to go fast. Did you by chance watch the llama drama on Fox today?

  MARK STEYN: (laughing) Yeah, the llamas on the llam. You can joke, Hugh, but I think the llamapocalypse is upon us. I looked out in the yard, out of the window at the yard about 20 minutes ago, and there were just nine llamas there, and I thought that’s unusual for New Hampshire in winter. I just looked out the window now, and there’s 17 llamas between me and the car. So I think, you know, this is some Planet of the Llamas…

  HH: (laughing)

  MS: In the words of Charlton Heston, ‘Take your hands off me you damned, dirty llama.’ This is how it begins.

  We also discussed Dennis Miller’s observation that the Oscar statuette looks like Vladimir Putin, and Lady Gaga’s Academy performance of “The Sound Of Music”:

  MS: Well, I don’t think Lady Gaga is actually a bad singer of those kinds of songs. I rather regret that she got mixed up with Tony Bennett, because he’ll duet with anybody. I mean… he’s done a double CD with my plumber. I didn’t know it. My plumber was working in the room for 15 minutes, and Tony Bennett swung by, and they recorded seven numbers together. Tony Bennett releases three duet albums, in the course of this conversation, he’ll have released another duet album. You’ve probably done a duet album with Tony Bennett yourself, haven’t you? “



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Mark Steyn on the idiocy of Quentin
Tarentino denying the connection of film violence to school shootings


” HH: Quentin Tarentino is very defensive about Django Unchained. It is the most violent movie I have seen since Straw Dogs. It is relentlessly violent and gun-
filled. And he’s very touchy in the
aftermath of Newtown to people saying that which happens on the screen has any impact on the losers in the world. What do you think of that argument, Mark Steyn?

MS: Well look, Tarentino is an idiot. I said, I didn’t think Reservoir Dogs was a great movie. I think in a sense, he’s the Mantovani of violence, that he kind of makes it into easy listening Muzak. And if
you look at what he’s done with the Civil War, this latest film, he’s not in the least bit interested in the Civil War, because that would require reading a book. “

For Those Of Us That Missed Mark’s Post-Election Appearance On The Hugh Hewitt Radio Show , Here Is A Complete Transcript .

 ” HH: Joined by Mark Steyn, Columnist To the World. Mark, welcome, the Iranians are shooting at our drones. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

MS: No, I think that’s, whatever it is, the election night party in Tehran got a little out of hand, I think something like that.

HH: Have you recovered from the hangover yet?

MS: I haven’t really. I kind of have mixed feelings to be honest, because in a sense, it’s very good news for my book, After America, or as Dennis Miller said to me the other day, he said they should just retitle it Wednesday.

HH: (laughing)

MS: But obviously, that’s great news for me. But on the other hand, I’m filled with a terrible sadness that the big central points I made in that book, which is that the United…it is highly doubtful that the United States political system has the capacity for meaningful course correction. That’s the central point of the book, really. And I’m very sad that that was demonstrated on Tuesday evening.”

Quinnipiac Pollster: ‘What I Believe Is What We Found.’