Elderly Woman Killed In Shootout By Armed Robbers Over Gambling Money

The victim

The perpetrator


” A 76-year-old South Carolina woman who managed an illegal gambling hall died in a shootout with armed robbers, authorities said.

  Three thieves ambushed Dorothy “Dot” Hendrix as she pulled up to her house, Anderson County Sheriff’s Lt. Sheila Cole told the Daily News.

“ It looks like they were waiting for her,” Cole said.

  Hendrix ran an off-the-books gaming center, and investigators suspect the attackers thought she’d be carrying a lot of cash from the business.

“ This was not a random act,” Sheriff John Skipper said in a statement. “The robbery was planned and she was specifically targeted. The trio had knowledge that Hendrix carried large sums of money home with her at night.”

  Neighbors reported the sound of a firefight about 1 a.m. on Nov. 23 in the rural cul-de-sac. Sheriff’s deputies arrived to find Hendrix shot to death near her carport and one of the suspects lying across the road — gutshot but still alive.”



The accomplices