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 RightWingArt Hits The Nail On The Head

Inept-ocracy – A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing …

The Tea Party






Support a woman’s right to choose whichever gun she wants .









Main Stream Media Sponsor Boycott






    Hillary lied to our faces while standing in front of the caskets of Glen Doherty , Christopher Stevens , Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods . She looked their families right in the eye and lied , lied , lied . Is that someone we want for a president ? Remember the Benghazi four .

   Benghazi alone is reason enough for Hillary to be finished politically even if you were inclined to forgive her the rest of her sins . No more Clinton’s in the White House .









From Heritage.org … Thomas Jefferson IMust Be Spinning In His Grave



” I Think We Have More Machinery Of Government Than Is Necessary … “












Why Pols From New Jersey Aren’t Born To Run



” Indeed, over the past decade or so, New Jersey has started to earn belated props in the public imagination, with television shows such as The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, and even Jersey Shore using the state as a backdrop for meditations on the American Dream. The recent and quick rise of Gov. Christie himself speaks to what might even be considered a New Jersey cultural bubble. He’s the first serious presidential contender to come out of New Jersey since Woodrow Wilson.

  Yet the Garden State — insert a not-inaccurate joke about the entire place being a Superfund toxic waste dump here — has been a national punchline at least since Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton rowed across the Hudson River from New York to shoot it out in Weehawken. (Needless to say, Burr, a native of Newark who happened to be U.S. vice president at the time, won.) “



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Photo3S-NIR™ Camera


photo3s near IR camera


” The Photo3S-NIR captures aerial video and high resolution still images in the near-infrared light spectrum. Both the Photo3S and Photo3S-NIR are 3-axis stabilized for stable imagery and precise tracking, and offer common benefits with Aeryon’s full line of integrated imaging payloads.

Military and Public Safety applications include detecting near-infrared light sources and indicators. Commercial and industrial applications include precision agriculture, assessing fire hazards, monitoring droughts, and other environmental projects. ”



This little camera can be configured as this :



Aeryon Scout


Aeryon Scout


Which in turn can take photos like this :



Libyan Rebels IR

Libyan rebel artillery IR

HT/ Michael Yon



Honesty and Sincerity Show




  ” Mitt Romney crossed a major threshold early this week, moving above 50 percent in his favorability rating, according to the Real Clear Politics average of polls — and, for the first time in the campaign, he now leads President Obama on that measure.

The Republican presidential nominee has clearly benefitted from the debates. He had a 44.5 percent favorability rating at the end of September, before the debates. But by Monday, when he and Mr. Obama faced off for the final debate of the campaign, Mr. Romney’s favorability average was up at 50.5 percent.

“He’s did a great job humanizing himself in the first debate and seeming presidential in the second debate,” said Republican pollster Mike McKenna, who said the debate performances punctured Mr. Obama’s campaign-long strategy of trying to disqualify Mr. Romney in the minds of voters.

The Romney effort to seem measured continued on Monday in the third and final matchup between the two men. That debate was dedicated to foreign policy, and he batted away the president’s attacks, at one point accusing Mr. Obama of having little else.

“Attacking me is not an agenda,” the Republican said. “