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This Boy’s Dad Decorates His 1st Grader’s Lunch Bag With A New Cartoon Everyday






Behold another the the Father’s creations . We’ll bet the boy is the envy of all his classmates .








This Dad’s creations are too cool to throw away . See fifteen more here .














These Photos From Imgur Have A Surreal Creepiness That Is Impossible To Shrug Off



What to make of this image ?






Children Of The Corn anyone ?








View the rest at Imgur , with a tip of the hat to Mandatory















Are Those Origami Pigs In A Donut Box? See How Far This Guy Went To Protest Red Light Cameras







” In a fantastic display of attention to detail and dedication to pointing out the absurdity of red light cameras, blogger “Bacon Moose” pays a $137.00 ticket all in ones, each meticulously folded into an origami pig and placed into two Dunkin Donut boxes.

From ‘Bacon Moose’s’ imgur page,
So I had to pay a ticket .. so could I just go in and pay? Hell no. I spent something like 6 hours making 137 origami pigs, put them in Dunkin Donuts boxes and paid in style.”

Origami Pig

More pictures and info at Free Thought Project



From mbassoon By Way Of Imgur





” I used a metal detector in shallow water on my Grandpa’s lake. I found this 1950’s Mountain Dew can 2 feet under the sand.”




See more pictures at Imgur . “It’ll tickle your innards” … LOL









Goes Viral

Rafael Nunes  Ridiculously Photogenic Homeless Guy

  ” Internet meme generators have found a new subject for the ongoing Ridiculously Photogenic meme series, 30-year-old Rafael Nunes. A photo of The Ridiculously Photogenic Homeless Guy from Brazil has gone viral online.

The Ridiculously Photogenic meme series began with the “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy,” moved on to the “Ridiculously Photogenic Girl,” and then on to the “Ridiculously Photogenic Puppy.” Now we have the Ridiculously Photogenic Homeless Guy.

The Huffignton Post reports that according to the Portuguese language website Reidaverdade.com, the photo of Rafael Nunes was snapped by a tourist in the Brazilian town of Curitiba. The photo has gone viral on Facebook, Imgur and Reddit.”