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Obama’s Masterful War Against GOP Strawmen

Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals

RULE 13: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” 



” I guess I already knew this, but something struck me about Obama’s inaugural address yesterday, especially as I read the transcript this morning. The reason Obama succeeds politically is that he has done a masterful job of setting up Republican strawmen – and straw policies – to use as his foils. And real Republicans do little but flail away helplessly in response.

Here is the Republican Party that Obama has created, and has convinced a majority of independent voters is the real thing:

  • The party that hates women.
  • The party that hates gay people.
  • The party that doesn’t want to help anyone in need.
  • The party that wants endless war.
  • The party that will do anything to stop the poor and the middle class from improving their lives.
  • The party that opposes building infrastructure.
  • The party that hates public employees, especially teachers, police and firefighters.
  • The party that doesn’t want you to have sex.

Does that sound like anyone you know? Does that sound like any Republican you’ve ever voted for? Does that sound like any commentator you read? Does that sound like any thoughts you’ve ever had? ”



 Now you may say that the notion that people would take this sort of propaganda seriously is absurd but you must remember that we are in the age of the ” low information voter ” and the fact that Obama won re-election after that first miserable term should be enough to inform you that the momentum is on the side of the Statists . 


Benjamin Franklin said we were given a Republic , ” if we can keep it ” . Can we , given the fact that the majority of Americans would tell you that we live in a democracy ?


  Mind you , that’s a poll with +11 weighting for the Dems . Anyone believe Dem turnout will overwhelm Repubs by that kind of number ? Keep in mind the enthusiasm factor



… With Some VERY Interesting Statistics


” CNN has released a poll showing that Obama and Romney are all tied up, with both receiving 49 percent of the vote among likely voters. This is good news showing that Romney has a very legitimate chance of winning this election, right? Well, consider some of the stats of the poll…

Among those likely voters, 41% described themselves as Democrats, 29% described themselves as Independents, and 30% described themselves as Republicans.


Democrats are given a +11 margin in the poll, 41 – 30? You must be kidding me.

Furthermore, as Twitchy points out:

There’s more. The poll shows Mitt Romney beating President Obama among Independents 59-37, an incredible 22-point lead.

Does anyone seriously believe Romney can win Indies by more than 20 points and still come out tied in the popular vote? ” 

It Comes Down To The Independents

As pointed out by Joel Pollak at Big Government, the latest CNN national poll of likely voters has some very good news for those of you following poll fundamentals, as opposed to topline percentages. Mitt Romney is has a commanding 22% lead among Independents. This is a post-Hurricane Sandy poll, so any talk of a big Obama bounce among Independents appears to be wishful thinking on the part of the Obama camp.

The following shows the voting choice for the various party affiliations:


Total 49%
Democrat 93%
Independent 37%
Republican 1%


Total 49%
Democrat 5%
Independent 59%
Republican 99%

Both Romney and Obama have locked up their core (though Romney has a slight advantage in party defection), but the difference in Independents is striking.

… This Is What A One Point Lead Looks Like

” The poll finds Romney with a 49% to 48% lead in a survey of 1,382 likely voters. But doesn’t something look wrong?

If both Obama and Romney are attracting the same split of their parties voters, what’s the deal with Romney’s 9% lead among Independents? Wouldn’t that account for more that an 1% lead?

It would if the results weren’t skewed toward Independents, and away from Republicans.

So this poll is assuming Democrats hold a +5 advantage over Republicans. The problem is that while the 34% number for Democrats sounds about right, the number for Republican’s is laughable. Look at Rasmussen’s most recent party affiliation survey:

September 2012
Republican 36.8%
Democrat 34.2%
Other 29.0%

To get to their 49% Romney, 48% Obama total they have Independents 6% higher (assuming they lumped Other into that total) than Rasmussen and Republicans over 7% lower.”



Cartoon By Michael Ramirez

From John Hawkins


 ” There are twelve days left until the election and the few people who haven’t made up their minds yet are independent voters. So, rather than preaching to the choir, it seems like a good time to explain to those remaining undecided voters why Mitt Romney should be their choice.”



The ‘War on Women’ …

… Backfires On Democrats



  ” The Democratic message in favor of the PFA is not effective at increasing the vote for Obama over Romney. What’s more, the debate over the PFA reduces support for President Obama among women who already voted for him in 2008 by 12 points, from 87 percent down to 75 percent. And Romney’s support jumps +12-points from 13 percent to 25 percent.  

Voters are focused on the real problems our nation is facing – both national and generational in scope. The progressive playbook for defending Obama and attempting to regain the White House is to distract and divide. 

What the “War on Women” narrative reveals is how the left chooses to demonize anyone who questions government overreach. Not only is this how they continue to push their progressive agenda – in health care, workplace regulations, education policy, and entitlement policy – but also how they perpetuate the myth of women as victims in need of government protection. “

Cartoon By Rick McKee






  ” In 2008, President Barack Obama won the independent vote over John McCain by a margin of eight points, 52-44. This morning, a new Battleground Poll has Mitt Romney massacring Obama among indies by a whopping 16 points, 51-35.

That’s a 24-point swing among independents since 2008, a group that makes up anywhere from a quarter to a third of voters, and yet Battleground still has Obama in the lead 49-48…?

But if I’m skeptical of those bottom-line numbers, our journalist overlords who have chosen to palace guard instead of question will declare me a “truther.”

The Battleground Poll also shows an 13 point enthusiasm gap in Romney’s favor. Only 73% of Obama’s supporters are “extremely likely” to vote, compared to 86% of Romney’s supporters.”