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Support Ben Phiippi And His “We The People” Book @ Indiegogo







” Making a book is a huge undertaking. Over the last two and a half years, I’ve done a lot of leg work. With your help, I will be able to finish WE THE PEOPLE.

 By pre-ordering your Limited Edition copy, I’ll be able to finish my book. And you can be in it!! It will be nothing short of a work of art with a deep profound message – Freedom!

  My name is Ben Philippi. I’m a professional photographer, producer and a big supporter of The Second Amendment.

  I grew up with firearms for hunting and target shooting, but it wasn’t until I started working on my first book God, Guns & Guts, that I self-published in 2012, that I began to realize the true meaning of The Second Amendment. It’s about freedom, self-preservation, independence and so much more.

  I was fortunate enough that my book led to a television show on History Channel called God, Guns & Automobiles. Some of you may have seen it. I produce the show that features the Patriot on the cover of my book Mark Muller.

  The TV show focuses on God, patriotism, family and hard-work. I’m extremely proud to bring these values to millions of TV screens across America and around the world.

  This has been a fantastic experience and I took all of the comments and feedback and poured it into my new book WE THE PEOPLE.”


Give what you can here .













Gosnell Abortion Film Too Much For Kickstarter’s ‘Diverse’ Censors








” I was really, really happy when Kickstarter came on the scene. The crowd-funding Web site offered the opportunity for struggling artists and filmmakers to bypass corporate, union or not-for-profit funders and their agendas and interests.

  Kickstarter was set up to allow us to put up a pitch — go directly to the public; if people liked it, they could fund it with small donations.

  And it worked like a dream. For my last film, the pro-fracking documentary “FrackNation,” 3,305 people gave $212,000 to make it happen.

  But now it seems that Kickstarter is turning into a bad dream for those who want to wander from the orthodox.

  Now, Kickstarter has always been dominated by projects with liberal, environmental and even ultra-left-wing leanings. That’s no surprise — the arts are dominated by people with such views.

  But Kickstarter promised to be different. Its founder and CEO, Yancey Strickler, was quite clear on this, for example telling viewers of CBS’ “This Morning” that the site is a center for “very diverse ideas.”

  So when I had the idea of making a film about the life and crimes of Kermit Gosnell, the now-notorious Philadelphia abortion doctor, my first idea was to go to Kickstarter — since there was no point going to Hollywood or any establishment media outlet.

  Gosnell was a Philadelphia abortionist who for decades took babies who’d already been born and stabbed them in the neck and cut their spinal cords. He probably killed thousands of infants during his 40-year killing spree.

  In the words of ABC correspondent Terry Moran, Kermit Gosnell was “America’s most successful serial killer.” “

NY Post has more

One Soldier, One Mission, March From TN To Washington DC In Full Combat Gear To Honor His Oath That Has No Expiration Date



   Meet US Army Sgt Edward McNair of Knoxville Tennessee . Sgt McNair is a disabled veteran who has decided that he will march on Washington DC to express his dissatisfaction of our present leadership and honor his oath to uphold the Constitution . 

    He will be walking , in full battle kit , the entire 500 mile trip and he is looking for our support . He has set up an Indiegogo page and the reader is invited to help him along on his mission . If you can spare something in his benefit please do so .

This is what his Indiegogo page has to say about his planned deployment :


” One Soldier, One Mission: march from TN to Washington DC in full combat gear to Honor his oath that has no expiration date.  

Contributors fund ideas they can be passionate about and to people they trust. Here are some things to do in this section:

  • SFC McNair is a disabled veteran that has had enough of Washington DC
  • SFC McNair is going to March on Washington DC ready for combat
  • Contributors will help me achieve putting Washington DC on notice, that the American Citizens have had enough and not going to take anymore foolishness from Politicians.


Break it down for folks in more detail:

  • I will carry lite and freeze at night, so your much needed funding will provide bottled water, nuts and energy bars for the 500 mile mission.
  • Tell people about your unique perks. Get them excited!
  • Even if I do not reach my financial goal, the mission is still a go and your prayers are welcomed.


The Final Stand

  • With the way things are in America, this mission may be my last and final contribution to America.
  • I will be in full combat gear and carrying an American Flag.
  • I do not do this for myself, but for all those that come after us.


Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

  • When you see me walking along the highway, just blow your horn and wave.
  • Or a bottle of water, a bag of nuts or a word of encouragement.


In HIS service and yours “



If you can spare something please give it . He marches for us all .









Father Sent To Jail And Barred From Seeing His Son For Four Years After He Was Found With Unloaded Gun In Back Of His Car Among Possessions As He Moved House


Convicted Gun Offender Did Nothing Wrong Brian Aitken


” A desperate father has been banned from seeing his young son for four years after he was found with an unloaded gun he legally owned in the back of his car among his possessions as he moved house.

Brian Aitken was arrested in 2009 as he was moving back from Colorado to New Jersey to be near his child after a divorce. He was later convicted of possessing a gun and sentenced to seven years’ prison.

Now the New York University graduate and digital media entrepreneur is using a crowdfunding website to raise funds so he can write a book about his ordeal and hopefully be reunited with his little boy.

The saga began when Aitken’s mother called 911 after he arrived with his possessions piled high at her house in New Jersey, but she didn’t complete the call. The police arrived regardless and after questioning her she explained that she was concerned for Aitken’s welfare following his divorce.

The officers then called Aitken, who by that stage had left, and coerced him to return. When he arrived, the officers searched his car and found three locked, unloaded handguns in the trunk. He was then arrested.

Although Governor Chris Christie commuted Aitken’s sentence after he had spent four months, and his 27th birthday, in prison, his saga continues.

He is still labeled a felon and therefore cannot own a gun, cannot vote, and cannot travel overseas because his passport was revoked.”




   Here is Brian’s Indiegogo site : Help me publish my book, take my case to the Supreme Court, and get my son back. Support his efforts if you can.


  Below is a more indepth article about Mr Aitken’s horrific introduction to the People’s State of New Jersey .



Brian Aitken Wants Son Back, Crowdfunds Book on Indiegogo




” So how did a young father end up spending his 27th birthday behind bars?  It is quite a saga but one worth reading.

In 2008, one year prior to Aitken’s arrest, then Governor Corzine (the same of the MF Global failure now being sued by the feds), signed into law an amendment which made illegal possession of firearms a second degree felony.  It was a fourth degree felony previously.  The change in the law made possession of a firearm a “violent crime”.  There were various exemptions from this law facilitating certain types of gun possession but clearly the possible penalties and difficulties on gun owners had increased.”



Do what you can to support Mr Aitken’s efforts , they will benefit us all .










Security Hardware For The Masses




” Securing your computer and phone are something that is increasingly important, especially in light of all of the stories about privacy intrusions we’ve been discussing the past few months. For the most part, the average person has tended to rely on software-based security offerings, rather than hardware. While company may invest in hardware solutions, that’s always seemed to be a bit too much for the average consumer. However, perhaps that’s changing. This week’s awesome stuff covers three crowdfunding campaigns, looking to build different types of secure hardware for the mass market.

  • First up, we’ve got the amusingly named, Don’t Snoop Me Bro (or DMSB for short). It’s a VPN in a box. You hook it up to your network and turn the key (literally, it has a physical key) and it turns on a VPN tunnel via a VPN service routing your data through another country. These guys sent me a prototype to check out, and it looks interesting (though won’t work with my network setup). They’re still deciding what VPN service provider it will use, and it seems like that’s something that could make a difference in terms of overall usefulness. Of course, you can already pay for a VPN service that just runs on your computer (I’ve got a couple), but the DSMB guys properly note that those aren’t always the most user friendly and they only secure the one device, rather than the entire network (of course, they also work outside of your home/office). Still, if you’re looking to VPN tunnel your home network, this is an interesting project to check out:

Nikola Tesla’s Lab Saved Through Crowd-Sourcing




” In 9 days, we managed to raise over 1 million dollars to go towards buying back Tesla’s old laboratory, and with the $850,000 matching grant from NY state this puts us at 1.85 million bucks. At its peak, the campaign was raising $27,000 per hour, crashing Indiegogo, and probably setting some kind of land speed record in awesomeness. Indiegogo put together this infographic showing some interesting data points behind the campaign.

We’ve added some new perks to the campaign, including more t-shirts, hats, and posters signed by Tesla’s last remaining relative.”









Tiny Device Will Detect Domestic Drones


” Worried about drones spying on you? Soon, a device might be able to send you text and email alerts that let you know when a drone is nearby.

[ALSO: Domestic Drone Arrest Database Being Built by Defense Lawyers Group]

A Washington, D.C.-based engineer is working on the “Drone Shield,” a small, Wi-Fi-connected device that uses a microphone to detect a drone’s “acoustic signatures” (sound frequency and spectrum) when it’s within range.

The company’s founder, John Franklin, who has been working in aerospace engineering for seven years, says he hopes to start selling the device sometime this year. He is using the Kickstarter-like IndieGoGo to finance the project.

The device will cost $69 and will be about the size of a USB thumb drive. It will use Raspberry Pi – a tiny, $25 computer – and commercially available microphones to detect drones. He says he imagines that people will attach the Drone Shield to their fences or roofs to protect their home from surveillance.”