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Children Of The Caliphate




” They stand in the front row at public beheadings and crucifixions held in Raqqa, the Islamic State’s stronghold in Syria. They’re used for blood transfusions when Islamic State fighters are injured. They are paid to inform on people who are disloyal or speak out against the Islamic State. They are trained to become suicide bombers. They are children as young as 6 years old, and they are being transformed into the Islamic State’s soldiers of the future.

  The Islamic State has put in place a far-reaching and well-organized system for recruiting children, indoctrinating them with the group’s extremist beliefs, and then teaching them rudimentary fighting skills. The militants are preparing for a long war against the West, and hope the young warriors being trained today will still be fighting years from now.

  The young fighters of the Islamic State could pose a particularly dangerous long-term threat because they’re being kept away from their normal schools and instead inculcated with a steady diet of Islamist propaganda designed to dehumanize others and persuade them of the nobility of fighting and dying for their faith.

” [The Islamic State] deliberately deny education to the people who are in the territory under their control, and not only that, they brainwash them,” said Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, who’s tasked with thinking about future threats and planning for the Army’s future. “They engage in child abuse on an industrial scale. They brutalize and systematically dehumanize the young populations. This is going to make this a multigenerational problem.” “


This article from Foreign Policy is a real eye-opener , or should be , if we had some real leadership . 












Prof: ‘Elf On The Shelf’ Conditions Kids To Accept Surveillance State





Could there be something more sinister behind the little elf sitting on the shelf who returns to the North Pole each night?

  Yes, says Laura Pinto, a digital technology professor at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

  She recently published a paper titled “Who’s the Boss” on the doll, saying the idea of it reporting back to Santa each night on the child’s behavior “sets up children for dangerous, uncritical acceptance of power structures,” according to insideHalton.com.

  From her paper:

  When children enter the play world of The Elf on the Shelf, they accept a series of practices and rules associated with the larger story. This, of course, is not unique to The Elf on the Shelf. Many children’s games, including board games and video games, require children to participate while following a prescribed set of rules. The difference, however, is that in other games, the child role-plays a character, or the child imagines herself within a play-world of the game, but the role play does not enter the child’s real world as part of the game. As well, in most games, the time of play is delineated (while the game goes on), and the play to which the rules apply typically does not overlap with the child’s real world.

“  You’re teaching (kids) a bigger lesson, which is that it’s OK for other people to spy on you and you’re not entitled to privacy,” she tells the Toronto Star. “


Read the rest











Don’t Send Your Kid To The Ivy League



Hanna Sender/International Business Times




” When I speak of elite education, I mean prestigious institutions like Harvard or Stanford or Williams as well as the larger universe of second-tier selective schools, but I also mean everything that leads up to and away from themthe private and affluent public high schools; the ever-growing industry of tutors and consultants and test-prep courses; the admissions process itself, squatting like a dragon at the entrance to adulthood; the brand-name graduate schools and employment opportunities that come after the B.A.; and the parents and communities, largely upper-middle class, who push their children into the maw of this machine. In short, our entire system of elite education.

  I should say that this subject is very personal for me. Like so many kids today, I went off to college like a sleepwalker. You chose the most prestigious place that let you in; up ahead were vaguely understood objectives: status, wealth“success.” What it meant to actually get an education and why you might want oneall this was off the table. It was only after 24 years in the Ivy Leaguecollege and a Ph.D. at Columbia, ten years on the faculty at Yalethat I started to think about what this system does to kids and how they can escape from it, what it does to our society and how we can dismantle it. “

New Republic

Read also Newsweek’s piece on The New Republic’s hypocrisy regarding their hefty percentage of Ivy League staff .

” But if such a student seeks a job at The New Republic, that move won’t be a wise one. We’ve sized up TNR’s lengthy editorial masthead (read: not the business or sales teams) and noticed that 46 out of 91 staffers hold undergraduate or graduate degrees (or both) from an Ivy League institution. Readers who attended a college with a robust core curriculum that forces you to take a math class—Columbia University, for instance—will note that that amounts to more than half of the masthead. Here’s the breakdown.”

From StormCloudsGathering




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This Is What Happens When A Kid Leaves Traditional Education



” Logan Laplante is a 13 year-old boy who was taken out of the education system to be home schooled instead. Not only was he home schooled, but Logan had the ability to tailor his education to his interests and also his style of learning, something traditional education does not offer. As Logan has mentioned, when he grows up he wants to be happy and healthy. At a TEDx talk in 2013, he discussed how hacking his education is helping him achieve that goal.

  Currently about 3.8% of children ages 5 – 17 are home schooled in the US. In Canada, that number drops to about 1%. This is a number that is expected to continue growing in both countries as more see the limitations of our current education system. Also, studies done in the US and Canada show that home schooled children out perform their peers from both private and public schools.

  In my view, home schooling is much more likely to create a creative, adaptive, and forward thinking person who is less conditioned to think only within the small confines of a crumbling system. Does this mean it is for everyone and that one can’t turn out that way through standard education? No, I simply feel the chances are far greater with homeschooling.”

Common Core Aligned Curriculum and Pearl Harbor. Missouri House Education Committee: Please Read





” From Terrence Moore and A Textbook That Should Live in Infamy: The Common Core Assaults World War II:

 If you want to understand Common Core aligned curriculum in action, Moore deconstructs the method of close reading and how American history is now taught to students:

  There is more than a little sophistry taking place here: an alarming superficiality and political bias that pervades all the Common Core textbooks (as I have illustrated in my book The Story-Killers: A Common Sense Case Against the Common Core). There is no reading in this chapter ostensibly devoted to World War II that tells why America entered the war. There is no document on Pearl Harbor or the Rape of Nanking or the atrocities committed against the Jews or the bombing of Britain. The book contains no speech of Winston Churchill or F.D.R. even though the reading of high-caliber “informational texts” is the new priority set by the Common Core, and great rhetoric has always been the province of an English class. There is not a single account of a battle or of American losses or of the liberation of Europe. The editors do not balance Jarrell’s poem with the much more famous war song “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition” that ends with the line, “And we’ll all stay free!” The rest of this chapter consists in a poster of a junk rally to gather metals for the making of munitions, a New York Times editorial, and a political cartoon penned by Dr. Seuss (who supported the war). There is not a single document or sentence in the chapter that would make a young reader consider the Axis Powers anything other than “enemies” in quotes.Essentially, all of World War II has been reduced to dropping the bomb and consequently, we are led to believe, America’s inhumanity. In short, the entire presentation of the Second World War is not an exercise in critical thinking; nor will it make students “college and career ready.” This is not teaching. It is programming, pure and simple.”




Common Core = Leftist revisionism = indoctrination = brainwashing = typical public school education = SHAME

Read the whole thing including the links








Obama Bio, Required Reading, Tells Fourth-Graders That White Americans Are Racists




” Some parents in Dupo, Ill. are not happy that a biography of President Barack Obama is required reading for fourth-graders. They say the book contains a host of controversial elements, not least of which is that it casts white Americans who disagree with Obama’s politics as racist.

Fourth-grade students at Bluffview Elementary School were instructed that they would be tested and graded on the book’s contents, reports EAGnews.org.”



    You would be correct in thinking that this is where the State indoctrination program commonly referred to as “Common Core” is leading us . With the popularity of the Statist model falling faster than Obama’s poll numbers the progressives have ratcheted up the indoctrination lessons in our public schools to new levels . 



” The book, called simply “Barack Obama,” is published by Lerner Publications. The author, Jane Sutcliffe, appears to specialize in these kinds of biographies. She has written similar titles about Jesse Owens, Ronald Reagan, Sacagawea and Milton Hershey.

The kerfuffle about the book originally bubbled up through a Facebook page called Moms Against Duncan (MAD). The group actively opposes implementation of the Common Core curriculum.”



   The empty promises of the progressive political philosophy continue to unravel before our eyes , even as their “long march through the institutions” has been a spectacularly successful . Over the past half century the progressive left have set forth and basically achieved their long term goals for political domination through the culture by establishing near monolithic control over the media , education , news and the administrative bureaucracy of the state . 

Yet even with a clear dominance of the means of indoctrination education of our youth from infancy for decades , even with a propaganda apparatus that would make Joseph Goebbels and Leni Riefenstahl blush in admiration , even with (or perhaps because of) the election and re-election of the most Statist , un-American president in history , all their efforts have come to naught and now must resort to the power of the State to force their beliefs on an increasingly combative populace .


You can “Look Inside” the book at Amazon.





Tennessee High School Senior Fights Common Core




” Ethan Young, a high school senior in Tennessee, blasted the Common Core State Standards during his presentation at the Knox County School Board meeting on November 6, 2013.

Great job Ethan!  Watch the video ... “

     Visit the page and learn more about Common Core in your state . This young man states his case against Common Core in no uncertain terms . He is articulate , courteous and well informed , in short he is everything that Common Core is not and he is a testament to the fact that we do not need more educational indoctrination or group think . We need free-thinking , inspired individuals such as Ethan Young and Common Core will not EVER produce those .

Teachers Respond To NEA Common Core Propaganda






     Here are dozens of scathing comments from teachers in response to an NEA propaganda piece claiming widespread support for Common Core among it’s membership . The original post that generated the irate commentary is included . Below are several examples of the teacher’s ire .



shorttam says:

” I am die-hard union, through and through. But THIS is exactly why unions are fading from the United States. Union leaders are incredibly out of touch with their rank and file members. They have been in leadership positions for so long, they have absolutely no clue what their members’ priorities and needs are. Sadly, NEA leaders are also so consumed with having a “seat at the table” that they are willing to sell not only their own souls, but the souls or their members and the students they serve as well. There is absolutely NO research that supports standards – any standards – as a method to increase student learning. There is absolutely NO research that supports the use of standardized testing – as a method to increase student learning. Our country is severely underfunding education and now spends millions and millions of those scarce resources on implementing standards and giving standardized tests. The premise that “standards” will equalize things for our student living in poverty is an incredibly laughable one. We’ve had “standards” for more than a decade. The inequities between students have INCREASED since the introduction of standards, and that is exactly what educated, logical people would expect to happen. I am disgusted with my union and an’t believe that now I not only have to fight anti-worker forces and anti-public education forces… but I also have to fight my union. NEA does NOT speak for me or any other teacher I know, on this issue and sadly, on many others too.”


StandingProud says:

” “An NEA poll conducted in July by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research found that 75 percent of its members—teachers and education support professionals —supported the standards outright or supported “with reservations.”
Make up your data-mind. Is it “roughly two-thirds” or “75%”? And why did you leave out that only 26% of the 1200 surveyed ‘fully support’ CC$$.

WOW!!! You just turned 312 teachers into “MOST NEA MEMBERS”

After this Gates backed and funded fluff-piece of crap, that’s about all the members you will have left.
Oops. . . . looks like the union busting is working. . . from the top down “

deeply saddened says:

” As if it wasn’t enough of a disappointment/slap-in-the-face that President Obama threw kids and teachers under the bus, now our own union has done it as well. Apparently, nothing IS sacred and NEA does NOT represent its membership. Way to sellout???? “








The Wannabe Oppressed






” What do America’s college students want? They want to be oppressed. More precisely, a surprising number of students at America’s finest colleges and universities wish to appear as victims — to themselves, as well as to others — without the discomfort of actually experiencing victimization. Here is where global warming comes in. The secret appeal of campus climate activism lies in its ability to turn otherwise happy, healthy, and prosperous young people into an oppressed class, at least in their own imaginings. Climate activists say to the world, “I’ll save you.” Yet deep down they’re thinking, “Oppress me.”

In his important new book, The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse: Save the Earth, Punish Human Beings, French intellectual gadfly Pascal Bruckner does the most thorough job yet of explaining the climate movement as a secular religion, an odd combination of deformed Christianity and reconstructed Marxism. (You can find Bruckner’s excellent article based on the book here.) Bruckner describes a historical process wherein “the long list of emblematic victims — Jews, blacks, slaves, proletarians, colonized peoples — was replaced, little by little, with the Planet.” The planet, says Bruckner, “has become the new proletariat that must be saved from exploitation.”

But why? Bruckner finds it odd that a “mood of catastrophe” should prevail in the West, the most well-off part of the world. The reason, I think, is that the only way to turn the prosperous into victims is to threaten the very existence of a world they otherwise command.

And why should the privileged wish to become victims? To alleviate guilt and to appropriate the victim’s superior prestige.”




   Read the entire piece by Stanley Kurtz for a much better understanding of the victim mentality driving the “Climate Change” agenda . It is time well spent .









Whites Are Inherently Privileged According To Common Core Lesson Plan



” The federal public school curriculum known as Common Core has come under constant fire from conservative groups who feel its lessons contain either latent or direct leftist ideals. One organization, EAGnews, has kept a close eye on associated course materials, and recently found something disturbing tucked away in a literature textbook meant for fourth grade classes.

Teachers using the resources are expected to assign a two-week lesson on a particular book, “The Jacket,” that paints racial relations in a damaging light, the group claims.

Telling the story of a white child who falsely claims a black child took his brother’s coat, the book by Andrew Clements has been either praised or criticized — depending on the source’s viewpoint — for its embrace of white privilege rhetoric.”








Local Father Responds to Argus Leader “My Voice” Letter




” On October 17th, in the Argus Leader “My Voice” column, the Argus Leader published a letter titled, “Common Core Should be Welcomed Not Feared.”

Chris Buckley, local concerned father, has written this response to that letter.

 I  want to take the time to address each and every one of your comments so if this gets long, I will try to stay on target. Before I begin, I’d like to say that I’ve only known about the Common Core Standards for 2 weeks. In that time, I’ve started researching everything I can find about CC. What I have found is that this is like an octopus with many tentacles and each one digging deeper into our freedoms and ideals. I will address each comment as I understand it, then wrap up my response with some additional information.

 In my rebuttal, I will paraphrase your article, so if I chose a different word than you outlined it’s because I don’t have the complete article in front of me as I’m writing this. 

 You said there was a significant amount of misinformation. There is actually significantly less information being published than what is really there. I’ve found that the government websites, state websites, CC websites, & National Governors association websites all speak to this one idea, the government is taking over our education system and putting the squeeze on states to tow the line. 

 You stated that CC is not a specified curriculum, not federally mandated, not federally funded, nor taking away control from local educators. I don’t just disagree, here’s what I’ve found. First, under the NCLB program, educators have been held hostage by punishing them for failure, instead of rewarding them for success. This information can be found on the US Department of educations website at ww.ed.us.gov/… When you say that it was not federally mandated, the first line of the article refutes that claim. It is “The Obama administration’s blueprint to overhaul the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) will support state and local efforts to help ensure that all students graduate prepared for college and a career.” If the administration set the blue print, then it is federally mandated. Also, in the RTTT grant, there is a waiver for the states that opted to take CC as their standards. It was an either or proposition. Either you could keep NCLB or you could adopt CC. So technically, it was federally mandated.

 So let’s talk about the funding. Your right as far as South Dakota did not get any money to implement the CC standards, but the US department of education got a whapping $100 Billion dollars to get this thing kicked off. I would venture to say that most sensible people would say that is federally funded at its core. Pun intended. 

 You said that CC is a set of standards developed to ensure kids develop rigorous skills to compete in the global world. What? That statement doesn’t say anything sensible. Is it a lot of skills? is it a lot of skills working very hard or fast? I don’t even understand that statement.

 You said the CC idea was generated by 45 governors. The National Governors Association sponsored a group of educators to develop the standards. NGA is actually a lobby organization that represents the governors, not the governors themselves.

 You said it was developed by teachers, parents, and researchers. I can’t totally argue against that point, but the team included David Coleman, William McCallum, Phil Daro and Student Achievement founder, Jason Zimba. 

 You also said that no government officials were involved, except President Obama of course. I mean the US DOE said so on their website. As far as each state choosing to adopt the standards or not, we already crossed that bridge, but these standards are copy righted and come with terms of use. That means you get all of it or none of it.”

Read the whole letter here


We Found This Post So Appalling That We Had To Print It In It’s Entirety , Please Visit The Originating Site : Stand Up For Truth And Show Your Support With A Comment/Click




” Today we received an email from one of our Stand Up For The Truth listeners about a very disturbing assignment given in the Aurora Public School District in Colorado:

“Attached is an assignment given to my 12-year-old great-nephew in his 7th grade social studies class. It is an outrage, and I’m so proud of my niece (his mom) who was able to articulately respond why this assignment is so inappropriate for this age group – and unlawful to request a families private beliefs/information.”

The assignment was titled, “Righty or Lefty?”


Here are the instructions, followed by just a few of the examples of survey questions under the headings, Guns, Abortion, Crimes & Punishment, Environment, Health Care, Education, Free Speech & Religion, Gay Marriage, Defense, and Taxes.  Notice the subtle tone:




Each student was asked to tally his or her score and determine where on the scale between the two extremes they landed. And finally, the request for parents to take the survey too. This was enough for the mom, who wrote her response:


Here is the transcript of the letter to the school:

I am appalled by the “Righty or Lefty” poll. First of all it is nobody’s business what mine or my 12-year-old son’s political views are. Secondly, my own son does not even know what half of these issues mean until after discussing them with him. His answers vary greatly during discussion. His views will always change as he grows and as new issues arise and he learns that these things have an effect on his life.

As I am reading these topics, I have noticed the entire thing is pro-Liberal and con-Conservative, being completely skewed towards “Lefty-nicey/meany conservatives” ideology, which I do not approve of. The entire thing is unbalanced and an unfair and inaccurate representation. My family is NEITHER and I do not appreciate you or the school trying to pawn this assignment off on students who are too young to have valuable opinions on these subjects!

I do not know what importance this has as being an assigned worksheet for a “major grade” (has he has informed me). I do not want to hear about it being for a government assignment! Learning about government is one thing – but it is none of your business to try and pry personal information out of a child on extremely private information. I am excusing my son from this assignment and expect this NOT to be counted against his grade.    Sincerely, _____.

The great-aunt of the student concludes,

If this assignment doesn’t necessarily fit the Common Core agenda, it certainly fits the agenda of those collecting private information on students and parents for the Jeffco School District nearby here in CO by a grant from the Gates Foundation.   This assignment is clearly an attempt to collect private data from my niece and her family through her 12 year old son.

We are attempting to contact the district for further comment as to whether this is part of the Common Core curriculum, or simply a teacher who thought this survey might be a good idea.”



    We sincerely hope that the authors of Stand Up For Truth will forgive our presumptuousness in reposting their entire article verbatim . That is not something that we ordinarily do , but felt so strongly about this piece that we wanted to make sure that all of our readers were exposed to it in it’s entirety . Please visit them and convey your appreciation for the fact that they brought this serious attempt at school indoctrination to our attention .






Worksheet Asks Children To Remove Parts Of The Bill Of Rights


A photo of the worksheet asking students to  omit  two Amendments in the Bill of Rights

A photo of the worksheet asking students to “omit” two Amendments in the Bill of Rights


” A student in Bryant School District in Arkansas brought home a worksheet that presented her with a scenario that referred to the Bill of Rights as “outdated” and that as part of a special committee she would need to throw out two of the Amendments.

The worksheet was handed out to Sixth grade students in a History class. According to the girl’s mother, Lela Spears, she has not received any government or civics classes and this was the first assignment dealing with the Constitution or Bill of Rights. The school district is participating in the embattled Common Core curriculum.
As more anecdotal evidence emerges concerning what will be taught under the Common Core, states are beginning to rethink their position on the program.”


College Student Forced To Go To “Diversity Training” And Is Called A Racist, His Response Is Legendary




” It’s always nice to see someone standing up to the leftist establishment at their college.  Notice how he doesn’t demand the school no longer offers “diversity training”, but that it should not be mandatory and paid for by tax dollars. That my friends, is the difference between conservatives and liberals.

Jason Morgan, a University of Wisconsin-Madison student earning his doctorate there, has told his supervisor he objects to the school’s mandated diversity training for teaching assistants (TAs) because leaders of the first session he attended essentially called him – and the whole class – racist. “



 ” Dear Graduate Director Prof. Kantrowitz,

Please forgive this sudden e-mail. I am writing to you today about the “diversity” training that new teaching assistants (TAs) are required to undergo. In keeping with the spirit of the Wisconsin Idea, I am also blind-copying on this e-mail several journalistic outlets and state government officials, because the taxpayers who support this university deserve to know how their money is being spent.

As you are probably aware, all new TAs in the History Department are required to attend one orientation session, two TA training sessions, and two diversity sessions. Yesterday (Friday, September 20th), we new TAs attended the first of the diversity sessions. To be quite blunt, I was appalled. What we were given, under the rubric of “diversity,” was an avalanche of insinuations, outright accusations, and suffocating political indoctrination (or, as some of the worksheets revealingly put it, “re-education”) entirely unbecoming a university of our stature.

Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and students at probably every other public institution of higher education in this country, have long since grown accustomed to incessant leftism. It is in the very air that we breathe. Bascom Hill, for example, is roped off and the university is shut down so that Barack Obama (D), Mark Pocan (D), and Tammy Baldwin (D) can deliver campaign speeches before election day. (The university kindly helped direct student traffic to these campaign events by sending out a mass e-mail encouraging the student body to go to the Barack Obama for President website and click “I’m In for Barack!” in order to attend.) Marxist diatribes denouncing Christianity, Christians, the United States, and conservatives (I am happy to provide as many examples of this as might be required) are assigned as serious scholarship in seminars. The Teaching Assistants Association (TAA)–which sent out mass e-mails, using History Department list-servs, during the attempt to recall Governor Scott Walker, accusing Gov. Walker of, among other things, being “Nero”–is allowed to address TA and graduate student sessions as a “non-partisan organization”. The History Department sponsors a leftist political rally, along with the Socialist Party of Wisconsin, and advertises for the rally via a departmental e-mail (sent, one presumes, using state computers by employees drawing salaries from a state institution). In short, this university finds it convenient to pretend that it is an apolitical entity, but one need not be particularly astute to perceive that the Madison campus is little more than a think tank for the hard left. Even those who wholeheartedly support this political agenda might in all candor admit that the contours of the leftism here are somewhat less than subtle.

At the “diversity” training yesterday, though, even this fig leaf of apoliticism was discarded. In an utterly unprofessional way, the overriding presumption of the session was that the people whom the History Department has chosen to employ as teaching assistants are probably racists. In true “diversity” style, the language in which the presentation was couched was marbled with words like “inclusive”, “respect”, and “justice”. But the tone was unmistakably accusatory and radical. Our facilitator spoke openly of politicizing her classrooms in order to right (take revenge for?) past wrongs. We opened the session with chapter-and-verse quotes from diversity theorists who rehearsed the same tired “power and privilege” cant that so dominates seminar readings and official university hand-wringing over unmet race quotas. Indeed, one mild-mannered Korean woman yesterday felt compelled to insist that she wasn’t a racist. I never imagined that she was, but the atmosphere of the meeting had been so poisoned that even we traditional quarries of the diversity Furies were forced to share our collective guilt with those from continents far across the wine-dark sea.

It is hardly surprising that any of us hectorees would feel thusly. For example, in one of the handouts that our facilitator asked us to read (“Detour-Spotting: for white anti-racists,” by joan olsson [sic]), we learned things like, “As white infants we were fed a pabulum of racist propaganda,” “…there was no escaping the daily racist propaganda,” and, perhaps most even-handed of all, “Racism continues in the name of all white people.” Perhaps the Korean woman did not read carefully enough to realize that only white people (all of them, in fact) are racist. Nevertheless, in a manner stunningly redolent of “self-criticism” during the Cultural Revolution in communist China, the implication of the entire session was that everyone was suspect, and everyone had some explaining to do.

You have always been very kind to me, Prof. Kantrowitz, so it pains me to ask you this, but is this really what the History Department thinks of me? Is this what you think of me? I am not sure who selected the readings or crafted the itinerary for the diversity session, but, as they must have done so with the full sanction of the History Department, one can only conclude that the Department agrees with such wild accusations, and supports them. Am I to understand that this is how the white people who work in this Department are viewed? If so, I cannot help but wonder why in the world the Department hired any of us in the first place. Would not anyone be better?

There is one further issue. At the end of yesterday’s diversity “re-education,” we were told that our next session would include a presentation on “Trans Students”. At that coming session, according to the handout we were given, we will learn how to let students ‘choose their own pronouns’, how to correct other students who mistakenly use the wrong pronouns, and how to ask people which pronouns they prefer (“I use the pronouns he/him/his. I want to make sure I address you correctly. What pronouns do you use?”). Also on the agenda for next week are “important trans struggles, as well as those of the intersexed and other gender-variant communities,” “stand[ing] up to the rules of gender,” and a very helpful glossary of related terms and acronyms, to wit: “Trans”: for those who “identify along the gender-variant spectrum,” and “Genderqueer”: “for those who consider their gender outside the binary gender system”. I hasten to reiterate that I am quoting from diversity handouts; I am not making any of this up.

Please allow me to be quite frank. My job, which I love, is to teach students Japanese history. This week, for example, I have been busy explaining the intricacies of the Genpei War (1180-1185), during which time Japan underwent a transition from an earlier, imperial-rule system under regents and cloistered emperors to a medieval, feudal system run by warriors and estate managers. It is an honor and a great joy to teach students the history of Japan. I take my job very seriously, and I look forward to coming to work each day.

It is most certainly not my job, though, to cheer along anyone, student or otherwise, in their psychological confusion. I am not in graduate school to learn how to encourage poor souls in their sexual experimentation, nor am I receiving generous stipends of taxpayer monies from the good people of the Great State of Wisconsin to play along with fantasies or accommodate public cross-dressing. To all and sundry alike I explicate, as best I can, such things as the clash between the Taira and the Minamoto, the rise of the Kamakura shogunate, and the decline of the imperial house in twelfth-century Japan. Everyone is welcome in my classroom, but, whether directly or indirectly, I will not implicate myself in my students’ fetishes, whatever those might be. What they do on their own time is their business; I will not be a party to it. I am exercising my right here to say, “Enough is enough.” One grows used to being thought a snarling racist–after all, others’ opinions are not my affair–but one draws the line at assisting students in their private proclivities. That is a bridge too far, and one that I, at least, will not cross.

I regret that this leaves us in an awkward situation. After having been accused of virulent racism and, now, assured that I will next learn how to parse the taxonomy of “Genderqueers”, I am afraid that I will disappoint those who expect me to attend any further diversity sessions. When a Virginia-based research firm came to campus a couple of years ago to present findings from their study of campus diversity, then-Diversity Officer Damon Williams sent a gaggle of shouting, sign-waving undergraduates to the meeting, disrupting the proceedings so badly that the meeting was cancelled. In a final break with such so-called “diversity”, I will not be storming your office or shouting into a megaphone outside your window. Instead, I respectfully inform you hereby that I am disinclined to join in any more mandatory radicalism. I have, thank God, many more important things to do. I also request that diversity training be made optional for all TAs, effective immediately. In my humble opinion, neither the Department nor the university has any right to subject anyone to such intellectual tyranny.

Thank you for your patience in reading this long e-mail.


Jason Morgan “



    Here for your further edification is a link to “Detour Spotting” by Joan Olsson . One of the propaganda handouts Mr Morgan was expected to digest in his quest to become “Unracist” . We include an excerpt below .



 ” For white people living in North America learning to be anti‐racist is a re‐education process.
We must unlearn ourthorough racist conditioning to re‐educate and re‐condition ourselves as anti‐
racists. There is scant social or political encouragement forthis journey ofre‐education. We are
constantly tempted to detour off course by the racist propaganda of society and our own guilt and denial.
In the face of society’s and our own resistance, sustaining the will to continue this journey takes bold and
stubborn effort.
  This journey sends us into unfamiliarterritory. No white person has everlived in a non‐racist
North America. We were never taught the skills of anti‐racist living. Indeed, we were carefully taught the
opposite: how to maintain our white privilege. Racism, the system of oppression (of people of color) and
advantage (for white people) depends on the collusion and cooperation of white people for its

Most of us first became aware ofracial prejudice and injustice as children. As white infants we
were fed a pabulum ofracist propaganda. That early “training” was comprehensive and left little room
for question, challenge or doubt. Our childhood games,rhymes and media conspired: “Eenie, meenie,
minie, mo; Catch a n…r by his toe…” We played cowboys and Indians. All of us knew the Indians were
bad and had to die. My WWII generation watched “Bugs Bunny” outwit evil Japanese villains. As Lillian
Smith acknowledged:

“These ceremonials in honor of white supremacy, performed from babyhood,
slip from the conscious mind down deep into muscles and glands…and
become difficult to tear out.” (1)

Our generous child wisdom told us racism was wrong, but there was no escaping the daily racist
catechism. We resisted the lies, the deceit and the injustice ofracism, but we did not have the skills to
counterthe poisonous messages. Our conditioning filled us with fear, suspicion and stereotypes that
substituted for true knowing of people of color. We internalized our beliefs about people of color,
ourselves, other white people and about being white. Those internalized attitudes became actualized into
racist behavior.
As I continue my journey toward becoming a re‐conditioned and effective anti‐racist,I have
become aware of “habits,” attitudes and their attached behaviors, which divert me from my intended goal.
To change the detouring behavior, I must first be fully conscious of what I’m doing, the behavior and its
consequences. Next, I need to reflect on the behavior’s attitudinalroots. Finally, I determine the
prescribed, desired change I want to make and the best strategy for achieving it. Sometimes I need to
remove the behaviorfrom my personalrepertoire. More often though,re‐tooling is necessary,replacing
the discarded pattern with new behaviors. It will likely take repeated attempts before I have fully
internalized and externalized the desired change.”




   It is hard to believe that this is what passes for “Higher Education” on the college campuses of today , but in reality this is the norm . Our children are being brainwashed and we are taking out second mortgages to pay for the privilege of being labeled “racists” by virtue of the color of our skin .

   I don’t think this is what Dr King had in mind , do you ?



    Further investigation has led us to believe that the aforementioned author , Joan Olsson is in fact better known as Jona Olsson . Here are some links to biographical data on this woman who is the founder/director of an organization called Cultural Bridges .




Jona Olsson Bio

Cultural bridges to justice Facebook page

Jona Olsson’s personal FB page













Florida Leaves PARCC by Executive Order


” In a stunning move, Florida Governor Rick Scott removed the State of Florida from the Common Core consortium known as the the Partnership for Assessing Readiness for College and Career (PARCC). This consortium is comprised of states such as New York, New Jersey, Arizona, New Mexico, Illinois, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee among other states.  Florida has been the fiscal agent for PARCC. Further, members participating in PARCC have the Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) written with the state of Florida. This may require member states to renegotiate their status with PARCC. 

This move follows on the heels of other departures from Common Core Consortia. Earlier this year, Oklahoma and Indiana left PARCC. Michigan, Maine, Alabama, and Utah had left the Smarter Balanced Consortia over the past year and a half. Tennessee’s hearing on Common Core will begin next week. Growing political pressure to withdraw the state may lead Tennessee down a similar path. There is also pending withdraw legislation in New York. “










100 Percent FED Up









School: Americans Don’t Have Right To Bear Arms



” The father of a Connecticut child is furious after discovering that his son’s school is teaching students that Americans don’t have a Second Amendment right to bear arms.

“I am appalled,” said Steven Boibeaux, of Bristol. “It sounds to me like they are trying to indoctrinate our kids.”

Boibeaux’s son is an eighth grader at Northeast Middle School. On Monday his social studies teacher gave students a worksheet titled, ‘The Second Amendment Today.’

“The courts have consistently determined that the Second Amendment does not ensure each individual the right to bear arms,” the worksheet states. “The courts have never found a law regulating the private ownership of weapons unconstitutional.

The worksheet, published by Instructional Fair, goes on to say that the Second Amendment is not incorporated against the states.

“This means that the rights of this amendment are not extended to the individual citizens of the states,” the worksheet reads. “So a person has no right to complain about a Second Amendment violation by state laws.” “






The University Utopia




” Just after November’s election, I posed three paradoxes of American politics, asking why certain demographic groups make up reliable voting blocs for the left, even though the pro-free-market ideas of the right have so much to offer them.

I have begun to revisit these paradoxes. In part one of this series, I laid out the case for why the pro-free-market right needs to reclaim these key demographic groups—young people, racial minorities, and city dwellers—and why I regard these as natural constituencies for the free market whose lockstep voting for the left is a paradox.

In this installment, I take up the first of the paradoxes: Why do the young vote for dependency—when the essence of youth is a quest for independence? My purpose for now is mostly just to solve the paradox, to explain the reason for the apparent contradiction, and to indicate what this implies for how the right should change its message and its sales tactics. When I am done looking at all three paradoxes, I will look in greater depth at an agenda of reform for the political strategy of the right.

First, let me explain why I do not include women among the main demographic groups the right needs to reach. Despite the left’s rhetoric on this issue, women are not a monolithic voting bloc. If you break down the numbers for last fall’s election, for example, Mitt Romney won the vote of white women by 56 to 42 percent. President Obama only won the women’s vote on the strength of his enormous advantage among racial minorities. The “marriage gap” was equally striking. Romney won 53% of the votes of married women, while Obama won 67% of the votes of unmarried women.”




The Rio Norte Line

Pravda West won’t tell you about this (mostly because they agree with the video, so they see nothing wrong with it):

Here’s the Video That Teaches Children That Decisions Made by U.S. May Have Caused 9/11 — and It’s Been Used by ‘Tens of Thousands of Schools’ for Over a Decade

Americans everywhere were outraged to discover fifth grade students in Texas were being taught that United States foreign policy decisions helped cause the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks. TheBlaze reported last week that students in Corpus Christie, Texas were required to watch a controversial video, distributed by digital education company Safari Montage, and then take an accompanying quiz that placed blame on the U.S., not radical Islam, for the 2001 World Trade Center attacks, which left nearly 3,000 people dead.

In truth, the only thing we did to cause this was ‘slight’ Usama – or rather, he thought…

View original post 134 more words

Texas 6th Graders Assigned To Design Flag For New Socialist Nation



” Sixth-grade children in many Texas public schools are being tasked with designing flags for a new socialist nation as part of the state’s curriculum, EAG News reported Monday.

“Notice socialist/communist nations use symbolism on their flags representing various aspects of their economic system. Imagine a new socialist nation is creating a flag and you have been put in charge of creating a flag,” says a lesson plan being used as part of CSCOPE, the curriculum being used by over 70 percent of Texas school districts.

“Use symbolism to represent aspects ofsocialism/communism on your flag. What kind of symbolism/colors would you use?” the lesson plan asks.”


It’s built by teachers , so that makes it ok (sark off )


” It’s built by teachers, designed by teachers and that’s what’s powerful about CSCOPE,” Lebay said.

The AP added that Lebay was asked about complaints that some lesson plans promote pro-Islamic ideals, or “described participants of the Boston Tea Party as terrorists.”

“You know America is changing when leftists have even infiltrated Texas schools,” Kyle Olson wrote at EAG News.”


Daily Quote 1.11.13

                  John Stuart Mill


” A general State education is a mere
contrivance for molding people to be
exactly like one another; and as the
mold in which it casts them is that
which pleases the dominant power in
the government, whether this be a
monarch, an aristocracy, or a
majority of the existing generation; in
proportion as it is efficient and
successful, it establishes a despotism
over the mind, leading by a natural
tendency to one over the body.”

States Reduce Focus on Social Studies, Civics






” All 50 states have social studies standards, but only 21 test students on the topic and nine require students to pass them to graduate, according to a new Tufts University analysis of state K-12 civics requirements.

“States say civic education is important, but very few test on it,” said Cheryl Miller, manager of the American Enterprise Institute’s Program for American Citizenship. “That communicates something to teachers, administrators, parents, and students about the importance of this subject.”

The survey, the first of its kind in five years, also found states define the subject broadly, including in it topics such as civics, government, history, and geography. “

D.A.R.E., America’s Most Famous Anti-Drug Program, Will No Longer Talk to Children About Marijuana




” D.A.R.E., the national nonprofit that has promoted “Drug Abuse Resistance Education” to elementary, middle, and high school students since the early 1980s, will all but drop anti-drug material from its curriculum for younger students, according to a state chapter leader.

“D.A.R.E. America has determined that anti-drug material is not age-appropriate,” the state affiliate leader, who asked not to be identified, told Reason. “The new curriculum focuses on character development.”

News of a major curriculum change was first reported in early November when an elementary school resource officer in Kennewick, Washington told KNDU25, “The new curriculum starts as of December for us…it does not bring up the subject of marijuana at all.” (Marijuana is the only illicit drug that D.A.R.E. claims to have reduced the use of through its educational programs. Drug reform advocates have slammed D.A.R.E. for its characterization of pot.)

I emailed D.A.R.E. America’s headquarters in California on Nov. 6 (the same day Washington legalized recreational marijuana) hoping to learn more about the alleged curriculum change. I also emailed the head of the Washington chapter and the head of the regional chapter. I didn’t hear back from any of them.

Then late last week, a state affiliate contacted me to say that the Kennewick officer’s claim was true. “