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Bill Gates Is The Richest In The World, But Who Is The Wealthiest In Your State?







” A recent interactive map identifies the wealthiest person in each of the 50 states. While Oregon’s richest resident comes as no surprise, topping the charts of not only the richest man in the country, but the world as well, others might be lesser known.

  Movoto lists the richest person in each state, considering entrepreneurs, heirs and heiresses, and widows, and their outstanding fortunes.”

















The Porn Heiresses Worth Millions


The granddaughters of porn mogul Paul Raymond, India Rose, 23 (left) and Fawn James, 28 a



” Fawn and India Rose James are the granddaughters of London pornography and property mogul Paul Raymond.

  Fawn, 28, and India Rose, 23, share an estimated fortune of AUD $600m after inheriting their grandfather Paul Raymond’s vast estate.

  Raymond opened the UK’s first strip club, The Raymond Revue Bar, in 1958 in London’s Soho.
It proved wildly successful and made him wealthy enough to buy up large chunks of property in the area, earning him the nickname “King of Soho”.

  At the same time he set up Paul Raymond Publications, launching girlie mags Men Only, Escort, Club International and Mayfair.

  He was about to hand over the reins of the business to his daughter Debbie when she died of an accidental heroin overdose in 1992.

Raymond’s son Howard and his daughters Cheyenne, 24, and Boston, 22, received nothing.”


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If you doubt that Obama and the dems really believe that you don’t deserve to keep what you and your family have earned then read this .

  “Senate Democrats, meanwhile, have prepared a broad tax-plan package that would return the
estate tax to the 2009 levels of a 45 percent rate for estates, with a $3.5 million exemption, while extending Bush-era rates on family income up
to $250,000. ”

   That’s right … The left figures that after a lifetime of sweat , toil and sacrifice and being heavily taxed on every dollar you make , that when you die your heirs are only entitled to just over half of what you’ve built up .

   You read that correctly … You need to give the state 45% of everything that you have already paid taxes on for the privilege of dying in America .

   The hypocrisy of the crocodile tears from progressives about the disappearance of the family farm is thus explained .