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7-Year-Old Gets Suspended for Gun-Shaped Pastry



Poptart Pistol Suspension



” A Maryland kid chewed his breakfast pastry into the shape of a gun at school and wound up with two days supension. The pastry in question was not named, but it’s gotta be a Pop-Tart, right? “

Why Can’t America Care For The Mentally Ill ?


” Focusing on gun control does more than squander the time and effort of our public officials and state resources and town police forces, it distracts us dangerously from the real work that must be done.

America’s mental health care system is shattered and on its knees.

After decades of deconstructing our inpatient psychiatric hospitals and community mental health centers and after decades of insurance companies demanding that they pay only for  social workers and nurses to treat even the most extremely mentally ill and potentially violent individuals (rather than including psychologists and psychiatrists) we now have a mental health care system that simply ignores those among us who suffer with incapacitating symptoms of psychiatric illness and whose suffering can—only in a very, very small percentage of cases, thankfully—lead to terrible violence. “

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Obama Administration Didn’t Reach Benghazi For 17 Days Because of VISA Issues

Best Comment : “An aircraft carrier is a VISA…”