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What A Day Of Fishing



Published on Jul 29, 2013

” Christian Hampl, aboard his boat “Kamila”, succesfully released, by IGFA rules, 14 Pacific Blue Marlin. 07/15/13. 11 fish were tagged.

Capt. Edgar Montero
Wireman: Ronald “Memín” Chacón
Tagman: Sergio “Yeyo” Cascante
Cameraman: Rolbin “Popín” Marchena”









Huge ‘Frankenfish’ Hooked In Virginia Sets A World Record




” Caleb Newton hooked the 17-pound, 6-ounce northern snakehead in a creek in northern Virginia during a fishing tournament June 1. The “Frankenfish” gets its nickname because of its appearance and adaptability. The invasive species native to Asia is able to breathe air and survive in very shallow waters or mud.”










10 Fish-Fighting Videos That’ll Get Your Heart Pumping





” If this doesn’t get you juiced about fishing, nothing will. If you’ve never caught a mako shark, you might want to give it a try. They jump like no other fish in the sea. These guys found out when they hooked up at the 2:00 mark in this video. Their hollers are genuine and ring true to the spirit of angling, watching in awe as the shark launches into the air time after time.”

See all ten videos here


Via  IGFA Comes News Of A Potential New Striped Bass All-Tackle Record





” While fishing the Black Warrior River in central Alabama on February 28th, James R. Bramlett landed this massive landlocked striped bass (Morone saxatilis) that has already earned him the new Alabama state record. Bramlett, a native of Alabama, pulled up to his fishing spot at around 11 am and immediately noticed big stripers busting schools of shad on top of the water. He quickly hooked a live shad on his hook and tossed it in the vicinity of the action. It wasn’t long before Bramlett’s outfit got slammed and he was hooked up with what he knew was a quality fish. After a 30 minute fight on 30 lb tackle, Bramlett landed this catch of a lifetime. Back on dry land, Bramlett’s fish weighed in at 31.55 kg (69 lb 9 oz) on certified scales at a local post office. With the existing record at 30.61 kg (67 lb 8 oz), Bramlett’s catch qualifies him for the potential new IGFA All-Tackle record. Congratulations James, on a great catch!”






Fly-Fishing History: Video Profiles of IGFA Hall of Fame Members






” I was poking around on Youtube, and quite by accident I stumbled across this very cool series of video profiles created by the International game Fish Association. Each one is a short biography of an angler who has been inducted into the IGFA Hall of Fame, and there are plenty of fly fishermen (and -women) in the mix. Here are a few that I grabbed from the long list. You can check out the whole series on the IGFA’s YouTube channel. ”



Mary Orvis Marbury- IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame



Lots Of Vintage Videos At The Link 


New Study Helps Explain Why Tuna and Porpoise Hang Out Together




” For decades, recreational and commercial fishermen have exploited the unique relationship between yellowfin tuna and certain species of porpoise (aka dolphin) in the Eastern Pacific. Schools of yellowfin swim with pods of spotted dolphin and spinner dolphin in the tropics, as well as Pacific common dolphin and white-sided dolphin as far north as Southern California in warmer months. Commercial fishermen look for the dolphin and then wrap up the pod with purse seines to capture the schooling tuna below, sometimes killing dolphin in the process. Recreational fishermen troll lures or put baits in front of the pod to catch yellowfin.

Most anglers, including me, have always believed that the relationship was born out of the search for food, though no one knew if the porpoise were leading the tuna to food or vice versa. However, recently published research indicates that the tuna follow the dolphin, but food is not the primary reason. “

Tuna Fishing In A Kayak

Kona Kayaker Beats Tiger Shark to Boat Big Tuna


kayak tuna



” With all the 400-plus-pound yellowfin tuna in the news these days, a mere 114 ½-pounder doesn’t rank as spectacular in size. But of course everything is relative.
If you’ve paddled out to deep blue depths in a 13 ½-foot piece of plastic, and from that platform hooked and — for more than three hours — fought that 114 ½-pounder, with a big tiger shark hot on its caudal fin, that makes the catch seem a bit more spectacular. ”




An Overview Of All-Tackle IGFA World Records…



 ” While there have been bigger marlin landed commercially and by recreational anglers not in accordance with IGFA rules, pictured below are the leading big fish, officially speaking. These are the certified all-tackle world records for black, Atlantic and Pacific blue, striped and white marlin. They represent the ultimate benchmarks for anglers chasing the world’s biggest fish.”



Black Marlin


biggest black marlin

Weight: 1560 pounds

Angler: Alfred Glassell, Jr.

Location: Cabo Blanco, Peru

Date: August 4, 1953

Notes: Glassel, Jr. of Houston boated this behemoth after a one hour and forty-five minute fight. The 174-inch fish fell for a mackerel trolled in the once-legendary Black Marlin Boulevard off Cabo Blanco.



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