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Astronauts Conduct Spacewalk At ISS



Published on Feb 21, 2015

” NASA astronauts Butch Wilmore and Terry Virts completed the first of three spacewalks to run cable outside the International Space Station on Saturday. Carly Marsh reports.
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A Fly-Through Of The International Space Station





Published on Nov 6, 2014

” NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman takes viewers on a quick tour of the International Space Station.”










International Space Station Infected With USB Stick Malware Carried on Board by Russian Astronauts



” Renowned security expert Eugene Kaspersky reveals that the International Space Station was infected by a USB stick carried into space by a Russian astronaut.

Russian security expert Eugene Kaspersky has also told journalists that the infamous Stuxnet had infected an unnamed Russian nuclear plant and that in terms of cyber-espionage “all the data is stolen globally… at least twice.”

Kaspersky revealed that Russian astronauts carried a removable device into space which infected systems on the space station. He did not elaborate on the impact of the infection on operations of the International Space Station (ISS). 

Kaspersky said he had been told that from time to time there were “virus epidemics” on the station.”








Olympic Torch On A Spacewalk

Olympic Torch Launches Into Orbit With New Space Station Crew




” A torch for the 2014 Sochi Olympics lifted off for the International Space Station on Wednesday night, accompanied by three new crew members for the orbiting outpost.

Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin, NASA astronaut Rick Mastracchio and Koichi Wakata of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) launched on Russia’s Soyuz TMA-11Mspacecraft from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Their Soyuz FG rocket climbed spaceward at 11:14 p.m., marking the start of the crew’s four-orbit, six-hour journey to the station.

The booster and its launch pad was specially outfitted for this flight to celebrate the torch being aboard and the 22nd Winter Games being hosted in Sochi, Russia. The rocket and the protective shroud shielding the Soyuz TMA-11M spacecraft were decorated with Olympic-inspired graphics. The launch pad was equipped with metal Olympic rings.”



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In Short: He’s In Trouble



” In the film Gravity, which opens this month, two astronauts are on a spacewalk when an accident hurtles them into the void. So what would actually happen if you went, in NASA’s terminology, “overboard”?

NASA requires spacewalking astronauts to use tethers (and sometimes additional anchors). But should those fail, you’d float off according to whatever forces were acting on you when you broke loose. You’d definitely be weightless. You’d possibly be spinning. In space, no kicking and flailing can change your fate. And your fate could be horrible. At the right angle and velocity, you might even fall back into Earth’s atmosphere and burn up.”


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SpaceX Successfully Launches Its Next Generation Rocket



” On Sunday, September 29, commercial space company SpaceX had a successful launch of its next generation Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Station in California.

On top of the rocket is the Canadian Space Agencies CASSIOPE satellite. The goal of the satellite is to better understand “space weather” – the impact of cosmic and solar radiation on the Earth. This is a commercial milestone for the company, as CASSIPOE is the first satellite the company has launched with the Falcon 9. (Previous satellite launches were completed with the company’s Falcon 1 rocket.) “











Infinity Aerospace Just Launched Their Program That Will Allow Students Or Anyone Who Want To Send Experiments To The International Space Station




” When aerospace engineer Manu Sharma was a college student, he dreamed of sending something to space. Sharma approached one of his professors about sending a cube-shaped project he was working on up into space, but was told that it would take four years to complete—time he didn’t have. 

“There had to be a faster way for kids and students to send projects up to space,” he tells PM. Frustrated, Sharma became determined to create a project that would give anyone the opportunity to send experiments into space. So he cofounded Infinity Aerospace, a project that came to fruition this month with the company’s launch of ArduLab. 

An ArduLab is an open-source science platform for experiments intended for the International Space Station or for suborbital trips on board a craft like the Virgin Galactic or XCOR shuttles for microgravity testing. Made of pre-certified NASA hardware and measuring approximately 3.5 inches by 2.4 inches, an ArduLab is a rectangular, polycarbonate chassis with a microcontroller it uses to communicate with NASA computers and Infinity Aerospace’s servers. The microcontroller contains an SD slot for storing onboard memory, and the whole thing is programmable using standard Arduino software. “









Daily Video 9.7.13

3 Big Discoveries Made by the International Space Station


Published on Sep 5, 2013

” We all know it’s awesome, and we could watch Chris Hadfield sing all day, but do you know about the awesome science that’s being done on the International Space Station? Hank explains three big discoveries made on the ISS that you should know about.

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Space Station Captures Dramatic Image Of Erupting Alaska Volcano



Alaskan volcano photographed from the International Space Station. Credit: NASA



” The photograph is of the Pavlof Volcano, located in the Aleutian Arc about 625 miles southwest of Anchorage, the space agency said.”

Orbital Sciences Antares Test Launch Scrubbed After Malfunction (+video)





” The launch of Orbital Sciences Corporation‘s Antares rocket was scrubbed Wednesday afternoon after an umbilical cord to the rocket’s second stage detached prematurely

.The rocket is one of two commercial rockets NASA is relying on to resupply the International Space Station in the post-space-shuttle era.

Umbilical cords typically supply power and allow flight controllers to monitor a rocket’s systems until shortly before launch, when these functions are transferred to the rocket’s internal control systems.

The cord dropped from its connector about 12 minutes before the main engines were to ignite. The ground team must drain the fuel tanks before technicians can reach the rocket and pinpoint the cause of the failure.”











SpaceX Dragon Blasts Off …

... to International Space Station

Video at the link 

 ” A commercial cargo ship rocketed into orbit Sunday in pursuit of the International Space Station, the first of a dozen supply runs under a mega-contract with NASA.

It was the second launch of a Dragon capsule to the orbiting lab by the California-based SpaceX company. The first was last spring.

This time was no test flight, however, and the spacecraft carried 1,000 pounds (453.6 kilograms) of key science experiments and other precious gear on this truly operational mission. There was also a personal touch: chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream tucked in a freezer for the three station residents.

The company’s unmanned Falcon rocket roared into the night sky right on time, putting SpaceX on track to reach the space station Wednesday. The complex was soaring southwest of Tasmania when the Falcon took flight.

Officials declared the launch a success, despite a problem with one of the nine first-stage engines. The rocket put Dragon in its intended orbit, said the billionaire founder and chief executive officer of SpaceX, Elon Musk.”