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US , UK , Australia & Canada Refuse To Sign UN’s Communications Treaty

 ” The US, Canada, Australia and UK have refused to sign an international communications treaty at an conference in Dubai.

The countries had objected to calls for all states to have equal rights to the governance of the internet.

But the breaking point was the addition of text relating to “human rights”.

It marks a setback for the UN’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU) which had said it was sure it could deliver consensus.

“It’s with a heavy heart and a sense of missed opportunities that the US must communicate that it’s not able to sign the agreement in the current form,” said Terry Kramer the US ambassador to the World Conference on International Telecommunications (Wcit).

“The internet has given the world unimaginable economic and social benefit during these past 24 years.”

Negotiators from Denmark, Italy, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Greece, Portugal, Finland, Chile, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Costa Rica and Kenya have said they would need to consult with their national governments about how to proceed and would also not be able to sign the treaty as planned on Friday.”

The Plot Against The Internet




 ” Bureaucrats from around the world will gather behind closed doors in Dubai next week to plot an end to the Internet as we know it — or so Washington would have you believe.

Hill lawmakers warn that the 120-plus U.S. delegation needs to fend off efforts by China, Russia and developing nations to use a United Nations branch organization to censor or tax the Net. Google is orchestrating an online petition drive, and even Grover Norquist is involved. “


Does Anyone Believe That Freedom Will Be Advanced By The Likes Of Russia , China Or The Muslim World ?

Of Course We Here At Youviewed Never Believed That Obama Could Persuade A Majority Of The Voters That He Was Best For Our Country Either .


 ” In a consensus-driven process, member states of the International Telecommunications Union, a branch of the U.N., will negotiate a new treaty on international telecommunication regulations. It’s only one vote per country, and, by definition, that will weed out extreme proposals, experts say.

At the end of the day, the U.S. doesn’t have to sign the treaty — it’s all voluntary.

So why all the hysteria about the Dubai confab?

“The concern over WCIT was never that it would be the killing blow but rather the latest, and by no means the last, effort by repressive governments to kill the Internet any way they can,” said Larry Downes, a tech consultant and one of the preeminent rabble-rousers of doom surrounding the treaty negotiations. “

What Do They Have In Common ?



  Basic Human Rights


the Right To Profit From Your Labors 

 the Right To Self-Defense

  the Right To Travel Freely 

       the Right To Freedom of Speech






They also just happen to be the targets of current UN attempts at anointing itself , along with it’s barbarian horde of un-elected , unaccountable bureaucrats as our overseers . 

They’ve been after control of the world economy through the global warming fraud , the right to bear arms with the small arms treaty , control of the ocean with LOST and now they are after the most liberating  force in human history and thus our right to free speech/assembly with this latest power/revenue  generating intrigue .

U.N. to Seek Control of the Internet




 ” Next week the United Nations’ International Telecommunications Union will meet in Dubai to figure out how to control the Internet. ”



    Remember that the people seeking to regulate our means of communication aren’t voted into office by you and I and are certainly not going to be removed from office by us .



“Having the Internet rewired by bureaucrats would be like handing a Stradivarius to a gorilla. The Internet is made up of 40,000 networks that interconnect among 425,000 global routes, cheaply and efficiently delivering messages and other digital content among more than two billion people around the world, with some 500,000 new users a day. . ”



Can any thinking individual see anything positive for humanity coming out of this ?



 ” “The ITU is the wrong place to make decisions about the future of the Internet,” says Google. “Only governments have a voice at the ITU. This includes governments that do not support a free and open Internet. Engineers, companies, and people that build and use the web have no vote.”

“The ITU is also secretive. The treaty conference and proposals are confidential,” adds Google. ”